Aaron Roles

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A Butler Did It - Jasper King Jr/Assassin

After spending the last few years successfully avoiding each other, the Butler family is reunited for the funeral of Great Aunt Francesca.

The three brothers:
Andrew Butler - a famous Hollywood star,
Freddie Butler - a mischievous gambler,
& Colin Butler - their long-suffering little brother,
suffer mishap after mishap as the day goes from bad to worse... and that's all before the funeral's special guest shows up!

Modicum Theatre Perth is proud to bring you this dark-comedy farce, just as Aunt Francesca would have wanted it!




"It is Aaron O’Neil as Jasper King Junior – the Butler’s Butler – who is the real stand out. Not only is the character itself hilarious, O’Neil’s glacial movement is compelling – even the audience holds its collective breath as he crosses the room. O’Neil’s intonation is brilliant – there is a tendency for young people to really affect an elderly man’s voice, but he gets the balance right" - Laura Money, The Fourth Wall