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Spy School Musical - Mr Pernicious

The UWA Pantomime Society is back with their 35th show, SPY SCHOOL MUSICAL! Join us for an action-filled night of laughs as we turn our parody powers on spy movies!

Gabby always longed for a chance to prove herself, and after moving to San Paulo’s Youth School, she finds it - with a group of undercover spies! The N.E.R.D.S are an elite international spy agency running an investigation; they've traced back a string of suspicious online activity to the school and are determined to catch the culprit. Competing against them are the J.O.C.K.S, a rival spy agency who are there for the very same reasons. Tensions are high as they race against each other - and the clock - to stop the evil mastermind behind the strange occurrences at the school. Which group of spies will win Gabby’s loyalty? Will they be able to catch the villain in time? And will they be able to find a date for prom?

Recommended for ages 15+, this play contains some course language and adult themes