Power Conversion Module

This upgrade becomes almost essential for higher level space missions. It has 2 modes. The first mode switches more energy to blasters. This increases the amount of damage done by your blasters and also makes your shield recharge at a slower rate (though they won't recharge when you're firing your blasters anyway). When you activate this mode you will see your ship's weapons light up briefly. The second mode switches more energy to shields. This decreases the damage done by your blasters, making them very weak, but makes shields regenerate at a faster rate. When you activate this mode you will see a brief shield animation surround your ship. If neither mode is turned on then the blasters and shields will be in their usual state.
In most space missions you should have extra power to blasters for most of the mission so that your blasters do more damage. Most missions have parts where you have a short break from attacks and have a chance to regenerate shields. This is when you should switch to the second mode. Remember to switch back to blaster mode when you're ready to start firing again.

Power Conversion ModuleYou can switch between the modes in 2 ways. Firstly you can turn each mode on by clicking its icon in the interface as shown to the right. The first of the four icons shown will turn on the increase power to blasters mode (it is turned on in this picture as indicated by the mark on the bottom of the icon). The second icon activates power to shield mode. Activating one mode will turn off the other. Selecting a mode that is already active will turn it off.
Generally a quicker way to switch modes while you're flying is to use keyboard shortcuts. By default, pressing 1 will activate power to blasters mode and pressing 2 will activate power to shields model

Power Conversion Module requires level 25. It can be purchased using fleet commendations from a vendor on the fleet and is also sometimes available as a quest reward.

Improved Power Conversion Module requires level 50 and is part of the grade 7 ship upgrades introduced in patch 1.6.