Oldskool Rave Classics - Video Mix

When mixing music just isn't enough anymore, throw in some videos. This video features nearly an hour of classic rave tracks mixed with music videos added for each song. It's a bit like a continuous hour long music video.

This video was created by mixing up some old rave favourites in the tradional way with 2 turntables and a mixer. Afterward, a few edits were made to the recording so that the tracks would match the radio edits used in music videos. Lastly, music videos for each song were matched up with the recording to make the final, nearly hour long video.

You can download or stream the audio only version of this mix from House Mixes

Song Listing

  1. N-Joi - Anthem
  2. Xpansions - Elevation (Move Your Body)
  3. Oceanic - Insanity
  4. Petra & Co - Just Let Go
  5. A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd - Total Confusion
  6. K-Klass - Rhythm Is A Mystery
  7. Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco
  8. LFO - LFO
  9. The KLF - Last Train To Trancentral
  10. Opus III - It's A Fine Day
  11. Cubic 22 - Night In Motion
  12. Dream Frequency Featuring Debbie Sharp - Feel So Real
  13. Shades Of Rhythm - The Sound Of Eden
  14. Felix - Don't You Want Me
  15. Channel X - Rave The Rhythm
  16. Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia
  17. DJ Seduction - Hardcore Heaven
  18. L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead
  19. Altern 8 - Activ 8
  20. Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives
  21. Awesome 3 - Don’t Go
  22. Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy
  23. Liquid - Sweet Harmony