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Queensland, Australia

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bloomfield, Edna Janet  1905Queensland, Australia I22961 susietree 
2 Boreham, Geoffrey Gibson  1905Queensland, Australia I22981 susietree 
3 Boreham, Helen  1899Queensland, Australia I22979 susietree 
4 Boreham, John Francis Gibson  1897Queensland, Australia I22980 susietree 
5 Crawford, Annie Katherine Grace  1887Queensland, Australia I22869 susietree 
6 Crawford, Arthur Edward  1896Queensland, Australia I22875 susietree 
7 Crawford, Charles Muntz  1893Queensland, Australia I22873 susietree 
8 Crawford, Edith Mary  1898Queensland, Australia I22874 susietree 
9 Crawford, Emily Constance  1899Queensland, Australia I22872 susietree 
10 Crawford, Florence Ellen  1891Queensland, Australia I22871 susietree 
11 Crawford, Hazel Margaret  1901Queensland, Australia I22868 susietree 
12 Crawford, William Hugh  1889Queensland, Australia I22870 susietree 
13 Dick, Edward  1869Queensland, Australia I18941 susietree 
14 Dick, Ellen  1872Queensland, Australia I18992 susietree 
15 Dick, William Robert  1867Queensland, Australia I18940 susietree 
16 Gibson, Angus Alexander  1882Queensland, Australia I22955 susietree 
17 Gibson, Catherine Jesse  1885Queensland, Australia I22952 susietree 
18 Gibson, Catherine Martin  1884Queensland, Australia I22953 susietree 
19 Gibson, David Livingstone  1876Queensland, Australia I22956 susietree 
20 Gibson, Ellen  1871Queensland, Australia I22949 susietree 
21 Gibson, Elsie Winnifred  1888Queensland, Australia I22948 susietree 
22 Gibson, Flora  1878Queensland, Australia I22954 susietree 
23 Gibson, Jane  1867Queensland, Australia I22958 susietree 
24 Gibson, Mary McAllister  1874Queensland, Australia I22951 susietree 
25 Gibson, Robert Martin  1879Queensland, Australia I22950 susietree 
26 Gibson, Ronald Knight  1913Queensland, Australia I22977 susietree 
27 Gibson, William G  1869Queensland, Australia I22957 susietree 
28 Gillies, David Martin  1879Queensland, Australia I22943 susietree 
29 Gillies, Eliza Ann  1877Queensland, Australia I22944 susietree 
30 Gillies, Mary Jane  1865Queensland, Australia I22946 susietree 
31 Gillies, Robert George  1875Queensland, Australia I22947 susietree 
32 Gillies, Thomas  1867Queensland, Australia I22945 susietree 
33 Glover, Shannon Jay  Queensland, Australia I7912 susietree 
34 Harris, William Evan  1913Queensland, Australia I25798 susietree 
35 Jenkins, Albert Victor  29 Nov 1893Queensland, Australia I23676 susietree 
36 Martin, Alexander Norman  1889Queensland, Australia I22924 susietree 
37 Martin, Annie Low  1869Queensland, Australia I24520 susietree 
38 Martin, Catherine Isabella  1882Queensland, Australia I22928 susietree 
39 Martin, Eliza Bowman  1885Queensland, Australia I22925 susietree 
40 Martin, Ellen  1884Queensland, Australia I22923 susietree 
41 Martin, James William Gordon  1888Queensland, Australia I22927 susietree 
42 Martin, Jane Watson  1877Queensland, Australia I22932 susietree 
43 Martin, Janet Stevenson  1883Queensland, Australia I22926 susietree 
44 Martin, John Gray  1880Queensland, Australia I22931 susietree 
45 Martin, Margaret Watson  1872Queensland, Australia I22930 susietree 
46 Martin, Miriam  1882Queensland, Australia I22929 susietree 
47 Martin, Robert William  1874Queensland, Australia I22933 susietree 
48 Street, Florence Helen  1889Queensland, Australia I24489 susietree 
49 Trethewey, Adelaide Gertrude  1901Queensland, Australia I21981 susietree 
50 Trethewey, Annie Louisa  1889Queensland, Australia I21978 susietree 

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Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Boreham, Paul Francis  11 Mar 1956Queensland, Australia I22982 susietree 
2 Branson, Reginald Joseph  Queensland, Australia I19493 susietree 
3 Crawford, Robert  19 May 1956Queensland, Australia I13473 susietree 
4 Dick, Ellen  1 Apr 1872Queensland, Australia I18992 susietree 
5 Dick, William  13 May 1877Queensland, Australia I7448 susietree 
6 Drinkwater, Eunice Emma  1966Queensland, Australia I5397 susietree 
7 Gibson, Angus  1920Queensland, Australia I22916 susietree 
8 Gibson, Catherine Martin  1885Queensland, Australia I22953 susietree 
9 Gibson, David Livingstone  1952Queensland, Australia I22956 susietree 
10 Gibson, Ellen  1951Queensland, Australia I22949 susietree 
11 Gibson, Flora  1878Queensland, Australia I22954 susietree 
12 Gibson, Robert Martin  1901Queensland, Australia I22950 susietree 
13 Gibson, Ronald Knight  1939Queensland, Australia I22977 susietree 
14 Gibson, William G  1949Queensland, Australia I22957 susietree 
15 Gillies, David Martin  1922Queensland, Australia I22943 susietree 
16 Gillies, Eliza Ann  1947Queensland, Australia I22944 susietree 
17 Gillies, Ellen Catherine  1952Queensland, Australia I22988 susietree 
18 Gillies, Margaret  1875Queensland, Australia I22987 susietree 
19 Gillies, Robert George  1955Queensland, Australia I22947 susietree 
20 Gray, Janet  1926Queensland, Australia I22917 susietree 
21 Harris, William Evan  12 Jun 1960Queensland, Australia I5395 susietree 
22 Jenkins, Albert Victor  8 Jun 1964Queensland, Australia I23676 susietree 
23 Martin, Alexander Norman  1889Queensland, Australia I22924 susietree 
24 Martin, Catherine Isabella  1882Queensland, Australia I22928 susietree 
25 Martin, Eliza Jane  1894Queensland, Australia I22914 susietree 
26 Martin, Ellen  1884Queensland, Australia I22923 susietree 
27 Martin, Helen  1922Queensland, Australia I22912 susietree 
28 Martin, James William Gordon  1888Queensland, Australia I22927 susietree 
29 Martin, Jane Watson  1878Queensland, Australia I22932 susietree 
30 Martin, Janet Stevenson  1884Queensland, Australia I22926 susietree 
31 Martin, John Gray  1948Queensland, Australia I22931 susietree 
32 Martin, Margaret Watson  1953Queensland, Australia I22930 susietree 
33 Martin, Miriam  1882Queensland, Australia I22929 susietree 
34 Martin, Robert William  1923Queensland, Australia I22933 susietree 
35 McLean, Peter  15 Feb 1926Queensland, Australia I24832 susietree 
36 Muntz, Emily  1950Queensland, Australia I13477 susietree 
37 Philips, Isabella  1869Queensland, Australia I24522 susietree 
38 Pritchard, Amey  5 May 1877Queensland, Australia I7460 susietree 
39 Street, Charles Henry George  1886Queensland, Australia I13518 susietree 
40 Street, George William  17 Oct 1891Queensland, Australia I22777 susietree 
41 Vince, Mary Jane  1947Queensland, Australia I21884 susietree 
42 Wallis, Martha  12 Dec 1877Queensland, Australia I13526 susietree 
43 Wilson, Alexander  1913Queensland, Australia I22936 susietree 
44 Wilson, Ellen  1950Queensland, Australia I22940 susietree 
45 Wilson, George  1884Queensland, Australia I22937 susietree 
46 Wilson, George William  1893Queensland, Australia I22938 susietree 
47 Wilson, Jane Watson  1963Queensland, Australia I22942 susietree 
48 Woodley, Arthur  1915Queensland, Australia I21889 susietree 
49 Woodley, Brenda May  1939Queensland, Australia I18739 susietree 
50 Woodley, Robert  1938Queensland, Australia I21883 susietree 


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bell, Alma Eileen  27 Jun 1946Queensland, Australia I25899 susietree 
2 Bloomfield, Charles  1904Queensland, Australia I22959 susietree 
3 Branson, Reginald Joseph  27 Jun 1946Queensland, Australia I19493 susietree 
4 Clarkson, Jessie Elizabeth  1914Queensland, Australia I22974 susietree 
5 Dick, Amy J  1875Queensland, Australia I7442 susietree 
6 Dixon, George  1875Queensland, Australia I18935 susietree 
7 Furniss, Ada  1931Queensland, Australia I21975 susietree 
8 Gibson, Angus Alexander  1910Queensland, Australia I22955 susietree 
9 Gibson, Catherine Jesse  1910Queensland, Australia I22952 susietree 
10 Gibson, David Livingstone  1907Queensland, Australia I22956 susietree 
11 Gibson, Elsie Winnifred  1916Queensland, Australia I22948 susietree 
12 Gibson, Mary McAllister  1900Queensland, Australia I22951 susietree 
13 Giese, Harry Christian  5 May 1946Queensland, Australia I23639 susietree 
14 Gillies, Ellen Catherine  1897Queensland, Australia I22988 susietree 
15 Gillies, Thomas  1864Queensland, Australia I22922 susietree 
16 Gray, Janet  1871Queensland, Australia I22917 susietree 
17 Gridley, James  1908Queensland, Australia I22973 susietree 
18 Horne, Ernest Albert  1914Queensland, Australia I22966 susietree 
19 Hort, Annie Frances  1907Queensland, Australia I22962 susietree 
20 Jenkins, Josiah  3 Sep 1892Queensland, Australia I21976 susietree 
21 Jones, Elizabeth May  1910Queensland, Australia I22968 susietree 
22 Knight, Emily Bertha  1907Queensland, Australia I22967 susietree 
23 Lanham, Edward Alfred  1919Queensland, Australia I22919 susietree 
24 Lockrey, Helen Edith  1932Queensland, Australia I21888 susietree 
25 Martin, Annie Low  1894Queensland, Australia I24520 susietree 
26 Martin, Eliza Bowman  1914Queensland, Australia I22925 susietree 
27 Martin, Eliza Jane  1872Queensland, Australia I22914 susietree 
28 Martin, Helen  1864Queensland, Australia I22912 susietree 
29 Martin, John  1868Queensland, Australia I22909 susietree 
30 Martin, John  1871Queensland, Australia I22909 susietree 
31 Martin, John Gray  1907Queensland, Australia I22931 susietree 
32 Martin, Margaret Watson  1904Queensland, Australia I22930 susietree 
33 Martin, Mary Darling  1919Queensland, Australia I22918 susietree 
34 Philips, Isabella  1868Queensland, Australia I24522 susietree 
35 Polkinghorne, Mary  1892Queensland, Australia I11850 susietree 
36 Scheuer, John Jacob  1894Queensland, Australia I24521 susietree 
37 Trethewey, Marshall Edmonds  1892Queensland, Australia I11842 susietree 
38 Trethewey, Marshall Grant  1931Queensland, Australia I11911 susietree 
39 Trethewey, Sabina Birch  3 Sep 1892Queensland, Australia I11863 susietree 
40 Tunley, William James  1897Queensland, Australia I22989 susietree 
41 Westcott, Herbert Spencer  1916Queensland, Australia I22975 susietree 
42 Westcott, Lewis Arthur  1910Queensland, Australia I22969 susietree 
43 Wiles, Arthur Charles  1900Queensland, Australia I22970 susietree 
44 Wilson, George  1872Queensland, Australia I22934 susietree 
45 Wilson, Rebecca  1908Queensland, Australia I22941 susietree 
46 Wilson, Thomas Stephens  1914Queensland, Australia I22939 susietree 
47 Woodley, Hedley  1932Queensland, Australia I21886 susietree