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Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1804Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4193 susietree 
2 Allen, Alfred  Abt 1861Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I6840 susietree 
3 Allen, Charles  Abt 1841Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7194 susietree 
4 Allen, Christina  1870Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7202 susietree 
5 Allen, Eli  Abt 1828Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4202 susietree 
6 Allen, Eli Charles  Abt 1880Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I6845 susietree 
7 Allen, Elizabeth  Abt 1830Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7190 susietree 
8 Allen, Elizabeth  Abt 1859Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7205 susietree 
9 Allen, Frederick  Abt 1872Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7201 susietree 
10 Allen, George  Abt 1832Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7189 susietree 
11 Allen, George  Abt 1849Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7191 susietree 
12 Allen, Herbert  Abt 1869Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I6842 susietree 
13 Allen, Jesse  Abt 1845Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7193 susietree 
14 Allen, John  Abt 1837Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4204 susietree 
15 Allen, Lucy  Abt 1847Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7192 susietree 
16 Allen, Martha  Abt 1861Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7204 susietree 
17 Allen, Mary  Abt 1843Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I2180 susietree 
18 Allen, Mary Anne  Abt 1828Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7188 susietree 
19 Allen, Richard  Abt 1864Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I6841 susietree 
20 Allen, Samuel  Abt 1837Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7195 susietree 
21 Allen, Thomas  Abt 1810Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7198 susietree 
22 Allen, Thomas  Abt 1835Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7196 susietree 
23 Allen, Thomas  Abt 1854Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4191 susietree 
24 Barnes, George W  Abt 1873Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I6838 susietree 
25 Dunton, Mary  Abt 1827Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I19464 susietree 
26 Johnson, John  Abt 1819Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I6837 susietree 
27 Johnson, Sarah Anne  Jan 1869-Mar 1869Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I6839 susietree 
28 Maxey, George  1802Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I19478 susietree 
29 Maxey, John  Abt 1843Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I19479 susietree 
30 Maxey, Miles  1840Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I19480 susietree 
31 Nobles, George  1833Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4208 susietree 
32 Nobles, George  1849Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4250 susietree 
33 Nobles, Henry  1851Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4251 susietree 
34 Nobles, John  1802Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4200 susietree 
35 Nobles, John  Abt 1827Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I19463 susietree 
36 Nobles, Kerenhappuch  Apr-Jun 1843Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4211 susietree 
37 Nobles, Mary  1828Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4249 susietree 
38 Nobles, Sarah  1828Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4206 susietree 
39 Nobles, Sarah  1836Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4209 susietree 
40 Nobles, Susanna  1830Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4207 susietree 
41 Nobles, William  1838Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4210 susietree 
42 Pacey, Arthur Glover  Oct-Dec 1898Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I2196 susietree 
43 Pacey, Christiana Emma  Jul-Sep 1872Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I2184 susietree 
44 Pacey, Edmund Charles  Jan-Mar 1901Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I2195 susietree 
45 Pacey, Elizabeth  1803Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4179 susietree 
46 Pacey, Elizabeth  Abt 1859Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4190 susietree 
47 Pacey, Elizabeth  16 Mar 1873Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4199 susietree 
48 Pacey, George  1823Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4188 susietree 
49 Pacey, George  1838Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10248 susietree 
50 Pacey, Henry  1841Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10249 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Eli  13 Jul 1828Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4202 susietree 
2 Allen, Eli Charles  29 Feb 1880Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I6845 susietree 
3 Allen, Elizabeth  30 May 1830Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7190 susietree 
4 Allen, George  15 Jul 1832Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7189 susietree 
5 Allen, Mary Anne  13 Jul 1828Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7188 susietree 
6 Allen, Thomas  7 Oct 1810Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7198 susietree 
7 Allen, Thomas  12 Aug 1855Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4191 susietree 
8 Barnes, George W  16 Mar 1873Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I6838 susietree 
9 Bettles, William Robert  26 Mar 1871Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I14012 susietree 
10 Johnson, Sarah Anne  4 Apr 1869Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I6839 susietree 
11 Maxey, John  15 May 1842Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I19479 susietree 
12 Maxey, Miles  14 Jul 1839Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I19480 susietree 
13 Maxey, Sarah  18 Mar 1832Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I19481 susietree 
14 Nobles, George  14 Jul 1833Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4208 susietree 
15 Nobles, George  15 Jul 1849Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4250 susietree 
16 Nobles, Henry  25 May 1851Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4251 susietree 
17 Nobles, John  19 Jul 1802Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4200 susietree 
18 Nobles, Kerenhappuch  16 Jul 1843Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4211 susietree 
19 Nobles, Mary  13 Jul 1828Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4249 susietree 
20 Nobles, Mary Annie (Anne)  20 Jul 1845Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4212 susietree 
21 Nobles, Sarah  13 Jul 1828Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4206 susietree 
22 Nobles, Sarah  16 Jul 1843Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4209 susietree 
23 Nobles, Susanna  3 Apr 1831Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4207 susietree 
24 Nobles, William  11 Nov 1838Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4210 susietree 
25 Pacey, Alfred James  26 Dec 1869Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I2183 susietree 
26 Pacey, Anne  20 Jun 1806Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4180 susietree 
27 Pacey, Annie  9 Jul 1865Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I2181 susietree 
28 Pacey, Christiana Emma  13 Apr 1873Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I2184 susietree 
29 Pacey, Christina Ann  17 Jan 1864Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I2190 susietree 
30 Pacey, Elizabeth  20 Jun 1806Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4179 susietree 
31 Pacey, Esther  2 Jun 1811Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4183 susietree 
32 Pacey, George  13 Jul 1823Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4188 susietree 
33 Pacey, George  3 Feb 1839Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10248 susietree 
34 Pacey, Henry  24 Oct 1841Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10249 susietree 
35 Pacey, Hephzibah  26 Jun 1796Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I872 susietree 
36 Pacey, John  20 Jun 1806Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4177 susietree 
37 Pacey, John  20 Jul 1845Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4197 susietree 
38 Pacey, Joseph  16 Feb 1851Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10251 susietree 
39 Pacey, Kerenhappuch  21 Mar 1832Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4187 susietree 
40 Pacey, Mary  10 Dec 1809Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4182 susietree 
41 Pacey, Mary Ann  24 Dec 1848Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10250 susietree 
42 Pacey, Samuel  20 Jul 1845Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4196 susietree 
43 Pacey, Thomas  20 Jun 1806Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4178 susietree 
44 Pacey, Thomas Harry  29 Mar 1868Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I2182 susietree 
45 Pacey, William  4 Mar 1808Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4181 susietree 
46 Pacey, William  13 Jul 1823Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4194 susietree 
47 Purser, Hannah  13 Aug 1815Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10119 susietree 
48 Smith, Anne  15 Jul 1776Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10102 susietree 
49 Smith, Anne Maria  1 Apr 1798Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10104 susietree 
50 Smith, Elizabeth  10 Jul 1791Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10107 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Nobles, Kerenhappuch  Apr-Jun 1850Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4211 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Glover, Lettice Maddock  29 Jul 1868Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I870 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  1822Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4193 susietree 
2 Allen, Eli  30 Apr 1852Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4202 susietree 
3 Allen, John  19 Jan 1858Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4204 susietree 
4 Allen, Mary  26 Dec 1862Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I2180 susietree 
5 Allen, Thomas  20 Nov 1827Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7198 susietree 
6 Allen, Thomas  22 Aug 1879Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4191 susietree 
7 Ball, Samuel  10 Sep 1838Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4192 susietree 
8 Barnes, John  11 Nov 1869Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4205 susietree 
9 Chambers, Elizabeth  12 Nov 1835Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10247 susietree 
10 Clare, Ann  12 Oct 1829Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10252 susietree 
11 Clare, Ann  9 Nov 1856Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10252 susietree 
12 Dunton, Mary  28 Nov 1848Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I19464 susietree 
13 Foskett, Eliza  22 Aug 1879Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I6844 susietree 
14 Johnson, John  20 Dec 1868Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I6837 susietree 
15 Lawson, Sarah  18 Nov 1771Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4174 susietree 
16 Maxey, George  12 Oct 1829Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I19478 susietree 
17 Monk, Lucy  20 Nov 1827Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I7197 susietree 
18 Nobles, John  24 Jun 1827Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4200 susietree 
19 Nobles, John  28 Nov 1848Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I19463 susietree 
20 Pacey, Elizabeth  24 Jun 1827Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4179 susietree 
21 Pacey, Emma  19 Jan 1858Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I2188 susietree 
22 Pacey, Hephzibah  15 Feb 1819Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I872 susietree 
23 Pacey, John  18 Sep 1820Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4177 susietree 
24 Pacey, Kerenhappuch  26 Nov 1844Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4187 susietree 
25 Pacey, Kerenhappuch  20 Dec 1868Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4187 susietree 
26 Pacey, Mary  30 Apr 1852Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4195 susietree 
27 Pacey, Mary  11 Nov 1869Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4201 susietree 
28 Pacey, Mary Pain  10 Sep 1838Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4185 susietree 
29 Pacey, Samuel  12 Nov 1835Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10122 susietree 
30 Pacey, Samuel  9 Nov 1856Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10122 susietree 
31 Pacey, Thomas  1822Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4178 susietree 
32 Pacey, Thomas Glover  26 Dec 1862Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I2179 susietree 
33 Pacey, William  25 Apr 1796Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4172 susietree 
34 Pacey, William  11 Apr 1844Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4194 susietree 
35 Pain, Ann  18 Sep 1820Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4184 susietree 
36 Purser, George  11 Oct 1802Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10116 susietree 
37 Richardson, William  26 Nov 1844Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4189 susietree 
38 Robinson, Ann  24 May 1790Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10103 susietree 
39 Smith, Anne  11 Oct 1802Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10102 susietree 
40 Smith, Sarah  25 Apr 1796Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4173 susietree 
41 Smith, William  18 Nov 1771Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4176 susietree 
42 Smith, William  24 May 1790Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I10101 susietree 
43 Spencer, Hannah  11 Apr 1844Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, England I4198 susietree