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Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Beazley, Dorothy Beryl  9 Aug 1921Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I23728 susietree 
2 Foster, Dulcie Frances Muriel  1910Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I23793 susietree 
3 Gartrell, Clifton Henry Livingstone  1902Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I23862 susietree 
4 Gartrell, Harrott Winford Dorothea  1904Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I23860 susietree 
5 Hewitt, Isabel Jean  10 Apr 1916Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I3379 susietree 
6 Meikle, Geoffrey Thomas  27 Sep 1960Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I139 susietree 
7 Palmer, Fred Huntington  1903Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I23734 susietree 
8 Palmer, Ruby Ellen  27 Oct 1909Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I23735 susietree 
9 Pearce, Charles Stephen William  1906Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I2586 susietree 
10 Pearce, Margery Amy  29 Jun 1929Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I2622 susietree 
11 Pearce, Mervyn George  1910Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I2588 susietree 
12 Pearce, Roy Lance Foster  10 Dec 1902Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I298 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Allmark, Sarah  11 Dec 1943Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I23144 susietree 
2 Bogue, Margaret Ann  11 Dec 1932Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I24275 susietree 
3 Carrington, Ody Jack  7 Dec 1998Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I19645 susietree 
4 Clark, Florence Sarah Matilda  17 Sep 1932Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I23732 susietree 
5 Davies, Lily  13 Dec 1940Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I22328 susietree 
6 Dennis, Albert Victor  17 Oct 1996Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I264 susietree 
7 Farr, Maurice Vernon  20 Jun 1934Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I23899 susietree 
8 Foster, Amy Eva  3 Aug 1977Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I335 susietree 
9 Gray, Isabel Catherine  1934Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I3408 susietree 
10 Hewitt, Joseph James  1925Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I3407 susietree 
11 Johnson, Caroline Doris  25 May 1971Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I169 susietree 
12 Lester, Daisy Elizabeth  10 Feb 1947Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I23102 susietree 
13 Lester, James Edward  19 Aug 1928Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I22494 susietree 
14 McKenzie, John James  29 Nov 1942Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I24824 susietree 
15 Palmer, Fred  13 Sep 1935Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I23731 susietree 
16 Pollitt, Elizabeth  28 Feb 1921Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I2096 susietree 
17 Shaw, Kristie Lorraine  20 Feb 1976Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I2601 susietree 
18 Simpson, Winifred Jane  13 Nov 1995Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I224 susietree 
19 Stannard, Careta Lemercier  22 Aug 1980Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I2698 susietree 
20 Weit, Carl  11 Feb 1914Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I23143 susietree 
21 Weston, Ethel May  26 Jul 1987Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I23881 susietree 
22 Woodlake, Annie Maria  8 Apr 1913Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I23648 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Foster, Frederick John  1908Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I5991 susietree 
2 Kerslake, Amy Beatrice  18 Nov 1916Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I2619 susietree 
3 O'Neil, Gloria Jean  24 Aug 1940Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I131 susietree 
4 Pearce, Joseph Siddell  18 Nov 1916Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I2527 susietree 
5 Pearce, William John  28 Dec 1904Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I2524 susietree 
6 Pyvis, Ellen Mary  1908Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I23791 susietree 
7 Tanner, Leslie  24 Aug 1940Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I157 susietree 
8 Wite, Mabel Alice  28 Dec 1904Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia I2585 susietree