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Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1861Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8219 susietree 
2 Allan, Francis John Ledingham  24 Dec 1925Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17151 susietree 
3 Allan, Greta Helen  26 Oct 1938Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17154 susietree 
4 Allan, Lena Christina  15 Jan 1929Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17152 susietree 
5 Allan, Leonard Watson  21 Nov 1935Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17153 susietree 
6 Brown, Helen  Abt 1886Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8353 susietree 
7 Brown, Jane  Abt 1884Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8352 susietree 
8 Clubb, James  Abt 1901Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I23669 susietree 
9 Cowie, Agnes Bruce  Abt 1873Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8230 susietree 
10 Daniel, Jane Robb  1884Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I10082 susietree 
11 Maddox, James  1904Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I10062 susietree 
12 McKenzie, Daniel Breslin  28 Jul 1910Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14754 susietree 
13 McKenzie, Euphemia Gillespie  1895Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14751 susietree 
14 McKenzie, James Stewart  22 Jan 1905Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14753 susietree 
15 McKenzie, Jemima Baxter  1897Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14752 susietree 
16 McLean, Arthur William L  Abt 1877Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8263 susietree 
17 Meston, Alexander  19 Sep 1896Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8248 susietree 
18 Meston, Alexander  1906Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I10064 susietree 
19 Meston, Ann  19 Oct 1900Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8231 susietree 
20 Meston, Jane  1859Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I10068 susietree 
21 Meston, John Alexander  9 Oct 1884Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8239 susietree 
22 Meston, John Duncan  8 Mar 1901Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8250 susietree 
23 Meston, Joseph Mcknight  28 Jul 1898Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8249 susietree 
24 Meston, Maggie Jane  4 May 1894Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I10059 susietree 
25 Milne, Helen S  Abt 1877Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I24469 susietree 
26 Milne, Henrietta  Abt Aug 1876Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I24468 susietree 
27 Milne, John  Abt 1879Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I24470 susietree 
28 Munro, Margaret Mitchell  1871Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I24313 susietree 
29 Napier, Jane Keith  Abt 1846Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8238 susietree 
30 Paterson, George  1903Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I10067 susietree 
31 Pirie, Alexander  Abt 1900Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8224 susietree 
32 Pirie, Ann  Abt 1890Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8220 susietree 
33 Pirie, Elizabeth  Abt 1897Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8222 susietree 
34 Pirie, Ellen  Abt 1894Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8221 susietree 
35 Pirie, Isabella  Abt 1899Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8223 susietree 
36 Porter, William Yeates  30 Nov 1883Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I3915 susietree 
37 Riddel, Ewen  1860Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I13759 susietree 
38 Riddel, George  27 Jan 1870Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I13763 susietree 
39 Riddler, John  Abt 1832Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I3698 susietree 
40 Robertson, Jane  1824Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14701 susietree 
41 Robertson, Jane  1853Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14735 susietree 
42 Robertson, Margaret  4 Oct 1865Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14715 susietree 
43 Robertson, William  1850Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14734 susietree 
44 Ross, Ann Forbes  1883Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14742 susietree 
45 Ross, Barbara  1874Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14739 susietree 
46 Ross, Elizabeth  1885Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14743 susietree 
47 Ross, Isabella Miller  1888Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14744 susietree 
48 Ross, Jane  1877Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14740 susietree 
49 Ross, Jessie Ann  1880Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14741 susietree 
50 Ross, Mary  1873Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14738 susietree 

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Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Reid, Elizabeth  26 Jun 1826Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I23631 susietree 
2 Reid, Mary  21 Aug 1827Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I23632 susietree 
3 Reid, William  7 Aug 1824Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I23630 susietree 


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Allan, Francis George Taylor  1966Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17150 susietree 
2 Allan, Francis John Ledingham  2003Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17151 susietree 
3 Allan, Lena Christina  1994Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17152 susietree 
4 Allan, Leonard Watson  2006Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17153 susietree 
5 Clubb, William  3 Aug 1936Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I3912 susietree 
6 Cowie, Agnes Bruce  1951Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8230 susietree 
7 Davidson, Thomas  1 Jan 1909Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I3637 susietree 
8 Durno, Annie Margaret  24 Sep 1997Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I20912 susietree 
9 Emslie, Alice Elizabeth  1908Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I12687 susietree 
10 Farquharson, Ann  1939Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8226 susietree 
11 Flett, James Barnett  18 Aug 1972Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I20913 susietree 
12 Lawson, Isobel  1 Oct 1903Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I5957 susietree 
13 McKenzie, Daniel Breslin  2000Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14754 susietree 
14 Meston, Alexander  1892Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I3883 susietree 
15 Meston, Alexander  1989Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I10064 susietree 
16 Meston, Alice  1903Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8233 susietree 
17 Meston, Beatrice Mary  1981Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8236 susietree 
18 Meston, Jane  1941Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I10068 susietree 
19 Meston, Jean  1943Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8235 susietree 
20 Meston, Jeannie  1955Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8211 susietree 
21 Meston, John  1922Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I3890 susietree 
22 Meston, Margaret  1923Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8237 susietree 
23 Meston, Robert  1927Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I3888 susietree 
24 Meston, William  1965Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8212 susietree 
25 Mortimer, Jane  1951Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8241 susietree 
26 Napier, Jane Keith  1903Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8238 susietree 
27 Perkins, Leslie Briggs  1987Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17155 susietree 
28 Riddel, William  1884Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I13752 susietree 
29 Simpson, Elizabeth Garland  1910Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I24302 susietree 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Sheila  15 Jul 1959Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I7153 susietree 
2 Allan, Leonard Watson  15 Jul 1959Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17153 susietree 
3 Carnie, Charles  15 Jan 1874Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I10074 susietree 
4 Cowie, Agnes Bruce  29 Dec 1899Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8230 susietree 
5 Emslie, William  29 Aug 1902Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I12686 susietree 
6 McKenzie, Daniel Breslin  10 Apr 1937Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14754 susietree 
7 McKenzie, Euphemia Gillespie  2 Mar 1915Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14751 susietree 
8 Meston, Alice  29 Aug 1902Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8233 susietree 
9 Meston, Jane  15 Jan 1874Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I3884 susietree 
10 Meston, Jane  25 Feb 1891Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I10068 susietree 
11 Meston, Jane  27 Nov 1902Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I10068 susietree 
12 Meston, John  29 Jun 1883Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I3890 susietree 
13 Meston, John Alexander  19 Jun 1912Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8239 susietree 
14 Meston, Robert  28 Nov 1879Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I3888 susietree 
15 Meston, William  29 Dec 1899Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8228 susietree 
16 Meston, William  25 Apr 1905Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I3895 susietree 
17 Mortimer, Jane  28 Nov 1879Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8241 susietree 
18 Napier, Jane Keith  29 Jun 1883Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I8238 susietree 
19 Slessor, Mary Hardie  25 Apr 1905Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I10051 susietree 
20 Smith, John  25 Feb 1891Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I10071 susietree 
21 Stephen, Samuel  27 Nov 1902Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I10072 susietree 
22 Stewart, Eliza Angus  19 Jun 1912Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I12689 susietree 
23 Urquhart, William  2 Mar 1915Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14785 susietree