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Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

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Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, John Alexander  1880Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I23011 susietree 
2 Binnie, Janet  17 Nov 1893Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I15512 susietree 
3 Chisholm, Alexander  1865Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I15506 susietree 
4 Chisholm, Catherine Mcbain  1884Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I15527 susietree 
5 Chisholm, James  1860Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I15504 susietree 
6 Chisholm, James Alfred  1888Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I15529 susietree 
7 Chisholm, Janet Todd  1867Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I15490 susietree 
8 Chisholm, John  1862Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I15505 susietree 
9 Chisholm, John Alexander  1886Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I15528 susietree 
10 Copley, Amy Elizabeth  1891Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I16436 susietree 
11 Copley, Eva Grace  1889Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I16434 susietree 
12 Copley, Norman Edwin  1893Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I1715 susietree 
13 Copley, William Stanley  1895Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I16438 susietree 
14 Gray, Claude Henry  13 May 1915Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I23870 susietree 
15 Gray, Jessie Edna  1917Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I23871 susietree 
16 Martin, Charles Richard Henry  14 Feb 1900Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I13773 susietree 
17 Morrison, Clorine Ada Rose  1904Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I2664 susietree 
18 Pascoe, Edmund James Ern.  1886Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I22497 susietree 
19 Pascoe, Emblym Ann  1887Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I22495 susietree 
20 Pascoe, John  1885Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I21432 susietree 
21 Polkinghorne, Arthur Gladstone  1890Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I21904 susietree 
22 Polkinghorne, Frederick John  1887Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I21902 susietree 
23 Polkinghorne, Marshall  1888Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I21903 susietree 
24 Powell, Audrey June  23 May 1930Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I23815 susietree 
25 Powell, Harold John  8 Jul 1895Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I23812 susietree 
26 Rennolds, John Edwin  1898Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I24864 susietree 
27 Warne, Edmund James  1869Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I21439 susietree 
28 Warne, Edwin  1870Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I22504 susietree 
29 Warne, Edwin James  1 Aug 1906Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I1750 susietree 
30 Warne, Eldorado  1866Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I22503 susietree 
31 Warne, Emblyam  1860Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I22502 susietree 
32 Warne, Henrietta  1863Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I22501 susietree 
33 Warne, Samuel  Mar 1867Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I21438 susietree 
34 Warne, Sarah Jane  1868Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I21428 susietree 
35 Warne, Thelma May  23 Jul 1904Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I1749 susietree 
36 Wight, David Stanley  Est 1890Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I20257 susietree 


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Chisholm, Alexander  1872Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I15506 susietree 
2 Chisholm, John  1872Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I15505 susietree 
3 Chisholm, William  1872Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I15507 susietree 
4 Clarkson, Helen  10 Oct 1883Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I24863 susietree 
5 Copley, Eva Grace  1890Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I16434 susietree 
6 Copley, John  1898Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I1714 susietree 
7 Harris, Ann  14 Jul 1916Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I1661 susietree 
8 Hooper, Eliza Cock  1929Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I24643 susietree 
9 Morrison, William  1889Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I2653 susietree 
10 Pascoe, Ellen  1888Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I22496 susietree 
11 Pascoe, John  1957Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I21432 susietree 
12 Polkinghorne, Marshall  1888Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I21903 susietree 
13 Polkinghorne, William  Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I11851 susietree 
14 Powell, Harold John  22 Nov 1967Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I23812 susietree 
15 Rennolds, Edwin  21 Dec 1910Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I3341 susietree 
16 Sell, David  1906Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I24642 susietree 
17 Sells, David Henry  1915Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I3348 susietree 
18 Sells, Ivy May  1915Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I24640 susietree 
19 Warne, Edmund James  12 Dec 1896Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I1659 susietree 
20 Warne, Edwin  1870Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I22504 susietree 
21 Warne, Eldorado  1869Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I22503 susietree 
22 Warne, Ellen  1873Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I21429 susietree 
23 Warne, Emblyam  1869Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I22502 susietree 
24 Warne, Emblyn Ann  1940Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I21430 susietree 
25 Warne, Henrietta  1869Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I22501 susietree 
26 Warne, Samuel  1867Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I21438 susietree 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Rennolds, Janet  Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I24868 susietree 
2 Sells, David Henry  2 Feb 1915Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I3348 susietree 
3 Sells, Ivy May  23 Jun 1915Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I24640 susietree 
4 Todd, Janet  10 Aug 1901Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I764 susietree 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Binnie, John Harrison  12 Oct 1893Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I15509 susietree 
2 Chisholm, Christina Wilkie  12 Oct 1893Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I15508 susietree 
3 Copley, Martha Grace  10 Feb 1923Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I23811 susietree 
4 Martin, Janet  5 Mar 1864Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I760 susietree 
5 Morrison, James  5 Mar 1864Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I759 susietree 
6 Pascoe, John  1884Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I21431 susietree 
7 Powell, Harold John  10 Feb 1923Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I23812 susietree 
8 Warne, Emblyn Ann  1884Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I21430 susietree