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Bedford, Bedfordshire, England

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Baxter, Agnes Beatrice  Abt 1878Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5057 susietree 
2 Baxter, Alfred  Abt 1858Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13052 susietree 
3 Baxter, Annie Ethel  Jan-Mar 1881Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5052 susietree 
4 Baxter, Mary Elizabeth  Jan-Mar 1868Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13053 susietree 
5 Baxter, Stephen  Abt 1856Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13051 susietree 
6 Bell, Annie  Abt 1867Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I22810 susietree 
7 Bell, Cecil Charles  Oct-Dec 1883Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I22813 susietree 
8 Bell, Charles Covington  Jul-Sep 1860Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I22808 susietree 
9 Bell, Joseph Chamberlain  Abt 1840Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I22807 susietree 
10 Bell, Louis  Abt 1863Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I22809 susietree 
11 Bell, Miriam  Jul-Sep 1882Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I22812 susietree 
12 Benson, Doreen Merle  11 Mar 1928Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I12398 susietree 
13 Black, Edward Simeon  13 May 1875Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I12404 susietree 
14 Black, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1876Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I12405 susietree 
15 Black, Eva  1878Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I12406 susietree 
16 Bucklow, Lawrence W  Abt 1894Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I6856 susietree 
17 Covington, Ellen  25 Jun 1840Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1411 susietree 
18 Crane, Arthur Stanley  Apr-Jun 1898Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13922 susietree 
19 Crane, Cecil Aubrey  15 Feb 1910Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13925 susietree 
20 Crane, Doris Marjorie  21 Sep 1919Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13927 susietree 
21 Crane, Edward William  Apr-Jun 1905Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24755 susietree 
22 Crane, Frederick William  Oct-Dec 1899Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24757 susietree 
23 Crane, Jean Esme  14 Sep 1937Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I19444 susietree 
24 Crane, John Raymond  24 Jun 1931Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13928 susietree 
25 Crane, Kathleen Brenda  27 Nov 1930Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24766 susietree 
26 Crane, Leslie Claud  5 Dec 1914Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13926 susietree 
27 Crane, Monica Joyce  13 Oct 1940Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24764 susietree 
28 Crane, Phyllis E  Jul-Sep 1925Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24761 susietree 
29 Crane, Reginald Walter  20 Apr 1907Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13924 susietree 
30 Crane, Ronald Leslie  5 Feb 1930Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I19443 susietree 
31 Crane, Thomas Henry  13 Dec 1902Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13923 susietree 
32 Crane, Violet E  29 Feb 1928Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24762 susietree 
33 Duncombe, Lynda Stella  Apr 1899-Jun 1899Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13067 susietree 
34 Haggerwood, Anthony Joseph  28 Aug 1936Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13973 susietree 
35 Hawking, Albert Henry  9 Mar 1895Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I7221 susietree 
36 Holmes, David F  1890Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I7160 susietree 
37 Holmes, William J  1886Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I7161 susietree 
38 Hulatt, Alfred Stephen  Jul-Sep 1880Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5061 susietree 
39 Hulatt, Annie Maud  Oct-Dec 1873Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5062 susietree 
40 Hulatt, Arthur Dennis  13 Aug 1848Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5074 susietree 
41 Hulatt, Arthur John  Jul-Sep 1871Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5063 susietree 
42 Hulatt, Sarah Ellen  Apr-Jun 1882Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5060 susietree 
43 Hutchings, Arthur John  Abt 1868Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I7223 susietree 
44 Johnson, Daisy  Abt 1901Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13083 susietree 
45 Johnson, Florence  Oct 1889-Dec 1889Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13081 susietree 
46 Johnson, Herbert  10 Feb 1894Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13082 susietree 
47 Lawson, George  1732Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I10100 susietree 
48 Mead, Elsie A  Abt 1899Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5055 susietree 
49 Mead, Walter Norman  Abt 1872Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5056 susietree 
50 Mears, Winifred Foster  2 Feb 1901Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I14460 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Hulatt, Arthur Dennis  4 Feb 1849Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5074 susietree 
2 Hulatt, Elizabeth Ursula  7 Nov 1858Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5069 susietree 
3 Hulatt, Stephen  13 Mar 1853Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5070 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Black, Eva  Abt Apr 1878Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I12406 susietree 
2 Crane, Arthur Edward  Oct-Dec 1948Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13921 susietree 
3 Crane, Cecil Aubrey  Sep 1989Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13925 susietree 
4 Crane, John Raymond  Oct 1998Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13928 susietree 
5 Crane, Kathleen Brenda  17 May 2010Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24766 susietree 
6 Crane, Leslie Claud  Jul-Sep 1977Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13926 susietree 
7 Crane, Phyllis E  Jan-Mar 1964Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24761 susietree 
8 Crane, Reginald Walter  7 Aug 1973Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13924 susietree 
9 Crane, Ronald Leslie  5 Mar 2007Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I19443 susietree 
10 Crane, Thomas Henry  Oct-Dec 1978Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13923 susietree 
11 Crane, Violet E  13 Jun 2012Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24762 susietree 
12 Glover, James Watford  Jul-Sep 1838Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13039 susietree 
13 Glover, Judith  Jul-Sep 1882Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13036 susietree 
14 Glover, Lettice Maddock  Jul 1868-Sep 1868Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I870 susietree 
15 Haggerwood, Anthony Joseph  2002Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13973 susietree 
16 Hawking, Lawrence Tony  1988Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I7217 susietree 
17 Hulatt, Elizabeth Ursula  Apr-Jun 1875Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5069 susietree 
18 Kling, Wilhelmina Amante Juliana  Aug 1993Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I19437 susietree 
19 Lay, Henry  22 Apr 2012Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24763 susietree 
20 Mead, Elizabeth Emma  Jul-Sep 1897Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I7163 susietree 
21 Pacey, Christina Ann  Apr-Jun 1865Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2190 susietree 
22 Pacey, Gertrude Maud  Jan-Mar 1894Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I4245 susietree 
23 Pacey, Samuel  Oct 1858-Dec 1858Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I4196 susietree 
24 Pacey, Thomas  Jan 1874-Mar 1874Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I4186 susietree 
25 Parker, Elsie Mary  21 Jul 1982Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24759 susietree 
26 Purser, Albert  1946Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I14001 susietree 
27 Purser, Frederick Stanley  1986Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13979 susietree 
28 Purser, Sarah  Jan-Mar 1922Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13919 susietree 
29 Richardson, Jabez  Oct 1871-Dec 1871Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I6825 susietree 
30 Smith, Gladys Evelyn  Jul-Sep 1970Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24756 susietree 
31 Thompson, Ivy Hilda  5 May 1973Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13930 susietree 
32 Ward, Elizabeth  Oct-Dec 1879Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5075 susietree 
33 Wooding, Harriett  25 Feb 1931Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I19511 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Baxter, Agnes Beatrice  Oct-Dec 1895Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5057 susietree 
2 Baxter, Stephen  Apr-Jun 1876Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13051 susietree 
3 Beddall, Annie  1959Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I19510 susietree 
4 Benson, Doreen Merle  12 May 1951Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I12398 susietree 
5 Black, Edward  4 Oct 1874Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1404 susietree 
6 Black, Edward  9 Sep 1879Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1404 susietree 
7 Black, Horace Oliver  Oct 1915-Dec 1915Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1415 susietree 
8 Bucklow, William  Jul 1892-Sep 1892Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I6855 susietree 
9 Covington, Ellen  4 Oct 1874Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1411 susietree 
10 Crane, Arthur Edward  16 Aug 1897Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13921 susietree 
11 Crane, Arthur Edward  Oct-Dec 1922Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13921 susietree 
12 Crane, Cecil Aubrey  Jan-Mar 1933Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13925 susietree 
13 Crane, Jean Esme  14 Mar 1956Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I19444 susietree 
14 Crane, John Raymond  Apr-Jun 1960Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13928 susietree 
15 Crane, Kathleen Brenda  Oct-Dec 1952Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24766 susietree 
16 Crane, Monica Joyce  Jul-Sep 1963Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24764 susietree 
17 Crane, Phyllis E  Jan-Mar 1951Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24761 susietree 
18 Crane, Reginald Walter  Jul-Sep 1929Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13924 susietree 
19 Crane, Thomas Henry  Jul-Sep 1929Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13923 susietree 
20 Crane, Violet E  Jan-Mar 1953Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24762 susietree 
21 Eyden, Jean  1969Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13963 susietree 
22 Gibbs, Henry James  Jan 1906-Mar 1906Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I6854 susietree 
23 Hawking, Albert Henry  2 Jan 1922Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I7221 susietree 
24 Hawking, Lawrence Tony  1959Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I7217 susietree 
25 Hilton, Thomas Charles  Jan 1906-Mar 1906Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I6859 susietree 
26 Holmes, David  Jul-Sep 1898Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I7165 susietree 
27 Hulatt, Alfred Stephen  Jul-Sep 1904Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5061 susietree 
28 Hulatt, Annie Maud  Jan-Mar 1900Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5062 susietree 
29 Hulatt, Arthur Dennis  Jul-Sep 1870Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5074 susietree 
30 Hulatt, Sarah Ellen  Apr-Jun 1909Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5060 susietree 
31 Hutchings, Arthur John  21 Jul 1906Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I7223 susietree 
32 Hutchings, Fanny  Apr-Jun 1870Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I7157 susietree 
33 Hutchings, Hephzibah  2 Jan 1922Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I7222 susietree 
34 Johnson, Amanda  2004Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13972 susietree 
35 Johnson, Arthur J  Oct 1881-Dec 1881Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13061 susietree 
36 Johnson, Herbert  30 Jul 1924Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13082 susietree 
37 Johnson, Martha Ann  Oct 1868-Dec 1868Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13057 susietree 
38 King, George  Oct 1868-Dec 1868Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13084 susietree 
39 Kling, Wilhelmina Amante Juliana  Jul-Sep 1929Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I19437 susietree 
40 Lay, Henry  Jan-Mar 1953Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24763 susietree 
41 Mead, Walter Norman  Oct-Dec 1895Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5056 susietree 
42 Mears, Winifred Foster  30 Jul 1924Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I14460 susietree 
43 Meeks, Annie  Oct 1881-Dec 1881Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13076 susietree 
44 Moore, William  Apr-Jun 1870Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I7156 susietree 
45 Pacey, Annie Emma  Apr 1891-Jun 1891Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I4243 susietree 
46 Pacey, Bertha Emily  Jul 1892-Sep 1892Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I4244 susietree 
47 Pacey, Hilda May  Jan 1906-Mar 1906Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I4248 susietree 
48 Pacey, Mary Edith  Jan 1906-Mar 1906Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2187 susietree 
49 Parker, Elsie Mary  Oct-Dec 1922Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I24759 susietree 
50 Perkins, Elizabeth  Jul-Sep 1870Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5065 susietree 

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