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Bridlington, Yorkshire, England

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1867Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I21356 susietree 
2 Anderson, Eliza  Abt 1863Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I8612 susietree 
3 Anthony, Ian Paul  4 Jul 1951Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15281 susietree 
4 Bailey, Selina  Abt 1881Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I3041 susietree 
5 Ball, Charlotte Cashmore  Abt 1880Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I4697 susietree 
6 Ball, George Emmerson  Jan 1878-Mar 1878Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I4696 susietree 
7 Ball, Mary Jane Emmerson  1882Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I1767 susietree 
8 Ball, Nellie  Abt 1886Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I4692 susietree 
9 Barnett, Florence Maud  22 Jun 1890Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15458 susietree 
10 Barnett, Waters Hardy  Abt 1859Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15456 susietree 
11 Barnett, William Allison  Apr 1889-Jun 1889Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15457 susietree 
12 Barrow, Amy  Abt 1898Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I16085 susietree 
13 Barrow, Charles  Abt 1889Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I16082 susietree 
14 Barrow, Elsie  Abt 1895Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I16083 susietree 
15 Barrow, Fred  Abt 1893Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I16078 susietree 
16 Barrow, Harry  Abt 1897Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I16084 susietree 
17 Barrow, Henrietta  Abt 1887Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I16080 susietree 
18 Barrow, Hezekiah  Abt 1891Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I16081 susietree 
19 Basham, Laura Ann  1873Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I8331 susietree 
20 Bielby, Mary  Abt 1870Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I4888 susietree 
21 Booth, Joseph  Abt 1879Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I17396 susietree 
22 Broadbent, Eileen  1922Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15207 susietree 
23 Broadbent, Francis  1889Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15199 susietree 
24 Broadbent, George Edward  16 Jun 1902Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15291 susietree 
25 Broadbent, Jenny  18 Jan 1898Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15202 susietree 
26 Broadbent, John William  1887Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15198 susietree 
27 Broadbent, Leonard S  1900Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15287 susietree 
28 Broadbent, Leonard Shaw  29 Mar 1924Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15289 susietree 
29 Broadbent, Mary R  1891Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15200 susietree 
30 Broadbent, Nancy  26 Jun 1921Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15206 susietree 
31 Broadbent, Roy  22 Nov 1925Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15208 susietree 
32 Broadbent, Stanley W  1893Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15201 susietree 
33 Broadbent, Vera  1914Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15205 susietree 
34 Brunton, Harry  19 Jul 1888Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I5173 susietree 
35 Collings, Tom  Abt 1857Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I4914 susietree 
36 Craven, Allison  Abt 1833Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I21064 susietree 
37 Crawford, Alice  Jul 1879-Sep 1879Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I834 susietree 
38 Crawford, Arthur  Jul 1877-Sep 1877Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I833 susietree 
39 Crawford, Benjamin  Abt 1877Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I828 susietree 
40 Crawford, Betsy  Apr-Jun 1880Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I16102 susietree 
41 Crawford, Charles  Abt 1888Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I843 susietree 
42 Crawford, Charlotte Ann  Oct-Dec 1889Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I16111 susietree 
43 Crawford, David  Abt 1878Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I839 susietree 
44 Crawford, Earnest  Abt 1880Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I829 susietree 
45 Crawford, Edmond  Abt 1880Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I1345 susietree 
46 Crawford, Emily Dunn  Abt 1872Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I826 susietree 
47 Crawford, Ethel  Abt 1897Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I9196 susietree 
48 Crawford, Eva  Oct 1881-Dec 1881Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I835 susietree 
49 Crawford, Florence M  Abt 1882Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I830 susietree 
50 Crawford, Francis W  Abt 1900Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I21359 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Basham, Laura Ann  7 Sep 1873Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I8331 susietree 
2 Broderick, Isaiah  20 Sep 1822Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15487 susietree 
3 Chadwick, Samuel  21 Mar 1909Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15141 susietree 
4 Cross, Benjamin  24 Apr 1859Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I18314 susietree 
5 Cross, Iris  16 Apr 1916Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15121 susietree 
6 Cross, Jane  21 Dec 1879Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I2897 susietree 
7 Edmond, Elizabeth  9 Jan 1809Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I17926 susietree 
8 Gray, Martha Ripley  6 May 1817Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I13613 susietree 
9 Knaggs, John  17 Jul 1803Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I9072 susietree 
10 Leng, George  13 Mar 1881Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15217 susietree 
11 Stephenson, Jane  25 Nov 1835Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I17924 susietree 
12 Tinker, Ellen  13 Apr 1903Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I22267 susietree 
13 Walker, John  18 Mar 1832Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I5576 susietree 
14 Walker, William  27 Jul 1836Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I22665 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bailey, Matthew William  1947Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I19246 susietree 
2 Barnett, Waters Hardy  1905Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15456 susietree 
3 Baron, Drinkrow  Jan 1876-Mar 1876Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I395 susietree 
4 Barrow, Fred  1949Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I16078 susietree 
5 Barrow, Geoffrey  1974Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I4767 susietree 
6 Bayes, Sarah  1877Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I20716 susietree 
7 Bayes, Sarah  1911Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I20712 susietree 
8 Bearpark, Ann Eliza  Jul 1890-Sep 1890Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I2336 susietree 
9 Bielby, Gilbert  Oct 1888-Dec 1888Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I5575 susietree 
10 Boynton, William Grisby  Jan-Mar 1887Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I1156 susietree 
11 Broadbent, Eileen  2005Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15207 susietree 
12 Broadbent, Roy  1981Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15208 susietree 
13 Broadbent, Vera  1981Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15205 susietree 
14 Brown, Mary  2004Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I20722 susietree 
15 Burton, Ethel  1991Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I17704 susietree 
16 Chadwick, Samuel  13 Apr 1983Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15141 susietree 
17 Crompton, Mary  1696Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I4457 susietree 
18 Cross, Alan  Abt 1943Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I22836 susietree 
19 Cross, Colin  Abt 1985Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I3054 susietree 
20 Cross, John  1942Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I22837 susietree 
21 Dandy, Mabel  Dec 1988Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I25900 susietree 
22 Dobson, Thomas  Jan 1895-Mar 1895Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I2772 susietree 
23 Duke, George  20 Apr 1887Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I805 susietree 
24 Duke, Mary  Apr 1872-Jun 1872Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I2747 susietree 
25 Duke, Richard Rennison  Jul 1875-Sep 1875Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I3175 susietree 
26 Duke, William  25 Dec 1918Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I3144 susietree 
27 Fenby, Hannah  Jan 1906-Mar 1906Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I5499 susietree 
28 Gibbon, Elizabeth  Oct 1892-Dec 1892Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I2802 susietree 
29 Gibbon, Thomas  1699Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I4458 susietree 
30 Gibson, Christiana  1914Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I4572 susietree 
31 Gibson, Elizabeth  1927Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15756 susietree 
32 Glenton, Jane Ann  1939Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I2807 susietree 
33 Glenton, Robert  Jan 1881-Mar 1881Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I5638 susietree 
34 Harper, Frederick  15 Sep 2009Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I25859 susietree 
35 Hillerby, Clara  1976Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I4774 susietree 
36 Hoggard, Myra  28 Feb 2009Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I25856 susietree 
37 Jenkinson, Olive  1995Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I7280 susietree 
38 Johnson, John Scotter  Jul-Sep 1886Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I23295 susietree 
39 Jones, Edith  15 Oct 2005Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I19422 susietree 
40 Knaggs, William  Jul 1874-Sep 1874Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I3188 susietree 
41 Mainprize, Margaret  Sep 1861Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I1418 susietree 
42 Major, Catherine  1995Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15140 susietree 
43 Mewis, Charles  1992Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15211 susietree 
44 Milson, Mary Ann  Oct-Dec 1881Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15775 susietree 
45 Mitchell, Cyril  6 May 1997Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I19423 susietree 
46 Newby, John Robert  1984Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I17707 susietree 
47 Pygott, Harold  6 Nov 1983Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I22268 susietree 
48 Rennison, Richard Alderson  Oct 1860-Dec 1860Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I2756 susietree 
49 Rippon, Dinah Florence  Feb 1982Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15204 susietree 
50 Scotter, Elizabeth Crawford  Oct-Dec 1871Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I23246 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Sunley, Esther  10 Dec 1935Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I5611 susietree 
2 Walker, Thompson  19 Jun 1932Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I5595 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Sarah Jane Bell  Jan 1855-Mar 1855Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I3183 susietree 
2 Allinson, John  Oct 1899-Dec 1899Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15765 susietree 
3 Allinson, Louie  Oct 1919-Dec 1919Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15767 susietree 
4 Bailey, Jane  Apr 1873-Jun 1873Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I837 susietree 
5 Bailey, Matthew  6 Aug 1843Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I13612 susietree 
6 Barnett, Betsy  Jul 1861-Sep 1861Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I3159 susietree 
7 Barnett, Waters Hardy  Jan 1889-Mar 1889Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15456 susietree 
8 Barrow, Thomas  Apr 1887-Jun 1887Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I16079 susietree 
9 Bartlett, Ruth  Apr 1899-Jun 1899Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I3176 susietree 
10 Bearpark, Mary  Apr 1888-Jun 1888Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I2338 susietree 
11 Bell, Kate  Apr 1892-Jun 1892Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15722 susietree 
12 Bielby, Elizabeth Ann  Oct 1891-Dec 1891Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I5578 susietree 
13 Bielby, John William  Oct 1895-Dec 1895Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I5579 susietree 
14 Bielby, Julia  Jul-Sep 1838Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I4810 susietree 
15 Binnington, Mary Ann  Jul-Sep 1882Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I20414 susietree 
16 Boarman, Isabella  1811Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I22134 susietree 
17 Bolton, Elizabeth  1 Dec 1760Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I2724 susietree 
18 Bolton, William  27 Apr 1772Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I427 susietree 
19 Booth, Joseph  Jan-Mar 1901Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I17396 susietree 
20 Botham, John  Apr 1888-Jun 1888Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I8089 susietree 
21 Breckon, Sarah  Oct-Dec 1848Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15465 susietree 
22 Broadbent, Roy  24 Dec 1951Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15208 susietree 
23 Brown, John  Jul 1856-Sep 1856Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15575 susietree 
24 Brunton, Harry  31 Oct 1910Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I5173 susietree 
25 Cammish, Sarah  Jan 1857-Mar 1857Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I1420 susietree 
26 Carr, Frances Ann  Oct-Dec 1895Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I6976 susietree 
27 Chadwick, Samuel  11 Oct 1930Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15141 susietree 
28 Coventry, Anne  Jan-Mar 1873Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I7268 susietree 
29 Cowling, John William  Jul 1897-Sep 1897Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15097 susietree 
30 Crawford, Ann  Oct 1884-Dec 1884Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I795 susietree 
31 Crawford, David  Apr 1873-Jun 1873Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I819 susietree 
32 Crawford, David Dunn  Jan-Mar 1873Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I807 susietree 
33 Crawford, Francis  Jul-Sep 1873Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I16092 susietree 
34 Crawford, Jane  1897Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I16105 susietree 
35 Crawford, Jane Ann  1887Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I8604 susietree 
36 Crawford, Jane Dunn  Apr 1900-Jun 1900Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I840 susietree 
37 Crawford, Mary Elizabeth  Jan-Mar 1901Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I16106 susietree 
38 Crawford, William  Oct-Dec 1895Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I1342 susietree 
39 Cropton, Anne  17 Jun 1729Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I3023 susietree 
40 Cross, Benjamin  Apr-Jun 1926Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I3044 susietree 
41 Cross, John  Oct-Dec 1848Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I15464 susietree 
42 Cross, Sarah  Jun Q 1889Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I2804 susietree 
43 Cross, Sarah  Jul 1897-Sep 1897Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I2895 susietree 
44 Cross, William Chadwick  Apr 1876-Jun 1876Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I3938 susietree 
45 Danby, Richard  Apr 1861-Jun 1861Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I3189 susietree 
46 Dandy, Mabel  Oct-Dec 1935Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I25900 susietree 
47 Dickson, Jaquiline  20 Jan 1984Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I9578 susietree 
48 Dinnewell, Matilda Jameson  Jan 1889-Mar 1889Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I2817 susietree 
49 Dobson, George Arthur  Jul 1897-Sep 1897Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I2945 susietree 
50 Dobson, Thomas  Oct 1875-Dec 1875Bridlington, Yorkshire, England I2772 susietree 

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