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Cloughton, Yorkshire, England

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Collier, Albert  5 Mar 1878Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1511 susietree 
2 Collier, Alice  Abt 1890Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1518 susietree 
3 Collier, Ann  Abt 1845Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1493 susietree 
4 Collier, Ann  1865Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1527 susietree 
5 Collier, Arthur W  Abt 1881Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1505 susietree 
6 Collier, Charles  Abt 1880Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1512 susietree 
7 Collier, Christopher  Apr-Jun 1879Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1497 susietree 
8 Collier, Francis William  Jul 1895-Sep 1895Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1521 susietree 
9 Collier, Fred  Abt 1888Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1517 susietree 
10 Collier, Hannah  Abt 1868Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1528 susietree 
11 Collier, Harold Pearson  Jan 1893-Mar 1893Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1520 susietree 
12 Collier, Harry  Abt 1885Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1531 susietree 
13 Collier, Herbert  Abt 1893Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1523 susietree 
14 Collier, James  Apr 1874-Jun 1874Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1529 susietree 
15 Collier, James William  Abt 1876Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1510 susietree 
16 Collier, Jane  Abt 1850Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1494 susietree 
17 Collier, Jane  Abt 1876Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1504 susietree 
18 Collier, Jane  Abt 1883Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1515 susietree 
19 Collier, Jane Ann  Jan-Mar 1887Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1502 susietree 
20 Collier, John  1886Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1506 susietree 
21 Collier, John Christopher  Abt 1839Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1490 susietree 
22 Collier, Maria  Abt 1886Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1516 susietree 
23 Collier, Norman James  Oct-Dec 1900Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1539 susietree 
24 Collier, Pearson  1843Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1492 susietree 
25 Collier, Pearson  Abt 1872Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1508 susietree 
26 Collier, Rachel  Jul 1894-Sep 1894Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1524 susietree 
27 Collier, Reuben  Abt 1874Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1509 susietree 
28 Collier, Ronald George Henry  14 Apr 1898Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1522 susietree 
29 Collier, Sarah  Abt 1882Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1500 susietree 
30 Collier, Sarah (Sally)  Abt 1837Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1495 susietree 
31 Collier, Thomas Christopher  Jul-Sep 1871Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I22990 susietree 
32 Collier, William  Abt 1841Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1491 susietree 
33 Collier, William  Apr-Jun 1884Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1501 susietree 
34 Foster, Alice H  Abt 1843Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I7889 susietree 
35 Foster, Mary Ann  Abt 1840Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1503 susietree 
36 Horsley, Ann  Abt 1818Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1299 susietree 
37 Horsley, Annie Jefferson  Oct 1869-Dec 1869Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1245 susietree 
38 Horsley, Edward  Abt 1820Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I398 susietree 
39 Horsley, Harriet  Oct 1864-Dec 1864Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1242 susietree 
40 Horsley, Henry  17 Dec 1859Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I396 susietree 
41 Horsley, Jane  Abt 1862Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1243 susietree 
42 Horsley, John  Abt 1825Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1294 susietree 
43 Horsley, John William  Abt 1879Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1284 susietree 
44 Horsley, Joseph  Abt 1844Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1288 susietree 
45 Horsley, Joseph  Jan 1867-Mar 1867Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1244 susietree 
46 Horsley, Sally  Abt 1823Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1293 susietree 
47 Horsley, William  Abt 1849Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1237 susietree 
48 Sedman, Anna Phyllis  28 Aug 1927Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I10819 susietree 
49 Sedman, Willas  Apr-Jun 1905Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I2222 susietree 
50 Stubbs, Bertha  Apr-Jun 1895Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1536 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Collier, Ann  26 Jul 1865Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1527 susietree 
2 Collier, Arthur W  13 Jan 1881Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1505 susietree 
3 Collier, Jane  18 Jul 1880Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1504 susietree 
4 Collier, Jane  24 Jun 1883Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1515 susietree 
5 Collier, John  16 Jul 1886Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1506 susietree 
6 Collier, John Christopher  11 Aug 1839Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1490 susietree 
7 Collier, Pearson  16 Jul 1843Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1492 susietree 
8 Collier, Pearson  21 May 1872Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1508 susietree 
9 Collier, Reuben  26 Apr 1874Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1509 susietree 
10 Collier, Sarah (Sally)  15 Jan 1837Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1495 susietree 
11 Collier, Thomas Christopher  28 Jun 1874Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I22990 susietree 
12 Collier, William  26 Sep 1841Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1491 susietree 
13 Foster, Mary Ann  26 Jan 1840Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1503 susietree 
14 Horsley, Ann  24 May 1818Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1299 susietree 
15 Horsley, Edward  3 Sep 1820Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I398 susietree 
16 Horsley, Edward  12 May 1872Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1246 susietree 
17 Horsley, John  27 Mar 1825Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1294 susietree 
18 Horsley, Sally  6 Apr 1823Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1293 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Carrington, Elizabeth  27 Dec 1897Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I399 susietree 
2 Collier, Christopher  20 Nov 1871Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1489 susietree 
3 Horsley, Edward  17 Apr 1900Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I398 susietree 
4 Horsley, Hannah  21 Apr 1896Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1297 susietree 
5 Horsley, Harry  28 Dec 1957Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1314 susietree 
6 Horsley, John  12 Feb 1931Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1238 susietree 
7 Horsley, Joseph  18 Jul 1851Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I400 susietree 
8 Pearson, Sarah  23 May 1870Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I401 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Horsley, Alethea Charlotte  Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I15801 susietree 
2 Horsley, Edward  20 Apr 1900Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I398 susietree 
3 Horsley, Harry  30 Dec 1957Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1314 susietree 
4 Horsley, John  16 Feb 1931Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I1238 susietree 
5 Pearson, Sarah  25 May 1870Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I401 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Kendall, Leslie Maurice  Cloughton, Yorkshire, England I16989 susietree