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Edmonton, Middlesex, England

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Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Butterfield, Arthur George  Jan-Mar 1892Edmonton, Middlesex, England I23990 susietree 
2 Carpenter, Constance Jessie  21 Jun 1910Edmonton, Middlesex, England I23574 susietree 
3 Carpenter, Florence Winifred  2 Dec 1919Edmonton, Middlesex, England I23565 susietree 
4 Sailing, Alfred C Or G  Apr-Jun 1915Edmonton, Middlesex, England I5946 susietree 
5 Sailing, Constance Lilian  Jan-Mar 1906Edmonton, Middlesex, England I2441 susietree 
6 Sailing, Florence  Apr-Jun 1879Edmonton, Middlesex, England I3243 susietree 
7 Sailing, Florence Lilian  19 Jan 1910Edmonton, Middlesex, England I20314 susietree 
8 Sailing, Lilly  Jan-Mar 1872Edmonton, Middlesex, England I2435 susietree 
9 Sailing, Mildred  Jan-Mar 1908Edmonton, Middlesex, England I2442 susietree 
10 Sailing, Newton Charles  Jul 1865-Sep 1865Edmonton, Middlesex, England I2432 susietree 
11 Sailing, Rose Jane  Jul-Sep 1869Edmonton, Middlesex, England I2434 susietree 
12 Sailing, Sarah Ann  Apr-Jun 1880Edmonton, Middlesex, England I3245 susietree 
13 Sailing, William Austin J  Oct 1867-Dec 1867Edmonton, Middlesex, England I2433 susietree 
14 Willmore, Alfred  Oct-Dec 1886Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18485 susietree 
15 Willmore, Alfred Joseph  Apr-Jun 1877Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18481 susietree 
16 Willmore, Elizabeth  Apr-Jun 1883Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18484 susietree 
17 Willmore, Emma Amelia  Jan-Mar 1872Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18478 susietree 
18 Willmore, Frederick George  Jan-Mar 1881Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18483 susietree 
19 Willmore, John Ezra  Oct-Dec 1873Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18479 susietree 
20 Willmore, Kate  Apr-Jun 1879Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18482 susietree 
21 Willmore, William John  1871Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18477 susietree 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Austin, Sarah  1926Edmonton, Middlesex, England I2431 susietree 
2 Betts, Sarah  Oct-Dec 1892Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18457 susietree 
3 Carpenter, Ernest Lionel  1951Edmonton, Middlesex, England I23564 susietree 
4 Deadman, Esther Eliza  Apr 1898-Jun 1898Edmonton, Middlesex, England I2447 susietree 
5 Lawrence, William  Jan-Mar 1900Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18411 susietree 
6 Mitchell, Lydia  Jul-Sep 1877Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18412 susietree 
7 Sailing, Alfred C Or G  1916Edmonton, Middlesex, England I5946 susietree 
8 Sailing, Florence  Apr-Jun 1879Edmonton, Middlesex, England I3243 susietree 
9 Sailing, Rose Jane  Jul-Sep 1875Edmonton, Middlesex, England I2434 susietree 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Austin, Sarah  5 Feb 1865Edmonton, Middlesex, England I2431 susietree 
2 Barrett, Stephen John  1946Edmonton, Middlesex, England I23566 susietree 
3 Carpenter, Constance Jessie  Apr-Jun 1932Edmonton, Middlesex, England I23574 susietree 
4 Carpenter, Florence Winifred  1946Edmonton, Middlesex, England I23565 susietree 
5 Dale  Jul-Sep 1964Edmonton, Middlesex, England I22894 susietree 
6 Dawes, Mary Ann  Oct 1904-Dec 1904Edmonton, Middlesex, England I5943 susietree 
7 Lincoln, Emma  1854Edmonton, Middlesex, England I21242 susietree 
8 Oliver, Sidney S  Jan-Mar 1949Edmonton, Middlesex, England I23583 susietree 
9 Payne, Frederick Charles  Jul-Sep 1893Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18502 susietree 
10 Sailing, Charles  5 Feb 1865Edmonton, Middlesex, England I2379 susietree 
11 Sailing, Helena Lilian  Jul-Sep 1916Edmonton, Middlesex, England I20323 susietree 
12 Sailing, Lawrence  Oct 1904-Dec 1904Edmonton, Middlesex, England I5942 susietree 
13 Scrivener, John  1854Edmonton, Middlesex, England I21246 susietree 
14 Smith, Leonard W G  Jul-Sep 1916Edmonton, Middlesex, England I22047 susietree 
15 Southwell, Leonard  Apr-Jun 1932Edmonton, Middlesex, England I23575 susietree 
16 Triggs, Elizabeth J  Jul-Sep 1910Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18488 susietree 
17 Triggs, Frederick William  Jul-Sep 1903Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18491 susietree 
18 Willmore, Florence  Apr-Jun 1910Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18486 susietree 
19 Willmore, Frederick George  Jul-Sep 1910Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18483 susietree 
20 Willmore, Kate  Jul-Sep 1903Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18482 susietree 
21 Willmore, Mary Ann  Jul-Sep 1893Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18480 susietree 
22 Wilson, Edward John  Apr-Jun 1910Edmonton, Middlesex, England I18494 susietree