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Euroa, Victoria, Australia

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Georgina Sumner  1904Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25939 susietree 
2 Barton, Joan McIntosh  1906Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25935 susietree 
3 Barton, Mary Sumner  1910Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25936 susietree 
4 McKernan, Alexander  1874Euroa, Victoria, Australia I24317 susietree 
5 McKernan, Alexander John  1909Euroa, Victoria, Australia I24318 susietree 
6 McLean, Christina  1873Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25906 susietree 
7 McLean, Finlay Kennett  1875Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25910 susietree 
8 McLean, Georgina  1876Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25911 susietree 
9 McLean, John Duncan  1878Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25905 susietree 
10 McLean, William  1881Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25916 susietree 
11 McLeod, Donald  1874Euroa, Victoria, Australia I2108 susietree 
12 McLeod, Grace  1881Euroa, Victoria, Australia I2110 susietree 
13 McLeod, Jane  24 Aug 1876Euroa, Victoria, Australia I128 susietree 
14 McLeod, Margaret Isabell  1879Euroa, Victoria, Australia I2109 susietree 
15 O'Neil, Arthur Finlay  14 Aug 1908Euroa, Victoria, Australia I130 susietree 
16 Sargood, Annie Christina  1907Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25922 susietree 
17 Sargood, Frederick John  1890Euroa, Victoria, Australia I24850 susietree 
18 Sargood, Georgina Grace  1891Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25919 susietree 
19 Sargood, Grace Bird  1888Euroa, Victoria, Australia I24849 susietree 
20 Sargood, Herbert Duncan  1888Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25917 susietree 
21 Sargood, Leslie John  1893Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25920 susietree 
22 Sargood, Mary Bird  1897Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25921 susietree 
23 Sargood, Ruby Alice  1887Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25926 susietree 
24 Sargood, William Henry  1890Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25918 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Georgina Sumner  1904Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25939 susietree 
2 Barton, Mary Sumner  1976Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25936 susietree 
3 McIntosh, Georgina  Abt 1915Euroa, Victoria, Australia I24844 susietree 
4 McLean, Christina  1946Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25906 susietree 
5 McLean, Flor  1899Euroa, Victoria, Australia I24839 susietree 
6 McLean, Roderick  1897Euroa, Victoria, Australia I24835 susietree 
7 McLeod, Donald  1911Euroa, Victoria, Australia I2108 susietree 
8 McLeod, John  Abt 1920Euroa, Victoria, Australia I854 susietree 
9 Pratt, Martha  1 Oct 1892Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25932 susietree 
10 Sargood, Frederick William  1934Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25931 susietree 
11 Sargood, Herbert Duncan  17 Jun 1895Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25917 susietree 
12 Sargood, William George  2 Sep 1921Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25914 susietree 
13 Shaw, Grace  25 Dec 1911Euroa, Victoria, Australia I24831 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ellen  Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25929 susietree 
2 Jacka, Elizabeth Beryl  Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25928 susietree 
3 Morrison, Margaret  18 Apr 1912Euroa, Victoria, Australia I855 susietree 
4 Sargood  Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25927 susietree 
5 Sargood, Leslie John  Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25920 susietree 
6 Sargood, William George  Euroa, Victoria, Australia I25914 susietree