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Heage, Derbyshire, England

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Blackham, Aaron Harrison  Jul 1846-Sep 1846Heage, Derbyshire, England I6533 susietree 
2 Blackham, Abraham Harrison  Jul 1846-Sep 1846Heage, Derbyshire, England I6534 susietree 
3 Blackham, Ambrose  1836Heage, Derbyshire, England I13203 susietree 
4 Blackham, Ann  Apr 1843Heage, Derbyshire, England I13206 susietree 
5 Blackham, Ann  1862Heage, Derbyshire, England I10332 susietree 
6 Blackham, Anne  1823Heage, Derbyshire, England I6504 susietree 
7 Blackham, Arthur  Oct 1890-Dec 1890Heage, Derbyshire, England I6546 susietree 
8 Blackham, Beatrice  Jan 1885-Mar 1885Heage, Derbyshire, England I6542 susietree 
9 Blackham, Charlotte Ethel  Jul 1880-Sep 1880Heage, Derbyshire, England I6539 susietree 
10 Blackham, Eliza  1827Heage, Derbyshire, England I6506 susietree 
11 Blackham, Elizabeth  Dec 1847Heage, Derbyshire, England I13208 susietree 
12 Blackham, Emma  1825Heage, Derbyshire, England I6500 susietree 
13 Blackham, Emma  1837Heage, Derbyshire, England I13204 susietree 
14 Blackham, Frederick George  Oct 1888-Dec 1888Heage, Derbyshire, England I6544 susietree 
15 Blackham, George  8 Apr 1866Heage, Derbyshire, England I10334 susietree 
16 Blackham, George Harrison  Jan 1841-Mar 1841Heage, Derbyshire, England I6510 susietree 
17 Blackham, Hannah  1820Heage, Derbyshire, England I6498 susietree 
18 Blackham, Hannah  Abt 1874Heage, Derbyshire, England I6536 susietree 
19 Blackham, Harold  Apr 1886-Jun 1886Heage, Derbyshire, England I6543 susietree 
20 Blackham, Isaac  16 May 1802Heage, Derbyshire, England I17278 susietree 
21 Blackham, John  1869Heage, Derbyshire, England I10335 susietree 
22 Blackham, John Berthel  Abt 1882Heage, Derbyshire, England I6541 susietree 
23 Blackham, John Harrison  Apr 1839-Jun 1839Heage, Derbyshire, England I6512 susietree 
24 Blackham, Joseph Harrison  1837Heage, Derbyshire, England I6511 susietree 
25 Blackham, Maria  1829Heage, Derbyshire, England I6535 susietree 
26 Blackham, Mary  1824Heage, Derbyshire, England I6505 susietree 
27 Blackham, Mary Ann  18 May 1845Heage, Derbyshire, England I13207 susietree 
28 Blackham, Minnie  Oct 1889-Dec 1889Heage, Derbyshire, England I6545 susietree 
29 Blackham, Rebecca Walker  1864Heage, Derbyshire, England I10333 susietree 
30 Blackham, Salome  1832Heage, Derbyshire, England I6508 susietree 
31 Blackham, Samuel  6 Jan 1805Heage, Derbyshire, England I17279 susietree 
32 Blackham, Sarah Crofts  1850Heage, Derbyshire, England I13209 susietree 
33 Blackham, Sarah Jane  10 Apr 1842Heage, Derbyshire, England I13221 susietree 
34 Blackham, William Harrison  Apr 1843-Jun 1843Heage, Derbyshire, England I6509 susietree 
35 Bonsall, Elizabeth  4 May 1866Heage, Derbyshire, England I13329 susietree 
36 Bonsall, Emily  31 Mar 1864Heage, Derbyshire, England I13328 susietree 
37 Bonsall, Gertrude Sarah  Jul 1882-Sep 1882Heage, Derbyshire, England I13344 susietree 
38 Bonsall, Hannah  Abt 1826Heage, Derbyshire, England I13324 susietree 
39 Bonsall, James  Apr 1884-Jun 1884Heage, Derbyshire, England I13345 susietree 
40 Bonsall, John  Abt 1856Heage, Derbyshire, England I13325 susietree 
41 Bonsall, Sarah  30 May 1858Heage, Derbyshire, England I13326 susietree 
42 Bonsall, Susanna  2 Dec 1870Heage, Derbyshire, England I13330 susietree 
43 Bonsall, Thomas  Abt 1863Heage, Derbyshire, England I13332 susietree 
44 Bradley, Alexander  1812Heage, Derbyshire, England I13252 susietree 
45 Bradley, Ann  Abt 1826Heage, Derbyshire, England I13257 susietree 
46 Bradley, Elijah  Jan 1840-Mar 1840Heage, Derbyshire, England I13253 susietree 
47 Bradley, Eliza  1852Heage, Derbyshire, England I13265 susietree 
48 Bradley, Elizabeth  27 Jun 1843Heage, Derbyshire, England I13255 susietree 
49 Bradley, George  Abt 1841Heage, Derbyshire, England I13254 susietree 
50 Bradley, Harriett  Abt 1833Heage, Derbyshire, England I13323 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Alice  16 Nov 1834Heage, Derbyshire, England I20789 susietree 
2 Blackham, Aaron Harrison  1 Sep 1846Heage, Derbyshire, England I6533 susietree 
3 Blackham, Abraham Harrison  1 Sep 1846Heage, Derbyshire, England I6534 susietree 
4 Blackham, Ambrose  24 Dec 1837Heage, Derbyshire, England I13203 susietree 
5 Blackham, Ann  11 Apr 1844Heage, Derbyshire, England I13206 susietree 
6 Blackham, Anne  19 Jan 1823Heage, Derbyshire, England I6504 susietree 
7 Blackham, Eliza  11 Mar 1827Heage, Derbyshire, England I6506 susietree 
8 Blackham, Eliza  2 Apr 1837Heage, Derbyshire, England I20809 susietree 
9 Blackham, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1855Heage, Derbyshire, England I13208 susietree 
10 Blackham, Emma  6 Nov 1825Heage, Derbyshire, England I6500 susietree 
11 Blackham, Emma  24 Dec 1837Heage, Derbyshire, England I13204 susietree 
12 Blackham, Francis Harrison  28 Nov 1847Heage, Derbyshire, England I6514 susietree 
13 Blackham, George Harrison  14 Mar 1841Heage, Derbyshire, England I6510 susietree 
14 Blackham, Hannah  18 Jun 1820Heage, Derbyshire, England I6498 susietree 
15 Blackham, Harriet  3 Mar 1822Heage, Derbyshire, England I20808 susietree 
16 Blackham, Job  22 May 1836Heage, Derbyshire, England I17205 susietree 
17 Blackham, John  14 Mar 1830Heage, Derbyshire, England I20804 susietree 
18 Blackham, John  30 Mar 1855Heage, Derbyshire, England I13205 susietree 
19 Blackham, Joseph  19 Jan 1840Heage, Derbyshire, England I17277 susietree 
20 Blackham, Joseph Harrison  28 May 1837Heage, Derbyshire, England I6511 susietree 
21 Blackham, Maria  13 Dec 1829Heage, Derbyshire, England I6535 susietree 
22 Blackham, Mary  2 May 1824Heage, Derbyshire, England I6505 susietree 
23 Blackham, Mary Ann  30 Mar 1855Heage, Derbyshire, England I13207 susietree 
24 Blackham, Milicent  11 Aug 1803Heage, Derbyshire, England I13250 susietree 
25 Blackham, Salome  26 Feb 1832Heage, Derbyshire, England I6508 susietree 
26 Blackham, Sarah  20 May 1839Heage, Derbyshire, England I17197 susietree 
27 Blackham, William Harrison  14 Apr 1843Heage, Derbyshire, England I6509 susietree 
28 Bonsall, Elizabeth  8 Nov 1873Heage, Derbyshire, England I13329 susietree 
29 Bonsall, Emily  25 May 1874Heage, Derbyshire, England I13328 susietree 
30 Bonsall, George  24 Jun 1860Heage, Derbyshire, England I13327 susietree 
31 Bonsall, John  13 Sep 1856Heage, Derbyshire, England I13325 susietree 
32 Bonsall, Sarah  30 Jan 1859Heage, Derbyshire, England I13326 susietree 
33 Bonsall, Susanna  25 May 1874Heage, Derbyshire, England I13330 susietree 
34 Bonsall, Thomas  9 Feb 1863Heage, Derbyshire, England I13332 susietree 
35 Bradley, Agnes  5 Mar 1863Heage, Derbyshire, England I13353 susietree 
36 Bradley, Alexander  8 Dec 1872Heage, Derbyshire, England I13275 susietree 
37 Bradley, Ann  14 Apr 1826Heage, Derbyshire, England I13257 susietree 
38 Bradley, Ann  11 Apr 1852Heage, Derbyshire, England I13264 susietree 
39 Bradley, Elijah  26 Apr 1840Heage, Derbyshire, England I13253 susietree 
40 Bradley, Eliza  11 Apr 1852Heage, Derbyshire, England I13265 susietree 
41 Bradley, Elizabeth  11 Apr 1852Heage, Derbyshire, England I13255 susietree 
42 Bradley, George  4 Jul 1841Heage, Derbyshire, England I13254 susietree 
43 Bradley, John  5 Mar 1863Heage, Derbyshire, England I13355 susietree 
44 Bradley, John  15 May 1871Heage, Derbyshire, England I13271 susietree 
45 Bradley, Joseph  11 Apr 1852Heage, Derbyshire, England I13256 susietree 
46 Bradley, Joseph  8 Dec 1872Heage, Derbyshire, England I13277 susietree 
47 Bradley, Millicent  28 Feb 1863Heage, Derbyshire, England I13356 susietree 
48 Bradley, Millicent Sarah  8 Dec 1872Heage, Derbyshire, England I13279 susietree 
49 Bradley, Sarah  14 Apr 1826Heage, Derbyshire, England I13258 susietree 
50 Bradley, Thomas  31 May 1840Heage, Derbyshire, England I13321 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Blackham, Aaron Harrison  Jul 1846-Sep 1846Heage, Derbyshire, England I6533 susietree 
2 Blackham, Abraham Harrison  Jul 1846-Sep 1846Heage, Derbyshire, England I6534 susietree 
3 Blackham, Milicent  11 Dec 1886Heage, Derbyshire, England I13250 susietree 
4 Bonsall, Susanna  Jul 1893Heage, Derbyshire, England I13330 susietree 
5 Newton, Ellen  1892Heage, Derbyshire, England I16922 susietree 
6 Newton, Francis  1894Heage, Derbyshire, England I16923 susietree 
7 Sparham, George  Jul 1892-Sep 1892Heage, Derbyshire, England I13340 susietree 
8 Wainwright, Levi  Apr 1866-Jun 1866Heage, Derbyshire, England I13298 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bonsall, Susanna  18 Jul 1893Heage, Derbyshire, England I13330 susietree 
2 Newton, Ellen  21 Sep 1892Heage, Derbyshire, England I16922 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bonsall, George  28 May 1882Heage, Derbyshire, England I13327 susietree 
2 Bonsall, Hannah  31 Jul 1877Heage, Derbyshire, England I13324 susietree 
3 Bonsall, Sarah  19 Oct 1884Heage, Derbyshire, England I13326 susietree 
4 Bonsall, Susanna  19 Oct 1891Heage, Derbyshire, England I13330 susietree 
5 Bradley, Ann  21 Jan 1850Heage, Derbyshire, England I13257 susietree 
6 Bradley, James  31 Jul 1877Heage, Derbyshire, England I13322 susietree 
7 Bradley, Sarah  2 Aug 1852Heage, Derbyshire, England I13258 susietree 
8 Burgoyne, Joseph  23 Oct 1883Heage, Derbyshire, England I13300 susietree 
9 Cooper, Benjamin Gration  1 Dec 1878Heage, Derbyshire, England I6602 susietree 
10 Gotheridge, Samuel  19 Oct 1884Heage, Derbyshire, England I13335 susietree 
11 Hardy, Francis  2 Aug 1852Heage, Derbyshire, England I13289 susietree 
12 Nelson, Mary Ann  28 May 1882Heage, Derbyshire, England I13331 susietree 
13 Newton, Francis  19 Oct 1891Heage, Derbyshire, England I13333 susietree 
14 Potter, Hannah  1 Dec 1878Heage, Derbyshire, England I6594 susietree 
15 Wainwright, Hannah Or Ann  23 Oct 1883Heage, Derbyshire, England I13296 susietree 
16 Wainwright, John  21 Jan 1850Heage, Derbyshire, England I13290 susietree