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Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Alice  Abt 1801Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7876 susietree 
2 Abraham, Luke  26 Aug 1854Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I14936 susietree 
3 Abraham, Sarah  30 Aug 1849Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I14938 susietree 
4 Abraham, Thomas  10 Oct 1856Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I14937 susietree 
5 Abram, Ellen  14 Oct 1769Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7689 susietree 
6 Abram, Francis  7 Jul 1870Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I14950 susietree 
7 Abram, John  4 Feb 1835Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I12953 susietree 
8 Abram, John  5 Oct 1867Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I14949 susietree 
9 Abram, Luke  1767Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7688 susietree 
10 Abram, Mary  2 Feb 1778Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7691 susietree 
11 Abram, Thomas  1766Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7687 susietree 
12 Abram, William  12 May 1772Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7690 susietree 
13 Abron, Isaac  28 Feb 1803Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7695 susietree 
14 Abron, Mary  1805Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7696 susietree 
15 Abron, Nancy  1798Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7693 susietree 
16 Abron, Thomas  3 Feb 1801Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7694 susietree 
17 Addison, Alice  1732Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7666 susietree 
18 Addison, Anne  1705Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7678 susietree 
19 Addison, Anne  1736Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7671 susietree 
20 Addison, Christopher  1702Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7668 susietree 
21 Addison, Christopher  1747Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7681 susietree 
22 Addison, Diana  1745Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7674 susietree 
23 Addison, Elizabeth  1749Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7675 susietree 
24 Addison, Ellen  1734Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7670 susietree 
25 Addison, Hannah  1708Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7679 susietree 
26 Addison, Hannah  1738Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7672 susietree 
27 Addison, Hannah  1743Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7673 susietree 
28 Addison, John  1699Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7682 susietree 
29 Addison, Thomas  1711Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7680 susietree 
30 Addison, Thomas  1730Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7669 susietree 
31 Addison, William  1714Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7683 susietree 
32 Addison, William  1752Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7676 susietree 
33 Brown, Addison  14 Sep 1778Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7737 susietree 
34 Brown, Addison  1805Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7745 susietree 
35 Brown, Ann  22 Oct 1791Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7742 susietree 
36 Brown, Ann  1810Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9964 susietree 
37 Brown, Christopher  15 Jan 1768Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7732 susietree 
38 Brown, Christopher  1807Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9963 susietree 
39 Brown, Christopher  1825Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7762 susietree 
40 Brown, Christopher  1826Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7754 susietree 
41 Brown, Dinah  12 Sep 1772Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7734 susietree 
42 Brown, Dinah  1774Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7735 susietree 
43 Brown, Edward  13 Jun 1810Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7757 susietree 
44 Brown, Eliza  1818Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9968 susietree 
45 Brown, Elizabeth  6 Aug 1812Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9965 susietree 
46 Brown, Elizabeth  1814Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9966 susietree 
47 Brown, Hannah  1765Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7731 susietree 
48 Brown, Hannah  7 Apr 1783Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7739 susietree 
49 Brown, Hannah  1803Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9961 susietree 
50 Brown, Henry  1816Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7751 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Abraham, Isaac  27 Apr 1851Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7869 susietree 
2 Abraham, John  2 May 1858Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7871 susietree 
3 Abraham, Luke  17 Sep 1854Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I14936 susietree 
4 Abraham, Mary  29 Jan 1830Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7864 susietree 
5 Abraham, Sarah  23 Sep 1849Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I14938 susietree 
6 Abraham, Sarah  14 Nov 1852Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7870 susietree 
7 Abraham, Thomas  31 Oct 1856Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I14937 susietree 
8 Abraham, Thomas  14 Jun 1860Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7875 susietree 
9 Abram, Ellen  16 Oct 1769Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7689 susietree 
10 Abram, Francis  31 Jul 1870Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I14950 susietree 
11 Abram, John  13 Feb 1835Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I12953 susietree 
12 Abram, John  3 Nov 1867Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I14949 susietree 
13 Abram, Luke  14 Sep 1767Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7688 susietree 
14 Abram, Mary  8 Feb 1778Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7691 susietree 
15 Abram, Mary  4 Sep 1847Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7868 susietree 
16 Abram, Thomas  20 Jan 1766Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7687 susietree 
17 Abram, William  17 May 1772Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7690 susietree 
18 Abron, Isaac  4 Mar 1803Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7695 susietree 
19 Abron, Mary  11 Jun 1805Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7696 susietree 
20 Abron, Nancy  6 Jan 1798Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7693 susietree 
21 Abron, Thomas  5 Feb 1801Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7694 susietree 
22 Adamson, Hannah  7 Dec 1851Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I4640 susietree 
23 Adamson, Hannah Hill  1 Oct 1865Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9695 susietree 
24 Adamson, William  27 Oct 1839Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9694 susietree 
25 Addison, Alice  27 Nov 1732Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7666 susietree 
26 Addison, Anne  17 Jun 1705Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7678 susietree 
27 Addison, Anne  24 Oct 1736Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7671 susietree 
28 Addison, Christopher  2 Aug 1702Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7668 susietree 
29 Addison, Christopher  3 Jan 1747Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7681 susietree 
30 Addison, Diana  1 Sep 1745Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7674 susietree 
31 Addison, Elizabeth  24 Sep 1749Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7675 susietree 
32 Addison, Ellen  9 Sep 1734Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7670 susietree 
33 Addison, Hannah  13 Mar 1708Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7679 susietree 
34 Addison, Hannah  28 Jan 1738Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7672 susietree 
35 Addison, Hannah  16 Aug 1743Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7673 susietree 
36 Addison, John  17 Sep 1699Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7682 susietree 
37 Addison, Thomas  3 Feb 1711Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7680 susietree 
38 Addison, Thomas  8 Feb 1730Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7669 susietree 
39 Addison, William  14 Oct 1714Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7683 susietree 
40 Addison, William  9 Apr 1752Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7676 susietree 
41 Brown, Addison  14 Sep 1778Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7737 susietree 
42 Brown, Addison  12 Sep 1805Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7745 susietree 
43 Brown, Addison  22 Apr 1824Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7759 susietree 
44 Brown, Ann  24 Oct 1791Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7742 susietree 
45 Brown, Ann  16 Jan 1810Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9964 susietree 
46 Brown, Christopher  17 Jan 1768Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7732 susietree 
47 Brown, Christopher  8 Dec 1807Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9963 susietree 
48 Brown, Christopher  28 Sep 1825Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7762 susietree 
49 Brown, Christopher  15 Jan 1826Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7754 susietree 
50 Brown, Dinah  13 Sep 1772Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7734 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Abraham, Isaac  Oct-Dec 1884Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7869 susietree 
2 Abraham, John  Jul-Sep 1868Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7871 susietree 
3 Abraham, Luke  Oct-Dec 1860Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I14936 susietree 
4 Abraham, Sarah  20 Sep 1851Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I14938 susietree 
5 Abraham, Thomas  Jan-Mar 1859Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I14937 susietree 
6 Laverick, Thomas  21 May 1838Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9973 susietree 
7 Trattles, Ann  25 Feb 1789Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I15964 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Brown, Joseph  Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7733 susietree 
2 Brown, Thomas  3 Feb 1778Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7736 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Abraham, Sarah  9 Oct 1875Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7870 susietree 
2 Abram, Luke  6 Jan 1795Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7688 susietree 
3 Abram, Luke  22 Sep 1846Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7866 susietree 
4 Abram, Mary  26 Jan 1869Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7868 susietree 
5 Abram, Thomas  13 Dec 1764Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7686 susietree 
6 Abron, Thomas  4 Dec 1821Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7694 susietree 
7 Abron, Thomas  22 Oct 1842Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7694 susietree 
8 Adamson, Hannah Hill  26 Jul 1887Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9695 susietree 
9 Addison, Anne  10 Dec 1757Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7671 susietree 
10 Addison, Christopher  14 Aug 1698Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7677 susietree 
11 Addison, Christopher  27 Nov 1729Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7668 susietree 
12 Addison, Ellen  13 Dec 1764Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7670 susietree 
13 Addison, Hannah  3 Feb 1731Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7679 susietree 
14 Addison, Hannah  22 Aug 1763Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7673 susietree 
15 Addison, Mary  27 Mar 1765Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I8910 susietree 
16 Andrew, John  3 Feb 1731Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7727 susietree 
17 Andrew, Mary  14 Aug 1698Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7684 susietree 
18 Boynton, Ann  26 Dec 1803Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I23182 susietree 
19 Brown, Addison  1 Dec 1802Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7737 susietree 
20 Brown, Addison  25 Jan 1857Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7759 susietree 
21 Brown, Dinah  31 Oct 1799Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7735 susietree 
22 Brown, Eliza  29 Mar 1840Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9968 susietree 
23 Brown, Joseph  22 Aug 1763Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7728 susietree 
24 Brown, Lavinia  22 Feb 1839Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7749 susietree 
25 Brown, Lavinia  29 May 1855Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7771 susietree 
26 Brown, Mary Jane  21 Apr 1853Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7761 susietree 
27 Brown, Rachel  25 Dec 1783Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9379 susietree 
28 Brown, Richard  6 Feb 1827Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7744 susietree 
29 Brown, Sarah  23 Nov 1802Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7740 susietree 
30 Brown, Thomas  1 Jun 1809Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7730 susietree 
31 Brown, Thomas  22 Feb 1839Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I20296 susietree 
32 Burton, Sarah  1 Dec 1771Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9640 susietree 
33 Cole, Abraham  9 Feb 1819Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I15954 susietree 
34 Cole, Hannah  27 Dec 1848Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9621 susietree 
35 Cole, John  14 Jan 1824Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I15969 susietree 
36 Cole, Margaret Brown  25 Jan 1857Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7766 susietree 
37 Cole, Richard  Jan 1891-Mar 1891Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I14947 susietree 
38 Cole, Thomas  10 Dec 1780Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I15955 susietree 
39 Crooks, Thomas  23 Sep 1849Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9627 susietree 
40 Dawson, William  9 Oct 1875Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7881 susietree 
41 Foster, Thomas  30 May 1793Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9714 susietree 
42 Gibbon, George  26 Jul 1887Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9701 susietree 
43 Grundy, Frances  5 Nov 1779Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I21075 susietree 
44 Grundy, Mary  8 Aug 1809Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9772 susietree 
45 Grundy, Thomas  25 Dec 1783Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9769 susietree 
46 Harrison, Mary  4 Dec 1821Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I12954 susietree 
47 Harrison, Mary Ann  5 Nov 1854Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9601 susietree 
48 Hill, John  7 Feb 1832Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9652 susietree 
49 Hodgson, George  5 Jul 1849Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I9649 susietree 
50 Jefferson, Alice  27 Nov 1729Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I7685 susietree 

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