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Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Christie, Agnes  Abt 1722Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I943 susietree 
2 Christie, David  Abt 1723Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I944 susietree 
3 Christie, Isabel  Abt 1753Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I929 susietree 
4 Christie, John  Abt 1715Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I941 susietree 
5 Christie, John  Abt 1720Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I935 susietree 
6 Christie, William  Abt 1718Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I942 susietree 
7 Crystie, Cristen  Abt 1761Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I938 susietree 
8 Crystie, Thomas  Abt 1759Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I937 susietree 
9 Dumbar Or Berry, Isabell  Abt 1728Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I936 susietree 
10 Dunbar, Agnes  Abt 1701Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I974 susietree 
11 Dunbar, Bessie  Abt 1696Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I972 susietree 
12 Dunbar, Bessie  Abt 1720Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I961 susietree 
13 Dunbar, Christian  Abt 1734Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I966 susietree 
14 Dunbar, Isabell  Abt 1722Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I960 susietree 
15 Dunbar, Isobell  Abt 1650Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I979 susietree 
16 Dunbar, Janet  Abt 1732Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I965 susietree 
17 Dunbar, John  Abt 1692Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I971 susietree 
18 Dunbar, John  Abt 1698Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I973 susietree 
19 Dunbar, John  Abt 1724Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I962 susietree 
20 Dunbar, Margaret  Abt 1690Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I970 susietree 
21 Dunbar, Robert  Abt 1666Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I981 susietree 
22 Dunbar, Robert  Abt 1688Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I959 susietree 
23 Dunbar, Robert  Abt 1726Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I963 susietree 
24 Dunbar, Robert  Abt 1731Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I964 susietree 
25 Dunbar, William  Abt 1648Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I978 susietree 
26 Dunbar, William  Abt 1655Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I980 susietree 
27 Dunbar, William  Abt 1687Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I969 susietree 
28 Dunbar, William  Abt 1704Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I975 susietree 
29 Dunbar Or Berrie, John  Abt 1660Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I967 susietree 
30 Forrester, Isobell  Abt 1622Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I977 susietree 
31 Gray, Andrew  Abt 1649Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I995 susietree 
32 Gray, Helen  Abt 1643Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I996 susietree 
33 Gray, Isabell  Abt 1695Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I958 susietree 
34 Gray, John  Abt 1653Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I988 susietree 
35 Gray, Robert  Abt 1645Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I997 susietree 
36 Peeres, Christan  Abt 1657Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I1000 susietree 
37 Peeres, Elspet  Abt 1658Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I1004 susietree 
38 Peeres, Euphame  Abt 1660Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I1005 susietree 
39 Peeres, Isobell  Abt 1664Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I989 susietree 
40 Peeres, James  Abt 1666Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I1002 susietree 
41 Peeres, Jannet  Abt 1668Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I999 susietree 
42 Peeres, Johne  Abt 1662Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I1001 susietree 
43 Peeres, Robert  Abt 1672Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I1003 susietree 
44 Pieres, Catherine  Abt 1676Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I998 susietree 
45 Wat, Agnes  Abt 1665Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I987 susietree 
46 Wat, Alison  Abt 1662Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I986 susietree 
47 Watt, Bessie  Abt 1659Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I968 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Barrie, William  28 Apr 1577Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I20697 susietree 
2 Christie, Agnes  22 Apr 1722Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I943 susietree 
3 Christie, David  20 Oct 1723Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I944 susietree 
4 Christie, Isabel  27 Nov 1753Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I929 susietree 
5 Christie, John  24 Apr 1715Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I941 susietree 
6 Christie, John  17 Jan 1720Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I935 susietree 
7 Christie, William  14 Sep 1718Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I942 susietree 
8 Cristie, Margret  15 Jan 1717Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I18938 susietree 
9 Crystie, Cristen  30 Aug 1761Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I938 susietree 
10 Crystie, Thomas  21 Oct 1759Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I937 susietree 
11 Dumbar, Isobell  9 Jun 1578Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I20698 susietree 
12 Dumbar, James  25 Sep 1580Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I20699 susietree 
13 Dumbar Or Berry, Isabell  14 Jul 1728Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I936 susietree 
14 Dunbar, Agnes  14 Dec 1701Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I974 susietree 
15 Dunbar, Bessie  9 Sep 1696Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I972 susietree 
16 Dunbar, Bessie  10 Jan 1720Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I961 susietree 
17 Dunbar, Christian  22 Mar 1734Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I966 susietree 
18 Dunbar, Isabell  7 Jan 1722Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I960 susietree 
19 Dunbar, Isobell  15 Mar 1651Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I979 susietree 
20 Dunbar, Janet  20 Feb 1732Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I965 susietree 
21 Dunbar, John  21 Dec 1692Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I971 susietree 
22 Dunbar, John  8 Dec 1698Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I973 susietree 
23 Dunbar, John  24 May 1724Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I962 susietree 
24 Dunbar, Margaret  9 Sep 1690Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I970 susietree 
25 Dunbar, Robert  29 Apr 1666Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I981 susietree 
26 Dunbar, Robert  25 Nov 1688Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I959 susietree 
27 Dunbar, Robert  18 Sep 1726Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I963 susietree 
28 Dunbar, Robert  12 Jan 1731Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I964 susietree 
29 Dunbar, William  13 Aug 1648Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I978 susietree 
30 Dunbar, William  11 Feb 1655Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I980 susietree 
31 Dunbar, William  12 Jun 1687Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I969 susietree 
32 Dunbar, William  27 Feb 1704Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I975 susietree 
33 Dunbar Or Barrie, David  Abt 1584Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I20700 susietree 
34 Dunbar Or Berrie, Bessie  4 Apr 1613Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I20691 susietree 
35 Dunbar Or Berrie, James  26 May 1614Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I20692 susietree 
36 Dunbar Or Berrie, Janet  Abt 1630Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I20695 susietree 
37 Dunbar Or Berrie, John  27 Feb 1620Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I20693 susietree 
38 Dunbar Or Berrie, John  6 May 1660Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I967 susietree 
39 Dunbar Or Berrie, Robert  Abt 1623Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I20694 susietree 
40 Dunbar Or Berrie, Thomas  23 Oct 1607Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I20690 susietree 
41 Dunbar Or Berrie, William  29 Jun 1617Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I976 susietree 
42 Forrester, Isobell  24 Mar 1622Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I977 susietree 
43 Gray, Andrew  22 Feb 1649Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I995 susietree 
44 Gray, Helen  4 Aug 1643Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I996 susietree 
45 Gray, Isabell  24 Dec 1695Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I958 susietree 
46 Gray, John  12 Apr 1653Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I988 susietree 
47 Gray, Robert  12 Jan 1645Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I997 susietree 
48 Peeres, Christan  1 Mar 1657Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I1000 susietree 
49 Peeres, Elspet  23 Apr 1658Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I1004 susietree 
50 Peeres, Euphame  12 Feb 1660Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I1005 susietree 

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Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Christie, John  24 Nov 1752Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I935 susietree 
2 Christie, William  29 Jul 1714Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I939 susietree 
3 Dumbar Or Berry, Isabell  24 Nov 1752Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I936 susietree 
4 Dunbar, Robert  5 Dec 1717Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I959 susietree 
5 Dunbar Or Berrie, John  8 May 1685Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I967 susietree 
6 Dunbar Or Berrie, Simon  1606Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I20688 susietree 
7 Dunbar Or Berrie, William  Abt 1647Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I976 susietree 
8 Durkie, Agnes  29 Jul 1714Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I940 susietree 
9 Forrester, Isobell  Abt 1647Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I977 susietree 
10 Gray, Isabell  5 Dec 1717Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I958 susietree 
11 Gray, John  14 May 1695Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I988 susietree 
12 Peeres, Isobell  14 May 1695Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I989 susietree 
13 Porteous, Issabell  1606Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I20689 susietree 
14 Watt, Bessie  8 May 1685Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland I968 susietree