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Leeds, Yorkshire, England

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Eliza  Abt 1838Leeds, Yorkshire, England I7969 susietree 
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1838Leeds, Yorkshire, England I13486 susietree 
3 Adams, Alice  15 Dec 1897Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24091 susietree 
4 Adams, Anne Ellen  Abt 1886Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24080 susietree 
5 Adams, Clara  1893Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24089 susietree 
6 Adams, Doris  Abt 1927Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5293 susietree 
7 Adams, Emily  Abt 1895Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5301 susietree 
8 Adams, Emily  1900Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24093 susietree 
9 Adams, Florence  13 Feb 1894Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24090 susietree 
10 Adams, Hannah Mary  1888Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24083 susietree 
11 Adams, Harry  Abt 1887Leeds, Yorkshire, England I13484 susietree 
12 Adams, Herbert  1890Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24088 susietree 
13 Adams, Hilda  25 Jan 1930Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5292 susietree 
14 Adams, Ivy  12 Nov 1902Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24098 susietree 
15 Adams, Joan  Abt 1921Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5297 susietree 
16 Adams, John William  Abt 1892Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5302 susietree 
17 Adams, Joyce  27 Jan 1922Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5296 susietree 
18 Adams, Levi  Abt 1897Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5300 susietree 
19 Adams, Marion  13 Mar 1925Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5294 susietree 
20 Adams, Marjorie  1920Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5298 susietree 
21 Anderson, Sophia  Abt 1875Leeds, Yorkshire, England I21674 susietree 
22 Armstrong, Simon  Abt 1963Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5286 susietree 
23 Blakeborough, Rowland  30 Jul 1919Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5278 susietree 
24 Brown, Herbert  1891Leeds, Yorkshire, England I8845 susietree 
25 Chambers, Alan  11 Dec 1907Leeds, Yorkshire, England I18616 susietree 
26 Clavering, Eva  Abt 1892Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24330 susietree 
27 Clavering, Henry  13 May 1889Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24333 susietree 
28 Clavering, Lily  Abt 1895Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24331 susietree 
29 Cook, Tabitha  Abt 1863Leeds, Yorkshire, England I13483 susietree 
30 Crawford, Cecil  Abt 1884Leeds, Yorkshire, England I7247 susietree 
31 Crawford, Minnie  Abt 1900Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24338 susietree 
32 Crawford, William  Abt 1894Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24335 susietree 
33 Crossland, Jane  1875Leeds, Yorkshire, England I18612 susietree 
34 Fussey, Pamile Maria  Abt 1861Leeds, Yorkshire, England I15659 susietree 
35 Grantham, Stanley  Abt 1905Leeds, Yorkshire, England I17705 susietree 
36 Green, Harry  28 Oct 1907Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5911 susietree 
37 Hall, Clarence  24 Mar 1896Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24092 susietree 
38 Holden, Joyce  Abt 1925Leeds, Yorkshire, England I13841 susietree 
39 Johnson, Alan  25 Feb 1924Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24101 susietree 
40 Johnson, Alice  Abt 1910Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5907 susietree 
41 Johnson, Charlotte  7 Feb 1915Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5908 susietree 
42 Johnson, Ethel  Abt 1893Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5848 susietree 
43 Johnson, Gladys  Abt 1899Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5850 susietree 
44 Johnson, Hilda  20 Oct 1908Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5906 susietree 
45 Johnson, Lily  Abt 1895Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5849 susietree 
46 Johnson, Maurice  25 Nov 1905Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5905 susietree 
47 Johnson, Richard Owen  1897Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24100 susietree 
48 Kirk, Mary Ellen C  Abt 1885Leeds, Yorkshire, England I21675 susietree 
49 L'Anson, John Willie  Abt 1886Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24081 susietree 
50 Mainprize, Edith Ellen  1880Leeds, Yorkshire, England I15335 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Clavering, Henry  19 Jun 1889Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24333 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Alice  8 Apr 1979Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24091 susietree 
2 Adams, Anne Ellen  25 Dec 1955Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24080 susietree 
3 Adams, Clara  1950Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24089 susietree 
4 Adams, Doris  Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5293 susietree 
5 Adams, Herbert  1891Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24088 susietree 
6 Adams, Hilda  1970Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5292 susietree 
7 Adams, John  1903Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24076 susietree 
8 Blakeborough, Rowland  2006Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5278 susietree 
9 Emmerson, Leslie Robson  2 May 1986Leeds, Yorkshire, England I21032 susietree 
10 Green, Harry  1976Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5911 susietree 
11 Hall, Clarence  17 Oct 1973Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24092 susietree 
12 Horsley, Harriet  Oct 1898-Dec 1898Leeds, Yorkshire, England I1242 susietree 
13 Johnson, Charlotte  1980Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5908 susietree 
14 Johnson, Hilda  1999Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5906 susietree 
15 Johnson, Maurice  1955Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5905 susietree 
16 Moss, Louis  1975Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5909 susietree 
17 Rayner, Ellen  28 Aug 1921Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24079 susietree 
18 Shepherdson, James Alexander  15 Feb 1977Leeds, Yorkshire, England I9106 susietree 
19 Stannard, Kathleen Mary  1975Leeds, Yorkshire, England I7155 susietree 
20 Ward, Sevilla  1970Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5904 susietree 
21 Waters, Anne  1974Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5912 susietree 
22 Wilson, Joseph Samuel  1979Leeds, Yorkshire, England I15640 susietree 
23 Wormald, Abigail Elspeth  6 Apr 1988Leeds, Yorkshire, England I12617 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Alice  1 Aug 1930Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24091 susietree 
2 Adams, Anne Ellen  6 Apr 1938Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24080 susietree 
3 Adams, Levi  Oct-Dec 1919Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5300 susietree 
4 Adams, Marion  30 Jul 1947Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5294 susietree 
5 Anderson, Sophia  1898Leeds, Yorkshire, England I21674 susietree 
6 Blakeborough, Rowland  30 Jul 1947Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5278 susietree 
7 Chambers, Alan  1 Sep 1934Leeds, Yorkshire, England I18616 susietree 
8 Clavering, Robert  Jan-Mar 1905Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24324 susietree 
9 Crawford, Charles Alston  Jan-Mar 1882Leeds, Yorkshire, England I1437 susietree 
10 Crawford, Dunn R.  Jul-Sep 1893Leeds, Yorkshire, England I813 susietree 
11 Crawford, Rachel Susan  Jan-Mar 1905Leeds, Yorkshire, England I824 susietree 
12 Hall, Clarence  1 Aug 1930Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24092 susietree 
13 Johnson, Maurice  24 Aug 1935Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5905 susietree 
14 Kirk, Mary Ellen C  1909Leeds, Yorkshire, England I21675 susietree 
15 L'Anson, John Willie  6 Apr 1938Leeds, Yorkshire, England I24081 susietree 
16 Marshall, Jane Hannah  Jan-Mar 1882Leeds, Yorkshire, England I7249 susietree 
17 Robinson, Ann  Jul-Sep 1893Leeds, Yorkshire, England I7255 susietree 
18 Smith, Addison Brown  Oct 1866-Dec 1866Leeds, Yorkshire, England I9855 susietree 
19 Spence, Annie  Oct-Dec 1919Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5299 susietree 
20 Stannard, Kathleen Mary  1 Sep 1934Leeds, Yorkshire, England I7155 susietree 
21 Stubbs, Henrietta  Jul-Sep 1916Leeds, Yorkshire, England I1532 susietree 
22 Swann, Edmund Crawford  1898Leeds, Yorkshire, England I21670 susietree 
23 Swann, John William  1909Leeds, Yorkshire, England I21672 susietree 
24 Walker, Sarah A  Oct 1866-Dec 1866Leeds, Yorkshire, England I9881 susietree 
25 Waters, Anne  24 Aug 1935Leeds, Yorkshire, England I5912 susietree 
26 Webb, Robert L  Jul-Sep 1916Leeds, Yorkshire, England I2215 susietree