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Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bamford, Elizabeth  Oct-Dec 1853Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19096 susietree 
2 Bamford, William George  Jul-Sep 1856Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19097 susietree 
3 Bettles, William Robert  26 Mar 1871Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14012 susietree 
4 Billing, Caroline  Abt 1879Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19108 susietree 
5 Billing, Frederick  1882Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14139 susietree 
6 Billing, James  1835Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14138 susietree 
7 Billing, James  Abt 1875Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19106 susietree 
8 Billing, William Charles  Abt 1877Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19107 susietree 
9 Borton, Ann  1842Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10218 susietree 
10 Boston, Alfred  Abt 1866Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19102 susietree 
11 Boston, Ellen  Abt 1869Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19103 susietree 
12 Boston, Mary Amelia  1860Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19101 susietree 
13 Boston, Philip  29 Apr 1838Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14137 susietree 
14 Clare, Eva Maud  1898Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19129 susietree 
15 Clare, Gertrude Elizabeth  1887Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19127 susietree 
16 Clare, Thomas  Abt 1860Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19125 susietree 
17 Clare, Thomas Alfred O  1886Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19126 susietree 
18 Clare, Zelia May  1891Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19128 susietree 
19 Foskett, Charles J  Abt 1878Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19100 susietree 
20 Foskett, Maud M  Abt 1888Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19099 susietree 
21 Foskett, Nellie  Abt 1885Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I19098 susietree 
22 Glover, Joseph  Abt 1802Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I873 susietree 
23 Glover, Judith  1830Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13036 susietree 
24 Glover, Lettice Maddock  Abt 1822Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I870 susietree 
25 Glover, Lucy  1826Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13034 susietree 
26 Hilton, Martha  6 Aug 1837Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13940 susietree 
27 Hulatt, Mercer  Abt 1818Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13054 susietree 
28 Pacey, Emma  Oct-Dec 1839Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I2188 susietree 
29 Pacey, Henry  28 Nov 1845Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I867 susietree 
30 Pacey, Thomas Glover  Jul 1841-Sep 1841Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I2179 susietree 
31 Poole, Emma  1844Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10153 susietree 
32 Purser, Albert  25 Nov 1877Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14001 susietree 
33 Purser, Albert Joseph  1890Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13949 susietree 
34 Purser, Alice  1894Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14009 susietree 
35 Purser, Arthur  5 Feb 1858Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14038 susietree 
36 Purser, Augusta  1872Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14105 susietree 
37 Purser, Catherine  1822Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10121 susietree 
38 Purser, Charles  1809Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10118 susietree 
39 Purser, Charles  1846Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14088 susietree 
40 Purser, Charles  1847Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14030 susietree 
41 Purser, Eliza  10 Aug 1834Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14083 susietree 
42 Purser, Eliza  1878Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13942 susietree 
43 Purser, Elizabeth  5 Oct 1826Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13908 susietree 
44 Purser, Elizabeth  3 Sep 1871Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13941 susietree 
45 Purser, Emma Eliza  1874Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14106 susietree 
46 Purser, Ethel  1893Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13950 susietree 
47 Purser, Ezra  5 Jun 1853Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14091 susietree 
48 Purser, Frederick  24 Dec 1843Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13914 susietree 
49 Purser, Frederick  1880Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14002 susietree 
50 Purser, George  1780Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10116 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Boston, Philip  29 Apr 1838Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14137 susietree 
2 Faulkner, John  27 Mar 1785Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I21504 susietree 
3 Faulkner, Martha  3 Feb 1788Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I880 susietree 
4 Glover, Alice  25 Jun 1837Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13038 susietree 
5 Glover, Ann  14 Jul 1833Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13037 susietree 
6 Glover, Elizabeth  12 Jul 1829Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13035 susietree 
7 Glover, James  18 Aug 1799Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I5046 susietree 
8 Glover, James Watford  15 Jul 1838Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13039 susietree 
9 Glover, Joseph  23 May 1802Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I873 susietree 
10 Glover, Joseph  6 Jun 1841Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13040 susietree 
11 Glover, Judith  18 Jul 1830Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13036 susietree 
12 Glover, Lettice Maddock  18 Aug 1822Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I870 susietree 
13 Glover, Lucy  9 Apr 1826Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13034 susietree 
14 Glover, Thomas  28 Nov 1824Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13033 susietree 
15 Hulatt, Mercer  24 May 1818Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13054 susietree 
16 Pacey, Emma  6 Jun 1841Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I2188 susietree 
17 Pacey, Ezra  17 Sep 1843Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I2189 susietree 
18 Pacey, James  16 Jul 1820Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I869 susietree 
19 Pacey, Thomas Glover  23 Dec 1841Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I2179 susietree 
20 Purser, Albert  25 Nov 1877Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14001 susietree 
21 Purser, Augusta  18 Aug 1872Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14105 susietree 
22 Purser, Catherine  1 Sep 1822Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10121 susietree 
23 Purser, Charles  12 Nov 1809Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10118 susietree 
24 Purser, Charles  12 Jul 1846Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14088 susietree 
25 Purser, Eliza  10 Aug 1834Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14083 susietree 
26 Purser, Eliza  10 Mar 1878Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13942 susietree 
27 Purser, Emma Eliza  19 Jul 1874Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14106 susietree 
28 Purser, Ezra  5 Jun 1853Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14091 susietree 
29 Purser, George  12 Nov 1780Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10116 susietree 
30 Purser, George  14 Aug 1831Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14130 susietree 
31 Purser, Hannah  1 Jun 1852Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14133 susietree 
32 Purser, Henry  12 Mar 1843Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13913 susietree 
33 Purser, Jane  29 Dec 1839Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14085 susietree 
34 Purser, John  11 Jan 1835Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13911 susietree 
35 Purser, Lucy  16 Jul 1848Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14089 susietree 
36 Purser, Mary Ann  27 Nov 1836Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14084 susietree 
37 Purser, Oliver  1 Oct 1820Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10120 susietree 
38 Purser, Phoebe  15 Feb 1846Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14035 susietree 
39 Purser, Rowland  16 Jun 1816Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10117 susietree 
40 Purser, Sophia  2 Oct 1842Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14034 susietree 
41 Purser, Thomas  30 Mar 1851Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14090 susietree 
42 Purser, William  25 Jun 1837Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14132 susietree 
43 Riseley, Ursula  3 Nov 1793Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I5071 susietree 
44 Smith, Ann  4 Mar 1792Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I22079 susietree 
45 Smith, Ann  17 Jul 1825Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10125 susietree 
46 Smith, Ann  17 Apr 1860Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10219 susietree 
47 Smith, Arthur  24 May 1862Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10237 susietree 
48 Smith, Benjamin  16 Oct 1836Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10128 susietree 
49 Smith, Charlotte Irena  6 Jun 1869Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10137 susietree 
50 Smith, Edward  30 Oct 1875Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10139 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Billing, James  1886Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14138 susietree 
2 Borton, Ann  Jul-Sep 1871Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10218 susietree 
3 Cross, Sarah  1885Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13907 susietree 
4 Pacey, Emma  Oct-Dec 1865Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I2188 susietree 
5 Purser, Eliza  1847Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14083 susietree 
6 Purser, Elizabeth  1877Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13908 susietree 
7 Purser, George  1847Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14130 susietree 
8 Purser, George  1875Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13906 susietree 
9 Purser, James  1878Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13912 susietree 
10 Purser, Oliver  1820Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10120 susietree 
11 Purser, Phoebe  1848Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14035 susietree 
12 Riseley, Mary  1881Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14128 susietree 
13 Smith, Anne  1824Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10102 susietree 
14 Smith, Emma Jane  Jul-Sep 1871Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I7211 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Aspley, John  11 Mar 1873Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14027 susietree 
2 Bamford, James  12 Mar 1851Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14165 susietree 
3 Bettles, William Robert  27 Jan 1890Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14012 susietree 
4 Billing, James  8 Nov 1857Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14138 susietree 
5 Borton, Ann  5 Jun 1859Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10218 susietree 
6 Boston, Ellen  8 Jul 1887Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14459 susietree 
7 Boston, Philip  23 Nov 1859Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14137 susietree 
8 Cockings, Susannah  1825Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14166 susietree 
9 Cotton, Levi  10 Feb 1865Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14029 susietree 
10 Cross, Sarah  12 Oct 1825Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13907 susietree 
11 Faulkner, Ann  20 Jun 1798Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I876 susietree 
12 Faulkner, Stephen  30 Nov 1784Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I21502 susietree 
13 Foskett, Eli  15 Sep 1873Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14136 susietree 
14 Gillings, Rachel  25 Sep 1780Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10241 susietree 
15 Glover, Ann  19 May 1850Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13037 susietree 
16 Glover, Joseph  26 May 1822Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I873 susietree 
17 Glover, Lettice Maddock  23 Jun 1839Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I870 susietree 
18 Glover, William  20 Jun 1798Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I875 susietree 
19 Hilton, Martha  7 Mar 1862Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13940 susietree 
20 Homewood, Elizabeth  8 Sep 1883Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10140 susietree 
21 Hulatt, Mercer  11 Sep 1837Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13054 susietree 
22 Hulatt, Stephen  18 Oct 1814Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I5073 susietree 
23 Lowe, Susan Weymouth  13 Apr 1873Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14095 susietree 
24 Mills, Jane Vincent Oastler  28 Aug 1870Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14104 susietree 
25 Milson, John  28 Jun 1868Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10167 susietree 
26 Morris, Sarah  30 Nov 1784Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I21503 susietree 
27 Pacey, James  23 Jun 1839Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I869 susietree 
28 Poole, Emma  16 Feb 1864Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10153 susietree 
29 Purser, Catherine  10 Feb 1865Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10121 susietree 
30 Purser, Charles  Abt 1830Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10118 susietree 
31 Purser, Charles  28 Aug 1870Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14088 susietree 
32 Purser, Elizabeth  11 Mar 1873Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13908 susietree 
33 Purser, George  1825Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10116 susietree 
34 Purser, George  12 Oct 1825Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13906 susietree 
35 Purser, Hannah  8 Nov 1857Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14133 susietree 
36 Purser, James  7 Mar 1862Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13912 susietree 
37 Purser, John  6 Oct 1892Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13999 susietree 
38 Purser, Martha  23 Nov 1859Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14134 susietree 
39 Purser, Mary  27 Jan 1890Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13997 susietree 
40 Purser, Miriam  15 Sep 1873Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14135 susietree 
41 Purser, Thomas  13 Apr 1873Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14090 susietree 
42 Riseley, Maria  12 Mar 1851Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14129 susietree 
43 Riseley, Mary  Abt 1830Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14128 susietree 
44 Riseley, Ursula  18 Oct 1814Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I5071 susietree 
45 Risely, Constance Mary Ann  6 Oct 1892Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I14008 susietree 
46 Risely, Emma  14 May 1857Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10236 susietree 
47 Smart, James  19 May 1850Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I13041 susietree 
48 Smith, Albert  8 Sep 1883Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10136 susietree 
49 Smith, Benjamin  14 May 1857Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10128 susietree 
50 Smith, Esther  6 May 1844Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England I10124 susietree 

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