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Roche, Cornwall, England

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Betsy  Abt 1815Roche, Cornwall, England I17424 susietree 
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1814Roche, Cornwall, England I7050 susietree 
3 Jane  Abt 1817Roche, Cornwall, England I17402 susietree 
4 Mary Ann  Abt 1812Roche, Cornwall, England I18722 susietree 
5 Rebecca  Abt 1794Roche, Cornwall, England I12734 susietree 
6 Best, George  Abt 1849Roche, Cornwall, England I10776 susietree 
7 Clark, Sophia  Abt 1839Roche, Cornwall, England I1671 susietree 
8 Common, Arthur John  Abt 1880Roche, Cornwall, England I11309 susietree 
9 Couch, Eliza  Abt 1845Roche, Cornwall, England I14917 susietree 
10 Couch, Nicholas  Abt 1803Roche, Cornwall, England I14916 susietree 
11 Couch, Susan  Abt 1837Roche, Cornwall, England I14919 susietree 
12 Couch, William  Abt 1841Roche, Cornwall, England I14920 susietree 
13 Dyer, Jane  Abt 1838Roche, Cornwall, England I13549 susietree 
14 Dyer, Mary  Abt 1824Roche, Cornwall, England I1664 susietree 
15 Dyer, Nathaniel  Abt 1823Roche, Cornwall, England I10851 susietree 
16 Dyer, Phillipa  Abt 1809Roche, Cornwall, England I3523 susietree 
17 Faro, Raymond Charles  24 Aug 1915Roche, Cornwall, England I13657 susietree 
18 Fulford, William  Abt 1851Roche, Cornwall, England I14928 susietree 
19 Goudge, Maria  Abt 1840Roche, Cornwall, England I1272 susietree 
20 Goudge, Robert  Abt 1815Roche, Cornwall, England I10794 susietree 
21 Hawke, Charlotte Pollard  Abt 1829Roche, Cornwall, England I1666 susietree 
22 Hawke, Josias Phillipps  1792Roche, Cornwall, England I12111 susietree 
23 Hawkey, Edith  Abt 1894Roche, Cornwall, England I17407 susietree 
24 Hawkey, Emily J  Abt 1879Roche, Cornwall, England I17401 susietree 
25 Hawkey, Thomas T  Abt 1877Roche, Cornwall, England I17400 susietree 
26 Hawkey, William  Abt 1849Roche, Cornwall, England I10775 susietree 
27 Hessell, Jacob  Abt 1825Roche, Cornwall, England I19061 susietree 
28 Higman, Edward  1724Roche, Cornwall, England I20248 susietree 
29 Higman, Edward  Abt 1765Roche, Cornwall, England I1017 susietree 
30 Higman, Joan  Abt 1734Roche, Cornwall, England I1023 susietree 
31 Higman, Joan  Abt 1768Roche, Cornwall, England I651 susietree 
32 Higman, John  Abt 1729Roche, Cornwall, England I652 susietree 
33 Higman, John  Abt 1759Roche, Cornwall, England I1018 susietree 
34 Higman, John  Abt Jul 1782Roche, Cornwall, England I20153 susietree 
35 Higman, Joseph  Abt 1736Roche, Cornwall, England I1024 susietree 
36 Higman, Joseph  Abt 1772Roche, Cornwall, England I1020 susietree 
37 Higman, Julian  Abt 1762Roche, Cornwall, England I1019 susietree 
38 Higman, Phillippa  Abt 1726Roche, Cornwall, England I1021 susietree 
39 Higman, Roger  Abt 1728Roche, Cornwall, England I1022 susietree 
40 Higman, Roger  Abt Jul 1782Roche, Cornwall, England I20154 susietree 
41 Hooper, Annie  Abt 1864Roche, Cornwall, England I13553 susietree 
42 Hooper, Elizabeth  Abt 1857Roche, Cornwall, England I13550 susietree 
43 Hooper, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1838Roche, Cornwall, England I12439 susietree 
44 Hooper, Janie  Abt 1866Roche, Cornwall, England I13554 susietree 
45 Hooper, Susan  Abt 1861Roche, Cornwall, England I13552 susietree 
46 Hooper, William Henry  Abt 1859Roche, Cornwall, England I13551 susietree 
47 Hore, Joseph  Abt 1821Roche, Cornwall, England I1723 susietree 
48 Jeffrey, Mary Ann  Abt 1826Roche, Cornwall, England I3515 susietree 
49 Julian, Jane  Abt 1852Roche, Cornwall, England I7090 susietree 
50 Julian, John  Abt 1787Roche, Cornwall, England I7061 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Best, Thomas Henry  6 Jan 1828Roche, Cornwall, England I11864 susietree 
2 Brokenshire, Benjamin  1 Oct 1733Roche, Cornwall, England I13102 susietree 
3 Brokenshire, Jacob  8 Aug 1729Roche, Cornwall, England I13100 susietree 
4 Brokenshire, John  20 Feb 1703Roche, Cornwall, England I13099 susietree 
5 Brokenshire, John  16 Jul 1731Roche, Cornwall, England I13101 susietree 
6 Brokenshire, Margaret  11 Jul 1736Roche, Cornwall, England I13103 susietree 
7 Brokenshire, Margery  24 May 1745Roche, Cornwall, England I13105 susietree 
8 Brokenshire, Nicholas  25 Apr 1741Roche, Cornwall, England I13104 susietree 
9 Couch, Eliza  19 Aug 1845Roche, Cornwall, England I14917 susietree 
10 Dyer, Phillipa  8 Oct 1809Roche, Cornwall, England I3523 susietree 
11 Gouge, Blanche  12 Oct 1821Roche, Cornwall, England I19669 susietree 
12 Hawke, George  3 May 1819Roche, Cornwall, England I12113 susietree 
13 Hawke, Joseph  7 Jan 1817Roche, Cornwall, England I12112 susietree 
14 Hawke, Josias  23 Dec 1821Roche, Cornwall, England I12114 susietree 
15 Hawke, Josias Phillipps  13 Jun 1792Roche, Cornwall, England I12111 susietree 
16 Higman, Edward  13 Jan 1724Roche, Cornwall, England I20248 susietree 
17 Higman, Edward  21 Apr 1765Roche, Cornwall, England I1017 susietree 
18 Higman, Elizabeth  29 Nov 1776Roche, Cornwall, England I20151 susietree 
19 Higman, Joan  19 Jan 1734Roche, Cornwall, England I1023 susietree 
20 Higman, Joan  3 Aug 1768Roche, Cornwall, England I651 susietree 
21 Higman, John  12 Jan 1729Roche, Cornwall, England I652 susietree 
22 Higman, John  6 May 1759Roche, Cornwall, England I1018 susietree 
23 Higman, Joseph  4 Dec 1736Roche, Cornwall, England I1024 susietree 
24 Higman, Joseph  19 Feb 1772Roche, Cornwall, England I1020 susietree 
25 Higman, Julian  13 Jun 1762Roche, Cornwall, England I1019 susietree 
26 Higman, Phillippa  8 Oct 1726Roche, Cornwall, England I1021 susietree 
27 Higman, Roger  22 Apr 1728Roche, Cornwall, England I1022 susietree 
28 Hobb, Priscilla  19 Jan 1806Roche, Cornwall, England I6897 susietree 
29 Hooper, William Henry  26 Dec 1859Roche, Cornwall, England I13551 susietree 
30 Hore, Joseph  23 Sep 1821Roche, Cornwall, England I1723 susietree 
31 Julian, Absalom  10 Jun 1827Roche, Cornwall, England I7056 susietree 
32 Julian, Absalom Liddicoat  2 Feb 1823Roche, Cornwall, England I7057 susietree 
33 Julian, Ann  17 Jan 1830Roche, Cornwall, England I7054 susietree 
34 Julian, Mary  25 Jan 1835Roche, Cornwall, England I7052 susietree 
35 Julian, Richard  15 Jul 1832Roche, Cornwall, England I7053 susietree 
36 Julian, Tabitha  21 Nov 1824Roche, Cornwall, England I7055 susietree 
37 Julian, William  15 Nov 1818Roche, Cornwall, England I7059 susietree 
38 Julian, William  31 Dec 1820Roche, Cornwall, England I7058 susietree 
39 Knight, Clara Mary  27 Apr 1854Roche, Cornwall, England I18754 susietree 
40 Knight, Ellen  7 Jun 1852Roche, Cornwall, England I10641 susietree 
41 Knight, Ellen  7 Jun 1852Roche, Cornwall, England I18755 susietree 
42 Knight, Lavinia Jane  6 Jan 1851Roche, Cornwall, England I18756 susietree 
43 Knight, Nicholas  9 Jun 1845Roche, Cornwall, England I18757 susietree 
44 Knight, Uriah  20 Aug 1843Roche, Cornwall, England I18758 susietree 
45 Knight, William  7 Jun 1847Roche, Cornwall, England I18760 susietree 
46 Marke, Elizabeth  2 Oct 1703Roche, Cornwall, England I661 susietree 
47 Paddy, Christian  7 Jun 1773Roche, Cornwall, England I20250 susietree 
48 Paddy, Christian  24 Apr 1780Roche, Cornwall, England I20252 susietree 
49 Paddy, Dorothy  8 Jun 1761Roche, Cornwall, England I6890 susietree 
50 Paddy, Elizabeth  20 Jan 1771Roche, Cornwall, England I6894 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Brenton, Margaret  17 Feb 1806Roche, Cornwall, England I653 susietree 
2 Carhart, Julian  5 Jan 1784Roche, Cornwall, England I655 susietree 
3 Dyer, Phillipa  17 Oct 1896Roche, Cornwall, England I3523 susietree 
4 Faro, Raymond Charles  2003Roche, Cornwall, England I13657 susietree 
5 Higman, Edward  Oct 1798Roche, Cornwall, England I20248 susietree 
6 Higman, John  27 Jul 1782Roche, Cornwall, England I20153 susietree 
7 Higman, Joseph  24 Jun 1836Roche, Cornwall, England I1020 susietree 
8 Higman, Roger  8 Mar 1712Roche, Cornwall, England I20244 susietree 
9 Higman, Roger  2 Jul 1776Roche, Cornwall, England I654 susietree 
10 Higman, Roger  27 Jul 1782Roche, Cornwall, England I20154 susietree 
11 Jenkins, Jennifer  Oct 1784Roche, Cornwall, England I659 susietree 
12 Marke, Elizabeth  17 Aug 1751Roche, Cornwall, England I661 susietree 
13 Pearce, Jenifer  9 May 1807Roche, Cornwall, England I20152 susietree 
14 Pinch, George  4 Aug 1742Roche, Cornwall, England I662 susietree 
15 Pinch, George  27 Jul 1788Roche, Cornwall, England I660 susietree 
16 Pinch, William  1 May 1874Roche, Cornwall, England I1730 susietree 
17 Trethewey, Elizabeth  17 Mar 1843Roche, Cornwall, England I657 susietree 
18 Trethewey, Thomas  11 Jun 1846Roche, Cornwall, England I10618 susietree 
19 Trethewey, Thomas  16 Apr 1849Roche, Cornwall, England I9204 susietree 
20 Warne, Joanna  29 Dec 1822Roche, Cornwall, England I3520 susietree 
21 Warne, William  21 Mar 1882Roche, Cornwall, England I3522 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Dyer, Phillipa  19 Oct 1896Roche, Cornwall, England I3523 susietree 
2 Higman, Edward  8 Oct 1798Roche, Cornwall, England I20248 susietree 
3 Higman, Joan  6 May 1840Roche, Cornwall, England I651 susietree 
4 Pinch, John  17 Dec 1784Roche, Cornwall, England I658 susietree 
5 Pinch, William  2 Jan 1830Roche, Cornwall, England I656 susietree 
6 Warne, William  25 Mar 1882Roche, Cornwall, England I3522 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Brenton, Margaret  14 May 1758Roche, Cornwall, England I653 susietree 
2 Carhart, Julian  29 Sep 1723Roche, Cornwall, England I655 susietree 
3 Cornelius, Selina  Oct-Dec 1873Roche, Cornwall, England I12928 susietree 
4 Dyer, Emily (Emelyn)  15 Feb 1855Roche, Cornwall, England I3532 susietree 
5 Dyer, Samuel  11 Jun 1865Roche, Cornwall, England I11787 susietree 
6 Gouge, Robert  3 Dec 1820Roche, Cornwall, England I19668 susietree 
7 Henwood, Joan  14 Jul 1694Roche, Cornwall, England I20245 susietree 
8 Higman, Joan  7 Feb 1758Roche, Cornwall, England I1023 susietree 
9 Higman, Joan  17 Oct 1790Roche, Cornwall, England I651 susietree 
10 Higman, John  14 May 1758Roche, Cornwall, England I652 susietree 
11 Higman, John  28 Feb 1782Roche, Cornwall, England I1018 susietree 
12 Higman, Roger  14 Jul 1694Roche, Cornwall, England I20244 susietree 
13 Higman, Roger  29 Sep 1723Roche, Cornwall, England I654 susietree 
14 Hobb, John  21 Jul 1788Roche, Cornwall, England I6896 susietree 
15 Jenkins, Jennifer  21 Feb 1762Roche, Cornwall, England I659 susietree 
16 Julian, John  30 Nov 1817Roche, Cornwall, England I7061 susietree 
17 Key, Grace  5 May 1816Roche, Cornwall, England I1731 susietree 
18 Knight, Anthony  22 Oct 1842Roche, Cornwall, England I3820 susietree 
19 Knight, Fanny  14 Jun 1871Roche, Cornwall, England I3538 susietree 
20 Knight, Uriah  31 Oct 1872Roche, Cornwall, England I18758 susietree 
21 Lawrence, John  7 Dec 1789Roche, Cornwall, England I6895 susietree 
22 Liddicoat, Frances  30 Nov 1817Roche, Cornwall, England I7060 susietree 
23 Liddicoat, James  20 Mar 1846Roche, Cornwall, England I18792 susietree 
24 Manhire, William Nicholls  1877Roche, Cornwall, England I19231 susietree 
25 Marke, Elizabeth  20 Apr 1728Roche, Cornwall, England I661 susietree 
26 Paddy, Jenefer  21 Jul 1788Roche, Cornwall, England I6892 susietree 
27 Paddy, Johanna  7 Dec 1789Roche, Cornwall, England I6891 susietree 
28 Paddy, John  7 Feb 1758Roche, Cornwall, England I6889 susietree 
29 Pearce, Jenifer  28 Feb 1782Roche, Cornwall, England I20152 susietree 
30 Pinch, Ann  22 Oct 1842Roche, Cornwall, England I3813 susietree 
31 Pinch, Elizabeth  18 Aug 1822Roche, Cornwall, England I649 susietree 
32 Pinch, George  20 Apr 1728Roche, Cornwall, England I660 susietree 
33 Pinch, Henry Elvins  18 Sep 1825-28 Sep 1825Roche, Cornwall, England I3850 susietree 
34 Pinch, John  21 Feb 1762Roche, Cornwall, England I658 susietree 
35 Pinch, Maria  17 Nov 1850Roche, Cornwall, England I1727 susietree 
36 Pinch, William  5 May 1816Roche, Cornwall, England I1730 susietree 
37 Robins, Charlotte  20 Nov 1852Roche, Cornwall, England I10750 susietree 
38 Robins, Elisabeth  12 Nov 1850Roche, Cornwall, England I19666 susietree 
39 Robins, Samuel  31 Oct 1824Roche, Cornwall, England I10749 susietree 
40 Snell, Maria  9 May 1820Roche, Cornwall, England I10758 susietree 
41 Snell, Miriam  11 Jul 1824Roche, Cornwall, England I10382 susietree 
42 Stick, Elizabeth  1841Roche, Cornwall, England I18724 susietree 
43 Stick, James  12 Nov 1850Roche, Cornwall, England I19670 susietree 
44 Thomas, Mary  18 Sep 1825-28 Sep 1825Roche, Cornwall, England I3851 susietree 
45 Thomas, Phillipa  31 Oct 1872Roche, Cornwall, England I18759 susietree 
46 Tippet, Emma  20 May 1876Roche, Cornwall, England I10824 susietree 
47 Tregaskes, Samuel  20 Nov 1852Roche, Cornwall, England I19671 susietree 
48 Trelease, Mary Ann  1852Roche, Cornwall, England I22506 susietree 
49 Trethewey, Blanch  20 Mar 1846Roche, Cornwall, England I17421 susietree 
50 Trethewey, Cecilia Sarah  1877Roche, Cornwall, England I10854 susietree 

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