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Roydon, Essex, England

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Haggar, Annie Lilian  Abt 1893Roydon, Essex, England I5525 susietree 
2 Haggar, Charles  Jul 1890-Sep 1890Roydon, Essex, England I5524 susietree 
3 Haggar, Florence Emily  21 Aug 1888Roydon, Essex, England I5523 susietree 
4 Haggar, William  Oct 1895-Dec 1895Roydon, Essex, England I5526 susietree 
5 Oldhamstead, Susannah  24 May 1840Roydon, Essex, England I2397 susietree 
6 Rickett, Sarah  Abt 1858Roydon, Essex, England I2391 susietree 
7 Rickett, William  Abt 1815Roydon, Essex, England I2390 susietree 
8 Sailing, Charles  1829Roydon, Essex, England I2388 susietree 
9 Sailing, Edward  1781Roydon, Essex, England I509 susietree 
10 Sailing, Edward  1814Roydon, Essex, England I507 susietree 
11 Sailing, Eliza  1818Roydon, Essex, England I8276 susietree 
12 Sailing, Emma  1826Roydon, Essex, England I8278 susietree 
13 Sailing, Esther  1813Roydon, Essex, England I4083 susietree 
14 Sailing, Harriott  1820Roydon, Essex, England I2386 susietree 
15 Sailing, James Thomas  Abt 1851Roydon, Essex, England I3237 susietree 
16 Sailing, John  1783Roydon, Essex, England I8273 susietree 
17 Sailing, John  1811Roydon, Essex, England I2384 susietree 
18 Sailing, Martha  1823Roydon, Essex, England I8277 susietree 
19 Sailing, Mary  1778Roydon, Essex, England I8272 susietree 
20 Sailing, Mary  1819Roydon, Essex, England I2385 susietree 
21 Sailing, Susannah  1815Roydon, Essex, England I8275 susietree 
22 Sailing, William  1785Roydon, Essex, England I8274 susietree 
23 Sailing, William  1821Roydon, Essex, England I2387 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Oldhamstead, Susannah  14 Jun 1840Roydon, Essex, England I2397 susietree 
2 Sailing, Ann  5 Feb 1845Roydon, Essex, England I3233 susietree 
3 Sailing, Charles  25 Dec 1829Roydon, Essex, England I2388 susietree 
4 Sailing, Edward  28 Jan 1781Roydon, Essex, England I509 susietree 
5 Sailing, Edward  19 Jun 1814Roydon, Essex, England I507 susietree 
6 Sailing, Eliza  21 Jun 1818Roydon, Essex, England I8276 susietree 
7 Sailing, Emma  7 Jul 1826Roydon, Essex, England I8278 susietree 
8 Sailing, Esther  10 Jan 1813Roydon, Essex, England I4083 susietree 
9 Sailing, Harriott  4 Feb 1820Roydon, Essex, England I2386 susietree 
10 Sailing, John  20 Mar 1783Roydon, Essex, England I8273 susietree 
11 Sailing, John  15 Jun 1811Roydon, Essex, England I2384 susietree 
12 Sailing, John  5 Apr 1846Roydon, Essex, England I3234 susietree 
13 Sailing, Martha  26 Oct 1823Roydon, Essex, England I8277 susietree 
14 Sailing, Mary  9 Aug 1778Roydon, Essex, England I8272 susietree 
15 Sailing, Mary  2 Oct 1819Roydon, Essex, England I2385 susietree 
16 Sailing, Susannah  24 Mar 1815Roydon, Essex, England I8275 susietree 
17 Sailing, William  12 Jun 1785Roydon, Essex, England I8274 susietree 
18 Sailing, William  23 Dec 1821Roydon, Essex, England I2387 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Oldhamstead, Susannah  Oct-Dec 1853Roydon, Essex, England I2397 susietree 
2 Rickett, Sarah  Jul 1896-Sep 1896Roydon, Essex, England I2391 susietree 
3 Rickett, William  1881Roydon, Essex, England I2390 susietree 
4 Sailing, John  21 Dec 1890Roydon, Essex, England I2384 susietree 
5 Sailing, William  18 Dec 1785Roydon, Essex, England I8274 susietree 
6 White, Elizabeth  1830Roydon, Essex, England I8269 susietree 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Martha  17 Jun 1838Roydon, Essex, England I8271 susietree 
2 Sailing, Edward  2 Jan 1853Roydon, Essex, England I509 susietree 
3 Sailing, Eliza  11 Jun 1830Roydon, Essex, England I8276 susietree 
4 Sailing, Emma  27 Apr 1827Roydon, Essex, England I8278 susietree 
5 Sailing, Harriet  13 Sep 1853Roydon, Essex, England I3236 susietree 
6 Sailing, Martha  6 Jul 1830Roydon, Essex, England I8277 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Oldhamstead, William  21 Sep 1839Roydon, Essex, England I2396 susietree 
2 Sailing, Edward  12 May 1810Roydon, Essex, England I509 susietree 
3 Sailing, Mary  21 Sep 1839Roydon, Essex, England I2385 susietree 
4 White, Elizabeth  12 May 1810Roydon, Essex, England I8269 susietree