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Scarborough, Yorkshire, England

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1872Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I4821 susietree 
2 Adamson, Betsy Ann  1866Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I21029 susietree 
3 Appleby, Esther  1855Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15385 susietree 
4 Atkinson, John  Abt 1769Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I2330 susietree 
5 Atkinson, Margaret A  Abt 1880Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I5557 susietree 
6 Atkinson, Mary  Abt 1742Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I371 susietree 
7 Atkinson, Thomasin  Abt 1749Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I2329 susietree 
8 Bailey, Charles William  Apr 1899-Jun 1899Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1349 susietree 
9 Bailey, Muriel  Jul 1900-Sep 1900Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1350 susietree 
10 Bielby, Julia  Abt 1815Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I4810 susietree 
11 Cammish, Annie Claxton  Jul-Sep 1885Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15602 susietree 
12 Cammish, Elizabeth  Abt 1832Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I21063 susietree 
13 Cammish, Eveline  Apr-Jun 1888Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15603 susietree 
14 Cammish, Hannah  14 Feb 1830Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I21058 susietree 
15 Cammish, Henry  Apr-Jun 1880Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15600 susietree 
16 Cammish, John Claxton  Jul-Sep 1875Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15598 susietree 
17 Cammish, Mary Ann  18 Dec 1836Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I21062 susietree 
18 Cammish, Thomas  Abt 1851Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15595 susietree 
19 Cammish, Thomas  1878Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15599 susietree 
20 Cappleman, Hilda Mary  2 Nov 1885Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I21030 susietree 
21 Cattle, Hannah Elizabeth  Abt 1860Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15409 susietree 
22 Coates, Jane  Abt 1832Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I23290 susietree 
23 Collier, William C  Abt 1897Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I22992 susietree 
24 Colling Or Colley, Alice Ann  Oct 1876-Dec 1876Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1353 susietree 
25 Craven, Robert  1861Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I21065 susietree 
26 Crawford, Florence Maud  Apr-Jun 1878Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I7269 susietree 
27 Crawford, Frederick H  Abt 1874Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I7270 susietree 
28 Dowsland, Rachel  Abt 1786Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I6992 susietree 
29 Edwards, Sidney Bertram  Abt 1899Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I7265 susietree 
30 Emmerson, Leslie Robson  3 Sep 1914Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I21032 susietree 
31 Emmerson, Thomas Edward  23 Aug 1857Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I21056 susietree 
32 Emmerson, William  3 Jul 1886Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I21031 susietree 
33 Fell, Beatrice J  Abt 1886Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I18042 susietree 
34 Fell, Matthew Henry  Abt 1891Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I18044 susietree 
35 Fell, William Tanton  Jan-Mar 1888Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I18043 susietree 
36 Fell, Winifred M  Abt 1889Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I18045 susietree 
37 Glenton, Agnes  Abt 1858Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I18098 susietree 
38 Harrison, Victoria Annie  Apr 1897-Jun 1897Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1526 susietree 
39 Hill, John W  Abt 1862Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15880 susietree 
40 Holgate, Sarah Ann  Abt 1869Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I5561 susietree 
41 Horsley, Amy  Jan 1896-Mar 1896Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1307 susietree 
42 Horsley, Edward  Abt 1846Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1289 susietree 
43 Horsley, Edward  Apr 1872-Jun 1872Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1246 susietree 
44 Horsley, Marianne  Jan 1855-Mar 1855Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1240 susietree 
45 Jackson, Martha  Abt 1826Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15169 susietree 
46 Jefferson, Eliza Ann  Abt 1855Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I20710 susietree 
47 Jefferson, John  Abt 1824Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I20709 susietree 
48 Kendall, Leslie Maurice  4 May 1940Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I16989 susietree 
49 Lancaster, William  Abt 1845Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1618 susietree 
50 Leng, Frances  Abt 1849Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15170 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Atkinson, John  31 Jan 1769Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I2330 susietree 
2 Atkinson, Mary  27 Dec 1742Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I371 susietree 
3 Atkinson, Thomasin  9 Aug 1749Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I2329 susietree 
4 Moore, Charles  11 Apr 1828Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I16086 susietree 
5 Plewes, Hannah  7 Aug 1831Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I17946 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bailey, Sarah Ann  Jan 1896-Mar 1896Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I801 susietree 
2 Begley, Caroline  1986Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I22856 susietree 
3 Brading, Daphne Mary  20 Dec 1980Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I22855 susietree 
4 Cappleman, Hilda Mary  1 Dec 1970Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I21030 susietree 
5 Collier, Ronald George Henry  1969Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1522 susietree 
6 Crawford, Benjamin Simpson  1858Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I793 susietree 
7 Crawford, Benjamin Simpson  Jan 1858-Mar 1858Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I820 susietree 
8 Crawford, Dunn R.  Jul 1904-Sep 1904Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I813 susietree 
9 Crawford, Elisabeth  Jul 1898-Sep 1898Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1421 susietree 
10 Crawford, Florence Maud  Oct-Dec 1888Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I7269 susietree 
11 Crawford, Robert  Oct 1858-Dec 1858Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I792 susietree 
12 Hall, Elizabeth Crawford  Jan 1878-Mar 1878Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1354 susietree 
13 Haxby, Jane Elizabeth  Jul 1873-Sep 1873Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I16002 susietree 
14 Horsley, Mary Jane  Oct 1858-Dec 1858Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1239 susietree 
15 Horsley, Matthew  Jul 1880-Sep 1880Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1285 susietree 
16 Lamplough, William Hardy  1996Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I16985 susietree 
17 Lightfoot, Jane  Jul 1877-Sep 1877Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1292 susietree 
18 Mayman, Joseph  Jan-Mar 1869Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I13622 susietree 
19 Ogton, Rachel  Jul-Sep 1894Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1507 susietree 
20 Raper, Matthew  8 Jan 1866Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I19350 susietree 
21 Sedman, Allinson  Jul-Sep 1906Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I2216 susietree 
22 Shepherdson, Marjorie  2006Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I9109 susietree 
23 Snowden, Priscilla  16 Dec 1991Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I21848 susietree 
24 Snowdon, Valda Elizabeth  4 Oct 2001Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I9113 susietree 
25 Stubbs, Stanley  1 Aug 1973Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1535 susietree 
26 Thornton, Joan  1975Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I16986 susietree 
27 Trattles, Sarah  Jan 1864-Mar 1864Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15957 susietree 
28 Tyson, Betsey Leng  Jul 1850-Sep 1850Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15891 susietree 
29 Tyson, William Leng  Jan 1919-Mar 1919Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15892 susietree 
30 Watson, John Eli  Apr 1872-Jun 1872Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I5555 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Atkinson, Lucy Ann  Oct 1885-Dec 1885Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I5556 susietree 
2 Atkinson, Robert  25 Nov 1739Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I2327 susietree 
3 Bailey, John William  Oct 1898-Dec 1898Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I800 susietree 
4 Bailey, William Hunter  Oct 1870-Dec 1870Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I799 susietree 
5 Baxter, Mary  25 Nov 1739Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I2328 susietree 
6 Burrows, Ann Elizabeth  Jul 1892-Sep 1892Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1519 susietree 
7 Cammish, Robert  10 Sep 1829Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I21060 susietree 
8 Cattle, Hannah Elizabeth  Apr-Jun 1892Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15409 susietree 
9 Cole, Ann  30 Jan 1855Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15976 susietree 
10 Cole, Elizabeth  Apr 1842-Jun 1842Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15980 susietree 
11 Collier, Hannah  Jan-Mar 1885Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1528 susietree 
12 Collier, James  Jan 1900-Mar 1900Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1529 susietree 
13 Collier, James William  Oct 1898-Dec 1898Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1510 susietree 
14 Collier, Jane  Apr-Jun 1914Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1504 susietree 
15 Collier, John Christopher  Jan 1865-Mar 1865Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1490 susietree 
16 Collier, Pearson  Jan 1879-Mar 1879Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1492 susietree 
17 Collier, Pearson  Jul 1892-Sep 1892Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1508 susietree 
18 Collier, William  Apr 1871-Jun 1871Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1491 susietree 
19 Colling, George  Apr 1844-Jun 1844Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1359 susietree 
20 Colling Or Colley, Alice Ann  Apr 1900-Jun 1900Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1353 susietree 
21 Crawford, Ann  Jul-Sep 1851Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I811 susietree 
22 Crawford, Dunn R.  Apr-Jun 1857Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I813 susietree 
23 Crawford, Elizabeth  Oct 1870-Dec 1870Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I791 susietree 
24 Crawford, Isaiah  Jan-Mar 1898Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I16104 susietree 
25 Crawford, Jane  Jul 1857-Sep 1857Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15998 susietree 
26 Crawford, Mary Ann  Oct 1904-Dec 1904Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1323 susietree 
27 Crawford, Mary Midgley  Apr-Jun 1897Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I5468 susietree 
28 Crawford, Matthew  3 Jun 1865Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I406 susietree 
29 Crawford, Robert Jenkinson  Apr 1859-Jun 1859Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I814 susietree 
30 Crawford, Samuel  Apr 1900-Jun 1900Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1338 susietree 
31 Crawford, Sarah Cammish  Oct 1902-Dec 1902Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1322 susietree 
32 Deane, George Lampriere F S  Oct 1895-Dec 1895Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1308 susietree 
33 Duckwith, Jane  Apr-Jun 1857Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I847 susietree 
34 Edmund, Mary Ann  1873Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I7712 susietree 
35 Foster, Jane  Jul 1873-Sep 1873Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1309 susietree 
36 Foster, Mary Ann  Jan 1865-Mar 1865Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1503 susietree 
37 Goundrill, Ann Simpson  Apr 1895-Jun 1895Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1306 susietree 
38 Gray, George  Oct-Dec 1912Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I13800 susietree 
39 Harris, Mary  Jan 1900-Mar 1900Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1538 susietree 
40 Harrison, Alice  Oct 1898-Dec 1898Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1513 susietree 
41 Haxby, Matthew  Jul 1857-Sep 1857Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15997 susietree 
42 Haxby, Robert  25 Nov 1833Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I7328 susietree 
43 Haxby, Sophia  Apr 1898-Jun 1898Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I16000 susietree 
44 Hill, Henry  Oct 1862-Dec 1862Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15879 susietree 
45 Holgate, Sarah Ann  Oct 1897-Dec 1897Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I5561 susietree 
46 Horsley, Alethea Charlotte  Oct 1927-Dec 1927Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I15801 susietree 
47 Horsley, Annie Jefferson  Apr 1897-Jun 1897Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1245 susietree 
48 Horsley, Edward  Apr 1895-Jun 1895Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1246 susietree 
49 Horsley, Harriet  Oct 1895-Dec 1895Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1242 susietree 
50 Horsley, Harry  Oct 1927-Dec 1927Scarborough, Yorkshire, England I1314 susietree 

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