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Victoria, Australia

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Best, Frederick John  1871Victoria, Australia I11871 susietree 
2 Dunn, Edward Francis  1878Victoria, Australia I5998 susietree 
3 Gooding, John Henry  7 Aug 1905Victoria, Australia I24315 susietree 
4 Knight, Mary Elizabeth  1864Victoria, Australia I18630 susietree 
5 Rennolds, Allan Edwin  1894Victoria, Australia I24873 susietree 
6 Rennolds, Charles  1865Victoria, Australia I24865 susietree 
7 Rennolds, Charles Milton  1890Victoria, Australia I24872 susietree 
8 Rennolds, Elizabeth Duncan  1867Victoria, Australia I24866 susietree 
9 Rennolds, Helen  1899Victoria, Australia I24874 susietree 
10 Rennolds, Irvine  1903Victoria, Australia I24875 susietree 
11 Rennolds, Isabella  1873Victoria, Australia I24867 susietree 
12 Rennolds, Janet  1870Victoria, Australia I24868 susietree 
13 Sells, David Henry  1876Victoria, Australia I3348 susietree 
14 Stannard, Florence Amy  1894Victoria, Australia I7618 susietree 
15 Stannard, Mervyn James  1896Victoria, Australia I23198 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Arkle, Annie  1930Victoria, Australia I15526 susietree 
2 Best, Annie Sabina  1958Victoria, Australia I11870 susietree 
3 Best, John Leslie  1959Victoria, Australia I11879 susietree 
4 Bradd, Hilda May  1978Victoria, Australia I14953 susietree 
5 Bradd, Sydney G  1985Victoria, Australia I7011 susietree 
6 Butcher, Mavis  2006Victoria, Australia I13889 susietree 
7 Butterfield, Mary Lilian Ruth  1932Victoria, Australia I24793 susietree 
8 Butterfield, Royal Joseph Stanley K  1895Victoria, Australia I18632 susietree 
9 Chisholm, Christian Ross  Victoria, Australia I15493 susietree 
10 Clift, Gwendoline  1975Victoria, Australia I23187 susietree 
11 Davidson, Alexander  1906Victoria, Australia I3639 susietree 
12 Hocking, Caroline  1861Victoria, Australia I11318 susietree 
13 Irwin, Priscilla  1860Victoria, Australia I22484 susietree 
14 Knight, Mary Elizabeth  1950Victoria, Australia I18630 susietree 
15 Martin, Marion  1910Victoria, Australia I2678 susietree 
16 Maynard, Elizabeth  1986Victoria, Australia I24877 susietree 
17 McLeod, Margaret Isabell  22 Feb 1909Victoria, Australia I2109 susietree 
18 Morris, Nathaniel  Abt 28 Nov 1911Victoria, Australia I15489 susietree 
19 Morrow, David  1857Victoria, Australia I22491 susietree 
20 Morrow, James  1867Victoria, Australia I22492 susietree 
21 Morrow, Joseph  1857Victoria, Australia I22490 susietree 
22 Morrow, Robert  1870Victoria, Australia I22489 susietree 
23 Morrow, Sarah Ann  1860Victoria, Australia I22483 susietree 
24 Morrow, Thomas  1870Victoria, Australia I22488 susietree 
25 Muir, Christina  1927Victoria, Australia I23401 susietree 
26 Muir, James  1861Victoria, Australia I23405 susietree 
27 Muir, James  1867Victoria, Australia I23406 susietree 
28 Muir, Robert  1867Victoria, Australia I23404 susietree 
29 Mulligan, Mary  1866Victoria, Australia I22487 susietree 
30 O'Halloran, Mary  1974Victoria, Australia I24878 susietree 
31 O'Neil, Harold Arthur George  Abt 1946Victoria, Australia I1790 susietree 
32 Rennolds, Alexander Wilson  1948Victoria, Australia I24876 susietree 
33 Rennolds, Allan Edwin  1958Victoria, Australia I24873 susietree 
34 Rennolds, Charles Milton  1950Victoria, Australia I24872 susietree 
35 Rennolds, Irvine  1965Victoria, Australia I24875 susietree 
36 Rennolds, Janet  6 Mar 1871Victoria, Australia I24868 susietree 
37 Sargood, Mary Bird  1939Victoria, Australia I25921 susietree 
38 Sells, Ernest Henry  1920Victoria, Australia I24641 susietree 
39 Sells, Reg Edwin  1938Victoria, Australia I24639 susietree 
40 Shearn, William James  1962Victoria, Australia I25902 susietree 
41 Truscott, Agnes  1985Victoria, Australia I11888 susietree 
42 Truscott, Alfred Edmond  1980Victoria, Australia I23690 susietree 
43 Truscott, Evelyn  1983Victoria, Australia I11887 susietree 
44 Truscott, Sabina Elizabeth  1975Victoria, Australia I11885 susietree 
45 Warne, Sedden  1877Victoria, Australia I22500 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Dulcie Elizabeth  Abt 1935Victoria, Australia I2636 susietree 
2 Aarons, Charlotte  1928Victoria, Australia I7545 susietree 
3 Arkle, Annie  1883Victoria, Australia I15526 susietree 
4 Barton, Edward  1903Victoria, Australia I25912 susietree 
5 Best, Annie Sabina  1909Victoria, Australia I11876 susietree 
6 Best, Clara Eliza  1885Victoria, Australia I11867 susietree 
7 Best, Emily  1912Victoria, Australia I11878 susietree 
8 Best, Francis Richard  1905Victoria, Australia I11873 susietree 
9 Best, Myrza Elizabeth  1908Victoria, Australia I11874 susietree 
10 Bradd, Arthur E  1939Victoria, Australia I7015 susietree 
11 Bradd, Hilda May  1935Victoria, Australia I14953 susietree 
12 Buck, Margaret Wright  1891Victoria, Australia I23177 susietree 
13 Bullus, Naomi Jane  1891Victoria, Australia I7619 susietree 
14 Bullus, Naomi Jane  25 Dec 1914Victoria, Australia I7619 susietree 
15 Butterfield, John  Abt 1890Victoria, Australia I900 susietree 
16 Butterfield, Mary Lilian Ruth  1910Victoria, Australia I24793 susietree 
17 Butterfield, Mary Lilian Ruth  1919Victoria, Australia I24793 susietree 
18 Calph, Rosanna  1885Victoria, Australia I24263 susietree 
19 Chisholm, James  1883Victoria, Australia I15504 susietree 
20 Clark, Florence Sarah Matilda  1891Victoria, Australia I23732 susietree 
21 Clift, Gwendoline  1933Victoria, Australia I23187 susietree 
22 Copley, Amy Elizabeth  1914Victoria, Australia I16436 susietree 
23 Deacon, Emily  1859Victoria, Australia I25761 susietree 
24 Dike, Ann  1870Victoria, Australia I22481 susietree 
25 Doughty, Dorothy Hazel  1929Victoria, Australia I7551 susietree 
26 Ellis, James Albert  1913Victoria, Australia I23686 susietree 
27 Fedderson, Carl William Theo  1909Victoria, Australia I23670 susietree 
28 Ferres, Reginald Arthur  1910Victoria, Australia I23687 susietree 
29 Forge, Sydney John  1924Victoria, Australia I7549 susietree 
30 Gray, William Henry  1914Victoria, Australia I16437 susietree 
31 Greenough, Ruby Dewhurst  1932Victoria, Australia I24880 susietree 
32 Gregg, William  1892Victoria, Australia I2669 susietree 
33 Hore, James Roach  1903Victoria, Australia I1716 susietree 
34 Keagle, Alexander  1908Victoria, Australia I24842 susietree 
35 Knight, Mary Elizabeth  1883Victoria, Australia I18630 susietree 
36 Knight, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1890Victoria, Australia I18630 susietree 
37 Lees, Joseph  1859Victoria, Australia I25760 susietree 
38 Martin, Marion  1882Victoria, Australia I2678 susietree 
39 Maynard, Elizabeth  1918Victoria, Australia I24877 susietree 
40 McDonald, Lucy Antoinette  1939Victoria, Australia I24879 susietree 
41 McDougall, Mary Isabella  1877Victoria, Australia I22499 susietree 
42 McIntosh, Georgina  1867Victoria, Australia I24844 susietree 
43 McKernan, Alexander  24 Apr 1907Victoria, Australia I24317 susietree 
44 McLean, Ann  1887Victoria, Australia I25908 susietree 
45 McLean, Duncan  1867Victoria, Australia I24847 susietree 
46 McLean, Georgina  1903Victoria, Australia I25911 susietree 
47 McLean, Jean  1885Victoria, Australia I24840 susietree 
48 McLean, Mary  1908Victoria, Australia I24837 susietree 
49 McLeod, Grace  24 Apr 1907Victoria, Australia I2110 susietree 
50 Mills, Harriet  1905Victoria, Australia I23682 susietree 

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