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West Ham, Essex, England

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Branson, Fredora Eva  Jan-Mar 1917West Ham, Essex, England I19491 susietree 
2 Broome, Dorothy Frances  29 Mar 1894West Ham, Essex, England I9245 susietree 
3 Bush, Rose Ellen  22 Sep 1911West Ham, Essex, England I5038 susietree 
4 Chapman, Emily  Abt 1850West Ham, Essex, England I23026 susietree 
5 Chapman, James Cordwell  Apr 1842-Jun 1842West Ham, Essex, England I859 susietree 
6 Chapman, Mary Ann  Apr 1847-Jun 1847West Ham, Essex, England I2131 susietree 
7 Chapman, Robert Frederick  Jul 1852-Aug 1852West Ham, Essex, England I2133 susietree 
8 Chapman, William Henry  Jul 1849-Sep 1849West Ham, Essex, England I2132 susietree 
9 Diggs, Edward Daniel  Oct 1837-Dec 1837West Ham, Essex, England I2169 susietree 
10 Diggs, John Thomas  Apr 1882-Jun 1882West Ham, Essex, England I9256 susietree 
11 Diggs, Wilfred  Apr-Jun 1884West Ham, Essex, England I24032 susietree 
12 Endersby, Harriett  Abt 1891West Ham, Essex, England I22618 susietree 
13 Endersby, Harry  Abt 1885West Ham, Essex, England I22617 susietree 
14 Endersby, Walter  Abt 1894West Ham, Essex, England I22619 susietree 
15 Endersby, William  Abt 1883West Ham, Essex, England I22616 susietree 
16 Eve, David J  16 Feb 1914West Ham, Essex, England I3313 susietree 
17 Eve, Ethel  24 Jan 1883West Ham, Essex, England I3307 susietree 
18 Eve, Lillian May  24 Mar 1924West Ham, Essex, England I3315 susietree 
19 Fossey, Arthur John  Oct 1876-Dec 1876West Ham, Essex, England I2142 susietree 
20 Hill, Ethel Louisa  16 Oct 1903West Ham, Essex, England I16948 susietree 
21 Howard, Albert Charles  1893West Ham, Essex, England I4685 susietree 
22 Howard, Lucy E  1919West Ham, Essex, England I12885 susietree 
23 Howard, Rosetta  1917West Ham, Essex, England I12884 susietree 
24 Jackson, Lilian Iris  24 Jan 1922West Ham, Essex, England I17848 susietree 
25 Jeavons, Jemima  Abt 1873West Ham, Essex, England I10008 susietree 
26 Johnson, Florence M A  Abt 1867West Ham, Essex, England I7038 susietree 
27 Lacey, Thomas William  1895West Ham, Essex, England I9301 susietree 
28 Lee, Doris Edith I  Jul 1906-Sep 1906West Ham, Essex, England I5932 susietree 
29 Lewin, Frank Alfred  Jul 1917-Sep 1917West Ham, Essex, England I16501 susietree 
30 Lewin, Grace Lilian  19 Aug 1930West Ham, Essex, England I16508 susietree 
31 Lewin, May Sophie  16 Oct 1911West Ham, Essex, England I16725 susietree 
32 Lewin, William Gladstone  Apr 1915-Jun 1915West Ham, Essex, England I16726 susietree 
33 Mackenzie, Alexander Douglas Dickens  Apr-Jun 1905West Ham, Essex, England I16802 susietree 
34 Mackenzie, Leonard Kenneth  Jul-Sep 1910West Ham, Essex, England I19652 susietree 
35 Mackenzie, Robert Herbert  Jan-Mar 1908West Ham, Essex, England I19651 susietree 
36 Merritt, Jacqueline Amanda  7 Sep 1956West Ham, Essex, England I16524 susietree 
37 Merritt, Patricia Helen  2 May 1938West Ham, Essex, England I16514 susietree 
38 Merritt, Sheila M  Apr-Jun 1944West Ham, Essex, England I16519 susietree 
39 Merritt, Thomas John  14 Mar 1916West Ham, Essex, England I16513 susietree 
40 Morley, Mary Ann  Abt 1852West Ham, Essex, England I8735 susietree 
41 Oldhamstead, Alfred Charles  17 Nov 1903West Ham, Essex, England I5185 susietree 
42 Oldhamstead, Catherine A M  1904West Ham, Essex, England I9330 susietree 
43 Oldhamstead, Percy Herbert  Oct-Dec 1914West Ham, Essex, England I5188 susietree 
44 Oldhamstead, Winifred Myra  1909West Ham, Essex, England I5187 susietree 
45 Pearson, Victor Arthur  1895West Ham, Essex, England I22306 susietree 
46 Pike, Albert James  15 Dec 1899West Ham, Essex, England I12816 susietree 
47 Robertson, Doreen Margaret  1920West Ham, Essex, England I20265 susietree 
48 Robertson, James Roy  1913West Ham, Essex, England I20264 susietree 
49 Springham, Florence Lilian  Jul-Sep 1900West Ham, Essex, England I10010 susietree 
50 Watson, Edward  Abt 1900West Ham, Essex, England I16509 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Byford, Esther  Oct-Dec 1924West Ham, Essex, England I2422 susietree 
2 Diggs, David  1852West Ham, Essex, England I23230 susietree 
3 Diggs, Edward Daniel  Jan 1842-Mar 1842West Ham, Essex, England I2169 susietree 
4 Diggs, William Shepherd  Oct 1873-Dec 1873West Ham, Essex, England I2136 susietree 
5 Diggs, William Sheppard  Apr 1853-Jun 1853West Ham, Essex, England I865 susietree 
6 Hardy, Emma  Oct 1879-Dec 1879West Ham, Essex, England I2137 susietree 
7 Howard, Lucy E  1919West Ham, Essex, England I12885 susietree 
8 King, George William  1974West Ham, Essex, England I9303 susietree 
9 Lewin, Arthur Ambrose  1963West Ham, Essex, England I16500 susietree 
10 Lewin, May Sophie  Jan 1912-Mar 1912West Ham, Essex, England I16725 susietree 
11 Lewin, William Gladstone  2 Apr 1927West Ham, Essex, England I16726 susietree 
12 Mackenzie, Leonard Kenneth  Jul-Sep 1911West Ham, Essex, England I19652 susietree 
13 Merritt, Edward Arthur  5 Oct 1963West Ham, Essex, England I16516 susietree 
14 Merritt, Victor Brian  15 Sep 1945West Ham, Essex, England I16665 susietree 
15 Miller, Mary Ann  Oct 1909-Dec 1909West Ham, Essex, England I866 susietree 
16 Oldhamstead, William  Oct-Dec 1925West Ham, Essex, England I2400 susietree 
17 Sailing, Charles  1923West Ham, Essex, England I4039 susietree 
18 Whitham, Selina Emma  13 Mar 1901West Ham, Essex, England I2164 susietree 
19 Wood, Mary Jane  1911West Ham, Essex, England I4043 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Batho, William  Jul 1897-Sep 1897West Ham, Essex, England I5929 susietree 
2 Bennett, Frederick J  Apr 1921-Jun 1921West Ham, Essex, England I5198 susietree 
3 Box, Edith Sarah  Apr 1895-Jun 1895West Ham, Essex, England I3256 susietree 
4 Branson, Lawrence Joseph  Jan-Mar 1916West Ham, Essex, England I19490 susietree 
5 Bridge, Alice  Jan 1891-Mar 1891West Ham, Essex, England I2156 susietree 
6 Bush, Rose Ellen  21 Apr 1930West Ham, Essex, England I5038 susietree 
7 Byford, Alfred  Jan 1898-Mar 1898West Ham, Essex, England I5199 susietree 
8 Chapman, Alfred Edward  Apr-Jun 1893West Ham, Essex, England I2151 susietree 
9 Chapman, Annie Maria  1915West Ham, Essex, England I4686 susietree 
10 Chapman, Emma Frances  Oct 1903-Dec 1903West Ham, Essex, England I2154 susietree 
11 Chapman, Harry  Apr-Jun 1893West Ham, Essex, England I2150 susietree 
12 Chapman, James Cordwell  Apr-Jun 1883West Ham, Essex, England I185 susietree 
13 Chapman, Mary Ann  Apr-Jun 1867West Ham, Essex, England I2131 susietree 
14 Chapman, William Sheppard  Jan 1891-Mar 1891West Ham, Essex, England I2129 susietree 
15 Cohen, Kate  Jul 1909-Sep 1909West Ham, Essex, England I3310 susietree 
16 Cooper, Kate Harrietta  Apr-Jun 1893West Ham, Essex, England I4677 susietree 
17 Dickins, Lucy Eveline  Jan-Mar 1916West Ham, Essex, England I16723 susietree 
18 Diggs, John Thomas  Apr 1879-Jun 1879West Ham, Essex, England I2139 susietree 
19 Diggs, John Thomas  Jul 1882-Sep 1882West Ham, Essex, England I2135 susietree 
20 Endersby, William  Apr-Jun 1881West Ham, Essex, England I22615 susietree 
21 Endersby, William  Jul-Sep 1895West Ham, Essex, England I22615 susietree 
22 Eve, David Josiah  Jul 1909-Sep 1909West Ham, Essex, England I3309 susietree 
23 Eve, Ethel  8 Jun 1916West Ham, Essex, England I3307 susietree 
24 Glen, Elizabeth Amelia  Jan-Mar 1891West Ham, Essex, England I22278 susietree 
25 Hackshaw, Ellen  Apr-Jun 1893West Ham, Essex, England I4681 susietree 
26 Hart, Harriet  Apr-Jun 1881West Ham, Essex, England I22620 susietree 
27 Hatherby, Ruth A J  Apr-Jun 1916West Ham, Essex, England I5205 susietree 
28 Howard, Albert Charles  1915West Ham, Essex, England I4685 susietree 
29 Jeavons, Jemima  Apr-Jun 1898West Ham, Essex, England I10008 susietree 
30 Johnson, William  Apr-Jun 1867West Ham, Essex, England I7039 susietree 
31 King, Elizabeth Beatrice  1914West Ham, Essex, England I9300 susietree 
32 Lacey, Thomas William  1914West Ham, Essex, England I9301 susietree 
33 Lee, Doris Edith I  Jul 1932-Sep 1932West Ham, Essex, England I5932 susietree 
34 Lewin, Frank Alfred  Ap/Jun 1939West Ham, Essex, England I16501 susietree 
35 Lewin, George Arthur  21 Apr 1930West Ham, Essex, England I16502 susietree 
36 Lewin, Nellie Selina  21 Nov 1936West Ham, Essex, England I16506 susietree 
37 Maddison, Harry Tindall  Jan-Mar 1891West Ham, Essex, England I22277 susietree 
38 Mansell, Francis  Apr-Jun 1878West Ham, Essex, England I10321 susietree 
39 Mayes, Druscilla Susan  Apr 1879-Jun 1879West Ham, Essex, England I2143 susietree 
40 Merritt, Thomas John  21 Nov 1936West Ham, Essex, England I16513 susietree 
41 Messenger, Thomas George  8 Jun 1916West Ham, Essex, England I7228 susietree 
42 Milton, Rebecca  Apr-Jun 1878West Ham, Essex, England I22741 susietree 
43 Noyes, Rhoda Mary  Jul-Sep 1895West Ham, Essex, England I22603 susietree 
44 Oldhamstead, Agnes Maud  Jan 1898-Mar 1898West Ham, Essex, England I2423 susietree 
45 Oldhamstead, Alexander George  Apr 1904-Jun 1904West Ham, Essex, England I2426 susietree 
46 Oldhamstead, Alfred Frederick  26 Mar 1910West Ham, Essex, England I2424 susietree 
47 Oldhamstead, Alice Grace  Apr 1921-Jun 1921West Ham, Essex, England I5184 susietree 
48 Oldhamstead, Arthur  Apr-Jun 1916West Ham, Essex, England I2430 susietree 
49 Oldhamstead, Arthur Walter  Jul 1932-Sep 1932West Ham, Essex, England I5186 susietree 
50 Oldhamstead, Edith Sarah  Apr 1933-Jun 1933West Ham, Essex, England I3260 susietree 

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