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Woolwich, Kent, England

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Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Cable, William David  Abt 1857Woolwich, Kent, England I24908 susietree 
2 Chapman, Mabel Elizabeth  Jan 1892-Mar 1892Woolwich, Kent, England I2157 susietree 
3 Hibburt, Alma Lane  1909Woolwich, Kent, England I13571 susietree 
4 Hibburt, Dorothy Mary  1903Woolwich, Kent, England I13567 susietree 
5 Hibburt, Eileen Linda Lane  7 Aug 1910Woolwich, Kent, England I13572 susietree 
6 Hibburt, Eva Lucy  24 May 1906Woolwich, Kent, England I13569 susietree 
7 Hibburt, Olive Margery  Abt 1905Woolwich, Kent, England I13568 susietree 
8 Hume, Kate Elizabeth  18 Jun 1892Woolwich, Kent, England I5420 susietree 
9 Pinch, Caroline  Abt 1855Woolwich, Kent, England I6904 susietree 
10 Pinch, Jessie  Abt 1864Woolwich, Kent, England I6906 susietree 
11 Pinch, Matilda  26 Jun 1857Woolwich, Kent, England I6905 susietree 
12 Schofield, Robert  1 Jun 1814Woolwich, Kent, England I24034 susietree 
13 Stannard, Alfred Frederick  1884Woolwich, Kent, England I7362 susietree 
14 Stannard, Annie Eileen  Abt 1898Woolwich, Kent, England I7373 susietree 
15 Stannard, Eleanor Matilda  7 Jun 1865Woolwich, Kent, England I7356 susietree 
16 Stannard, Elsie Gladys  Abt 1897Woolwich, Kent, England I7374 susietree 
17 Stannard, Ephraim  28 Jul 1840Woolwich, Kent, England I7376 susietree 
18 Stannard, Francis Joseph  21 Feb 1845Woolwich, Kent, England I7379 susietree 
19 Stannard, Frank Charles  17 Aug 1867Woolwich, Kent, England I7353 susietree 
20 Stannard, Henrietta Jane Elizabeth  1874Woolwich, Kent, England I7346 susietree 
21 Stannard, Kate Louisa  27 Jan 1863Woolwich, Kent, England I7360 susietree 
22 Stannard, Martha Maria J  1876Woolwich, Kent, England I7368 susietree 
23 Stannard, Mary Ann Elizabeth  21 Nov 1868Woolwich, Kent, England I7340 susietree 
24 Stannard, Nessie  7 Dec 1893Woolwich, Kent, England I7339 susietree 
25 Stannard, Robert John Alexander  11 Dec 1842Woolwich, Kent, England I7338 susietree 
26 Stannard, Rosina R  1861Woolwich, Kent, England I7336 susietree 
27 Stannard, William Cyrus  28 Jun 1870Woolwich, Kent, England I7331 susietree 
28 Stannard, William Lyons  28 Jun 1866Woolwich, Kent, England I7332 susietree 
29 Surridge, Brenda May  17 May 1924Woolwich, Kent, England I5312 susietree 
30 Trescowthick, Alice Mary  Abt 1859Woolwich, Kent, England I1391 susietree 
31 Trescowthick, John Edmund  Abt 1860Woolwich, Kent, England I1392 susietree 
32 Wilkening, Frederick Peter  9 Feb 1873Woolwich, Kent, England I21725 susietree 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Stannard, Frank Charles  8 Sep 1867Woolwich, Kent, England I7353 susietree 
2 Stannard, Mary Ann Elizabeth  27 Dec 1868Woolwich, Kent, England I7340 susietree 
3 Stannard, Nessie  4 Jan 1894Woolwich, Kent, England I7339 susietree 
4 Stannard, William Cyrus  18 Jul 1870Woolwich, Kent, England I7331 susietree 
5 Stannard, William Lyons  11 Mar 1867Woolwich, Kent, England I7332 susietree 
6 Wilkening, Frederick Peter  16 Mar 1873Woolwich, Kent, England I21725 susietree 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Collins, Sarah  1909Woolwich, Kent, England I6902 susietree 
2 Hull, Mary Ann  1894Woolwich, Kent, England I7380 susietree 
3 Moore, Emily  1896Woolwich, Kent, England I13938 susietree 
4 Purser, Henry  1918Woolwich, Kent, England I13913 susietree 
5 Saveall, Annie Elizabeth Jane  1939Woolwich, Kent, England I16363 susietree 
6 Stannard, Eleanor Matilda  13 Aug 1865Woolwich, Kent, England I7356 susietree 
7 Stannard, Ephraim  1929Woolwich, Kent, England I7376 susietree 
8 Stannard, Mary Ann Elizabeth  1871Woolwich, Kent, England I7340 susietree 
9 Stannard, William Cyrus  7 Aug 1870Woolwich, Kent, England I7331 susietree 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Backhouse, Harold  Oct-Dec 1924Woolwich, Kent, England I20743 susietree 
2 Brown, Elizabeth  31 Dec 1860Woolwich, Kent, England I7370 susietree 
3 Hume, Kate Elizabeth  25 Dec 1914Woolwich, Kent, England I5420 susietree 
4 Jaques, Annie Louisa  Jan-Mar 1889Woolwich, Kent, England I7375 susietree 
5 Kennedy, Eileen Nora  16 Dec 1939Woolwich, Kent, England I5314 susietree 
6 Pinch, Jessie  1891Woolwich, Kent, England I6906 susietree 
7 Stannard, Cyrus  Jan-Mar 1889Woolwich, Kent, England I7377 susietree 
8 Stannard, Ephraim  31 Dec 1860Woolwich, Kent, England I7376 susietree 
9 Surridge, Gordon Herbert  16 Dec 1939Woolwich, Kent, England I5419 susietree 
10 Surridge, Herbert George  25 Dec 1914Woolwich, Kent, England I10159 susietree 
11 Verriour, Arthur  1891Woolwich, Kent, England I17588 susietree 
12 Yelland, Lillian Kate  Oct-Dec 1924Woolwich, Kent, England I20742 susietree