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Hull, Yorkshire, England

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  Hull, Yorkshire, England I9439 susietree 
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1855Hull, Yorkshire, England I24738 susietree 
3 Hannah  Abt 1841Hull, Yorkshire, England I24532 susietree 
4 Jane  Abt 1861Hull, Yorkshire, England I7888 susietree 
5 Jaqueline Lizbeth  11 Feb 1949Hull, Yorkshire, England I20349 susietree 
6 Allwarden, Charles Frederick  Jan-Mar 1904Hull, Yorkshire, England I3290 susietree 
7 Allwarden, Elizabeth Jane  Jul-Sep 1896Hull, Yorkshire, England I3289 susietree 
8 Anelay, Florence  1900Hull, Yorkshire, England I15288 susietree 
9 Arnold, Martha  Abt 1812Hull, Yorkshire, England I24159 susietree 
10 Bailey, Alice  1918Hull, Yorkshire, England I18898 susietree 
11 Bailey, Barbara  21 Nov 1932Hull, Yorkshire, England I18902 susietree 
12 Bailey, Caroline  23 Dec 1960Hull, Yorkshire, England I18907 susietree 
13 Bailey, Francis  9 Feb 1935Hull, Yorkshire, England I18903 susietree 
14 Bailey, Frederick Charles  12 Mar 1923Hull, Yorkshire, England I18900 susietree 
15 Bailey, Henrietta  Abt 1900Hull, Yorkshire, England I4575 susietree 
16 Bailey, James  Abt 1863Hull, Yorkshire, England I4577 susietree 
17 Bailey, James  28 Jul 1919Hull, Yorkshire, England I18899 susietree 
18 Bailey, William  22 Nov 1897Hull, Yorkshire, England I4576 susietree 
19 Barker, Elizabeth  Abt 1828Hull, Yorkshire, England I18771 susietree 
20 Barker, Rebecca Fewson  1851Hull, Yorkshire, England I18778 susietree 
21 Barnes, Edward  4 Nov 1890Hull, Yorkshire, England I8021 susietree 
22 Barrow, Thomas  Abt 1866Hull, Yorkshire, England I16079 susietree 
23 Bayes, Barbara A  1938Hull, Yorkshire, England I20621 susietree 
24 Bayes, Evelyn  1927Hull, Yorkshire, England I20728 susietree 
25 Bayes, Fanny  1922Hull, Yorkshire, England I20727 susietree 
26 Bayes, Jenny  1920Hull, Yorkshire, England I20726 susietree 
27 Bayes, Joan Elizabeth  11 Nov 1935Hull, Yorkshire, England I20618 susietree 
28 Bearpark, Albert Edward  Jul 1868-Sep 1868Hull, Yorkshire, England I6751 susietree 
29 Bearpark, Christopher  Abt 1877Hull, Yorkshire, England I6754 susietree 
30 Bearpark, Christopher  Jul 1902-Sep 1902Hull, Yorkshire, England I6759 susietree 
31 Bearpark, Claude Ernest  Oct 1896-Dec 1896Hull, Yorkshire, England I6768 susietree 
32 Bearpark, Edith Margaret  Oct 1900-Dec 1900Hull, Yorkshire, England I6776 susietree 
33 Bearpark, Edith Mary  Oct 1863-Dec 1863Hull, Yorkshire, England I6749 susietree 
34 Bearpark, Emily A  Apr 1866-Jun 1866Hull, Yorkshire, England I6750 susietree 
35 Bearpark, Emily Emmie  Apr 1902-Jun 1902Hull, Yorkshire, England I6780 susietree 
36 Bearpark, Emma  Abt 1868Hull, Yorkshire, England I2334 susietree 
37 Bearpark, Florence Mary Louise  Jul 1898-Sep 1898Hull, Yorkshire, England I6773 susietree 
38 Bearpark, Fred  Abt 1871Hull, Yorkshire, England I6752 susietree 
39 Bearpark, Fred  Oct 1898-Dec 1898Hull, Yorkshire, England I6757 susietree 
40 Bearpark, Harry Longhorn  Oct 1900-Dec 1900Hull, Yorkshire, England I6758 susietree 
41 Bearpark, Herbert  Abt 1862Hull, Yorkshire, England I6748 susietree 
42 Bearpark, John William  Abt 1860Hull, Yorkshire, England I2332 susietree 
43 Bearpark, Joseph  Abt 1866Hull, Yorkshire, England I6802 susietree 
44 Bearpark, Joseph Alfred  Abt 1874Hull, Yorkshire, England I6753 susietree 
45 Bearpark, Joseph Herbert  Apr 1896-Jun 1896Hull, Yorkshire, England I6756 susietree 
46 Bearpark, Thomas  Abt 1789Hull, Yorkshire, England I1137 susietree 
47 Bearpark, Vera Mercia  Oct 1897-Dec 1897Hull, Yorkshire, England I6769 susietree 
48 Bearpark, Wilfred Kynman  Jan 1904-Mar 1904Hull, Yorkshire, England I6781 susietree 
49 Benson, John William  13 May 1892Hull, Yorkshire, England I2834 susietree 
50 Bielby, Charlotte May  Oct 1899-Dec 1899Hull, Yorkshire, England I5594 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Edmonds, Mary Ann  28 Jun 1830Hull, Yorkshire, England I1388 susietree 
2 Herdsman, Fanny Savage  27 Jul 1854Hull, Yorkshire, England I1058 susietree 
3 Herdsman, Henry Savage  23 Nov 1856Hull, Yorkshire, England I1059 susietree 
4 Webster, Henry  14 May 1849Hull, Yorkshire, England I24716 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Allwarden, Elizabeth Jane  Jul-Sep 1896Hull, Yorkshire, England I3289 susietree 
2 Ashton, Ann  Oct-Dec 1852Hull, Yorkshire, England I1158 susietree 
3 Bailey, Alice  1987Hull, Yorkshire, England I18898 susietree 
4 Bailey, Caroline  2005Hull, Yorkshire, England I18907 susietree 
5 Bailey, Francis  Abt 1999Hull, Yorkshire, England I18903 susietree 
6 Bailey, William  1977Hull, Yorkshire, England I4576 susietree 
7 Bayes, Barbara A  2006Hull, Yorkshire, England I20621 susietree 
8 Bayes, Doris  20 Jun 1995Hull, Yorkshire, England I20628 susietree 
9 Bayes, Evelyn  1933Hull, Yorkshire, England I20728 susietree 
10 Bayes, Fanny  1938Hull, Yorkshire, England I20727 susietree 
11 Bayes, George  7 Sep 1944Hull, Yorkshire, England I16937 susietree 
12 Bayes, George  25 Oct 1983Hull, Yorkshire, England I20616 susietree 
13 Bayes, Jenny  1923Hull, Yorkshire, England I20726 susietree 
14 Bayes, Joan Elizabeth  28 Dec 2006Hull, Yorkshire, England I20618 susietree 
15 Bearpark, Claude Ernest  Apr 1915-Jun 1915Hull, Yorkshire, England I6768 susietree 
16 Bearpark, Edith Mary  Jan 1909-Mar 1909Hull, Yorkshire, England I6749 susietree 
17 Bearpark, Emily Emmie  Abt 9 Aug 1916Hull, Yorkshire, England I6780 susietree 
18 Beazley, Edward  Oct-Dec 1866Hull, Yorkshire, England I382 susietree 
19 Beazley, Mary Ann  Jan-Mar 1922Hull, Yorkshire, England I363 susietree 
20 Bishop, Florence Emma  Jan 1904-Mar 1904Hull, Yorkshire, England I3288 susietree 
21 Boynton, Emma  Apr-Jun 1892Hull, Yorkshire, England I15609 susietree 
22 Boynton, Hannah  Jul-Sep 1896Hull, Yorkshire, England I1152 susietree 
23 Boynton, Jacob  Oct-Dec 1907Hull, Yorkshire, England I1155 susietree 
24 Boynton, Jacob Van Allwarden  Apr 1889-Jun 1889Hull, Yorkshire, England I3282 susietree 
25 Boynton, Mary Jane Van Allwarden  Oct 1891-Dec 1891Hull, Yorkshire, England I3284 susietree 
26 Brannan, Alice Maud  1971Hull, Yorkshire, England I18897 susietree 
27 Brown, Eddie  Jan 1996Hull, Yorkshire, England I20619 susietree 
28 Brown, Thomas  1982Hull, Yorkshire, England I20718 susietree 
29 Collingwood, William  29 Sep 1911Hull, Yorkshire, England I15276 susietree 
30 Curtis, Fred  9 Jan 1969Hull, Yorkshire, England I20629 susietree 
31 Dearing, Hilda  Nov 2003Hull, Yorkshire, England I20617 susietree 
32 Duke, Olive  27 Apr 1933Hull, Yorkshire, England I24051 susietree 
33 Duke, Sam  14 Dec 1924Hull, Yorkshire, England I15788 susietree 
34 Duke, Tom  9 Feb 1937Hull, Yorkshire, England I15772 susietree 
35 Dye, Florence A  1951Hull, Yorkshire, England I24598 susietree 
36 Fell, Leonard  Hull, Yorkshire, England I17965 susietree 
37 Foster, William Prout  Apr-Jun 1970Hull, Yorkshire, England I1050 susietree 
38 Greasby, William  Jul-Sep 1844Hull, Yorkshire, England I1159 susietree 
39 Herdsman, Aaron  17 Oct 1882Hull, Yorkshire, England I364 susietree 
40 Herdsman, Kate Ann  28 May 1930Hull, Yorkshire, England I1064 susietree 
41 Herdsman, Mary Elizabeth  Jan-Mar 1894Hull, Yorkshire, England I1090 susietree 
42 Herdsman, Robert  30 Oct 1898Hull, Yorkshire, England I362 susietree 
43 Hick, Dorothy Evelyn  21 Jan 1964Hull, Yorkshire, England I6785 susietree 
44 Hillyard, Mary Julia Christine  2007Hull, Yorkshire, England I20724 susietree 
45 Knaggs, George  1931Hull, Yorkshire, England I15345 susietree 
46 Kynman, Mary Louise  16 Aug 1916Hull, Yorkshire, England I6772 susietree 
47 Mainprize, Grace  29 Nov 1922Hull, Yorkshire, England I1561 susietree 
48 Major, Elizabeth  1942Hull, Yorkshire, England I15340 susietree 
49 Metcalfe, Elsie  1962Hull, Yorkshire, England I20717 susietree 
50 Newman, Charles  Oct-Dec 1893Hull, Yorkshire, England I4583 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Herdsman, Kate Ann  2 Jun 1930Hull, Yorkshire, England I1064 susietree 
2 Widdowson, James  27 Apr 1903Hull, Yorkshire, England I5626 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Aldnes, James  Apr 1882-Jun 1882Hull, Yorkshire, England I8034 susietree 
2 Appleby, Lilian  1916Hull, Yorkshire, England I24742 susietree 
3 Arnold, Martha  Apr-Jun 1853Hull, Yorkshire, England I24159 susietree 
4 Arnold, Peter  27 Feb 1799Hull, Yorkshire, England I24160 susietree 
5 Arundell, William E  Jan 1912-Mar 1912Hull, Yorkshire, England I6945 susietree 
6 Bailey, Caroline  Feb 1988Hull, Yorkshire, England I18907 susietree 
7 Bailey, Frederick Charles  21 Feb 1947Hull, Yorkshire, England I18900 susietree 
8 Bailey, James  Jan-Mar 1897Hull, Yorkshire, England I4577 susietree 
9 Bailey, William  8 Oct 1917Hull, Yorkshire, England I4576 susietree 
10 Baker, Nancy  Jan 1859-Mar 1859Hull, Yorkshire, England I2331 susietree 
11 Barnes, Edward  13 Jan 1919Hull, Yorkshire, England I8021 susietree 
12 Baxter, Margaret  1868Hull, Yorkshire, England I21361 susietree 
13 Bayes, Barbara A  1961Hull, Yorkshire, England I20621 susietree 
14 Bayes, Doris  9 Apr 1938Hull, Yorkshire, England I20628 susietree 
15 Bayes, Fanny Jane  25 Jun 1917Hull, Yorkshire, England I16938 susietree 
16 Bayes, John Francis  1937Hull, Yorkshire, England I20614 susietree 
17 Bearpark, Ann  Jan 1848-Mar 1848Hull, Yorkshire, England I1141 susietree 
18 Bearpark, Joseph  Jan 1859-Mar 1859Hull, Yorkshire, England I1145 susietree 
19 Bearpark, Joseph Alfred  Jan 1895-Mar 1895Hull, Yorkshire, England I6753 susietree 
20 Bearpark, Wilfred Kynman  1 Sep 1928Hull, Yorkshire, England I6781 susietree 
21 Beazley, Edward  17 May 1862Hull, Yorkshire, England I382 susietree 
22 Beazley, Mary Ann  14 Feb 1886Hull, Yorkshire, England I363 susietree 
23 Bielby, Ann  Jan-Mar 1856Hull, Yorkshire, England I4868 susietree 
24 Bielby, Clara  7 Jan 1899Hull, Yorkshire, England I4879 susietree 
25 Binnington, Lawrence William  Jul-Sep 1952Hull, Yorkshire, England I1045 susietree 
26 Blackburn, Elizabeth  Oct 1877-Dec 1877Hull, Yorkshire, England I8060 susietree 
27 Boynton, Alfred  Oct 1890-Dec 1890Hull, Yorkshire, England I15607 susietree 
28 Boynton, Emma  Jul 1870-Sep 1870Hull, Yorkshire, England I15609 susietree 
29 Boynton, Emma  Jan-Mar 1881Hull, Yorkshire, England I15609 susietree 
30 Boynton, Laura Jane Elizabeth  Jan 1890-Mar 1890Hull, Yorkshire, England I15616 susietree 
31 Boynton, Mary Ann  17 May 1862Hull, Yorkshire, England I383 susietree 
32 Boynton, Polly  Jan 1899-Mar 1899Hull, Yorkshire, England I15617 susietree 
33 Brannan, Alice Maud  8 Oct 1917Hull, Yorkshire, England I18897 susietree 
34 Bricklebank, James William  Jan 1887-Mar 1887Hull, Yorkshire, England I16051 susietree 
35 Bricklebank, Sarah Ann  Jul-Sep 1907Hull, Yorkshire, England I16053 susietree 
36 Brown, Thomas  25 Jun 1917Hull, Yorkshire, England I20718 susietree 
37 Carr, Alice Maud  Jan-Mar 1897Hull, Yorkshire, England I4578 susietree 
38 Carr, George  Jul 1870-Sep 1870Hull, Yorkshire, England I15662 susietree 
39 Cawkwell, Rebecca  27 Feb 1799Hull, Yorkshire, England I24161 susietree 
40 Charlton, Emma  1878Hull, Yorkshire, England I24730 susietree 
41 Cowling, William  1868Hull, Yorkshire, England I21360 susietree 
42 Cross, Jane  Apr-Jun 1898Hull, Yorkshire, England I2897 susietree 
43 Cross, Ruby May  8 Sep 1937Hull, Yorkshire, England I3089 susietree 
44 Cross, Thomas  Jan 1911-Mar 1911Hull, Yorkshire, England I3037 susietree 
45 Cross, Violet  Jan 1911-Mar 1911Hull, Yorkshire, England I3088 susietree 
46 Culff, Dorothy  1937Hull, Yorkshire, England I20615 susietree 
47 Curtis, Fred  9 Apr 1938Hull, Yorkshire, England I20629 susietree 
48 Dibnah, Edith Mary  Jan 1901-Mar 1901Hull, Yorkshire, England I23304 susietree 
49 Duke, Sarah Ellen  Apr 1898-Jun 1898Hull, Yorkshire, England I15759 susietree 
50 Dunning, Hannah  Apr 1850-Jun 1850Hull, Yorkshire, England I4128 susietree 

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