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Brewood, Staffordshire, England

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1824Brewood, Staffordshire, England I25999 susietree 
2 Dugmore, Catherine Mary  Oct-Dec 1857Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21462 susietree 
3 Dugmore, Edward Thomas  Oct-Dec 1864Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21461 susietree 
4 Dugmore, Eleanor Mary  Apr-Jun 1859Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21458 susietree 
5 Dugmore, Frances Mary  Oct-Dec 1850Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21003 susietree 
6 Dugmore, Francis Aloysius  Jul-Sep 1862Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21460 susietree 
7 Dugmore, Francis Henry  Apr-Jun 1854Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21464 susietree 
8 Dugmore, Henry Bernard  Jan-Mar 1861Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21459 susietree 
9 Dugmore, Lucy  Apr-Jun 1849Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21463 susietree 
10 Dugmore, Lucy Mary  Apr-Jun 1855Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21457 susietree 
11 Dugmore, Mary Frances  Oct-Dec 1852Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21456 susietree 
12 Hitchcot, Sarah  Abt 1827Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21777 susietree 
13 Hull, Ann  Abt 1766Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21828 susietree 
14 Hull, Elizabeth  1761Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20954 susietree 
15 Hull, Mary  Abt 1764Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21827 susietree 
16 Hull, Thomas  1760Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21825 susietree 
17 Onion, Alfred  Abt 1906Brewood, Staffordshire, England I24192 susietree 
18 Onion, Ann  1788Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20959 susietree 
19 Onion, Ann  Abt 1871Brewood, Staffordshire, England I24213 susietree 
20 Onion, Catherine  Abt 1844Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21454 susietree 
21 Onion, Catherine  Abt 1904Brewood, Staffordshire, England I24191 susietree 
22 Onion, Charles  1831Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20982 susietree 
23 Onion, Charles  Abt 1874Brewood, Staffordshire, England I24214 susietree 
24 Onion, Edmund  Abt 1833Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21779 susietree 
25 Onion, Edward  1806Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20970 susietree 
26 Onion, Edward  1861Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20990 susietree 
27 Onion, Edward Thomas  Abt 1883Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20999 susietree 
28 Onion, Edwin  Abt 1827Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21776 susietree 
29 Onion, Eliza  1864Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20992 susietree 
30 Onion, Elizabeth  Abt 1824Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21774 susietree 
31 Onion, Elizabeth  1841Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21453 susietree 
32 Onion, Frances  30 Aug 1792Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20963 susietree 
33 Onion, Helen  Abt 1903Brewood, Staffordshire, England I24190 susietree 
34 Onion, Henry  Abt 1860Brewood, Staffordshire, England I23180 susietree 
35 Onion, Henry  1870Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20994 susietree 
36 Onion, James  1866Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20993 susietree 
37 Onion, Jane  Abt 1850Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21455 susietree 
38 Onion, Maria  Abt 1837Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21451 susietree 
39 Onion, Martha  1821Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20978 susietree 
40 Onion, Mary  1795Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20965 susietree 
41 Onion, Mary  Abt 1839Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21452 susietree 
42 Onion, Mary  1848Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20995 susietree 
43 Onion, May  1862Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20991 susietree 
44 Onion, Rose  Abt 1876Brewood, Staffordshire, England I24215 susietree 
45 Onion, Thomas  Abt 1879Brewood, Staffordshire, England I24216 susietree 
46 Onion, Thomas Edward  Jul-Sep 1876Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21000 susietree 
47 Salmon, Edward  29 Mar 1821Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21700 susietree 
48 Salmon, Elizabeth  Abt 1815Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21696 susietree 
49 Salmon, Frances  6 Oct 1817Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21698 susietree 
50 Salmon, Henry James  3 Dec 1841Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21715 susietree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Fieldhouse, Catherine  14 Nov 1840Brewood, Staffordshire, England I24186 susietree 
2 Hickman, Henry  14 Aug 1830Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21763 susietree 
3 Onion, Ann  1783Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20956 susietree 
4 Onion, Catherine  1791Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20962 susietree 
5 Onion, Charles  1796Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20966 susietree 
6 Onion, Edward Gregory  28 Apr 1791Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20961 susietree 
7 Onion, Elizabeth  4 Nov 1789Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20960 susietree 
8 Onion, Elizabeth  10 May 1805Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21761 susietree 
9 Onion, Frances  31 Aug 1792Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20963 susietree 
10 Onion, Maria  1 Aug 1793Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20964 susietree 
11 Onion, Mary  28 May 1786Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20957 susietree 
12 Onion, Oliver  20 Jun 1831Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21450 susietree 
13 Onion, Peter  22 Oct 1787Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20958 susietree 
14 Onion, Teresa  2 Jul 1799Brewood, Staffordshire, England I564 susietree 
15 Onion, Thomas  12 Oct 1781Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20955 susietree 
16 Salmon, Mary Ann  25 Jul 1812Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21694 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Onion, George  22 Sep 1796Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20967 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Onion, John  5 Feb 1787Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20968 susietree 
2 Onion, Mary  7 Jan 1787Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20957 susietree 
3 Onion, Peter  20 Jan 1788Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20958 susietree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Dugmore, Henry  Jan-Mar 1848Brewood, Staffordshire, England I21002 susietree 
2 Hull, Elizabeth  1 Dec 1780Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20954 susietree 
3 Onion, Edward  1 Dec 1780Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20953 susietree 
4 Onion, Martha  Jan-Mar 1848Brewood, Staffordshire, England I20978 susietree