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DJ Steil DJing at Berlin Nightclub Reunion 2015The DJ

Steve has always had a keen interest in music. From a young age, his love of music was shaped by the music his parents and older siblings played. That translated to a fondness for dancing, in particular Breakin' and Poppin' styles. An affinity for hip-hop and electronic music genres naturally led to a fascination with DJing. During his high school years in the lat '80s, Steve began building up his record collection and with a pair of cheap turntables and mixer, taught himself to mix.

From the beginning of the 90s, Steve became a regular figure under the name of DJ Coolcut behind the turntables of Western Australian night clubs and some of the earliest raves in that part of the world. Further years and a name change to DJ Steil, resulted in experience DJing for everything from parties, to boat cruises and radio shows. DJ Steil website

In recent years, Steve has continued DJing as a hobby and has recorded many of his mixes, both at home and during live DJ sets. These range from commercial music to non-commercial (rave) genres and include modern and older retro music. You can listen to and download a wide range of these mixes from his profile page on House Mixes or his profile page on Mixcloud.

You can enjoy a sample of some of his more popular mixes from the links below.

DJ Steil Mixes

Catch Steil live every Wednesday night (7pm Western Australia time) with the Live At The Loungeroom online radio show. Streamed live on Club Sparta FM.

You can stream or download a sample of DJ Steil's mixes from below. An even greater selection can be found in the Media section.

Modern Commercial Club Mix

Modern Commercial R&B / Hip Hop Mix

80s Retro Mix

Modern Techno Mix

Oldschool Rave Mix