Ilya SeatedDawns Light Brigade Guild Rules

Do you want rules? I mean, do you really? Of course you don't. Take these more as guidelines for what a nice person playing WOW in our guild should do. A few little tips to help people in the guild enjoy their gaming experience a little more. Information about ranks can be found further down this page.

  1. Help newbies. We all have to be newbies sometime. Some of our members still are. Someone who's played a lot of horde characters on WOW and is playing alliance for the first time can be a newbie in some ways as well. Don't look down on them. Sure newbies can be a pain but the more we help them the less n00bish they'll be and the sooner they can contribute to the guild.
  2. Be willing to help other guild members. If a guild member needs help with a quest and you're in the neighbourhood, tag along and give them a hand. Maybe you don't need that particular quest but if you can spare a little time it doesn't hurt - and it will probably be a bit of fun.
  3. Instance runs. If you need to do an instance run the following policies apply. Generally officers will only do a run if there is more than one member needing the run and if those members have at least a couple of quests for the instance. Don't expect runs for you alone and don't expect runs just for gear or just for levelling. Some higher level members may schedule times on the calendar when they will be available. Make use of that by being available at those times. People who contantly pester guild members for instance runs may be demoted or removed from the guild.
  4. Share resources. If another guild member is a tailor, don't sell off all that cloth you're picking up that you don't need, mail it to them. If you get ore you don't need, send it to a guild member who's a smith. They may pay you back by sending you something useful they've made. You can also share resources by putting them in the guild bank for other members to use.
  5. Play the game. If you haven't been on for several weeks and no-one in the guild has heard from you, we'll assume you've stopped playing and probably remove you from the guild. Being a guild with lots of beginners, we get a few folks using trial accounts and there's no point keeping players in the guild if they're not playing because their trial expired. If you do find that you've been removed from the guild after not playing for a while, you can always join again.
  6. Guild bank. If there are things in the guild bank that you need then take them. Do not take things you don't need just to sell them. That's not what the bank is for. If you legitimately need something which is on a tab that your rank does not allow you to withdraw from, ask an officer to withdraw it for you.
  7. Loyalty pays. If you choose to leave the guild you may join again later but you will join as a recruit. In fairness to members who have been loyal enough to stay with the guild you don't get your old rank back without working up to it. If you leave the guild a second time, you might not be permitted to rejoin.
  8. Vent server is for guild use only. Non guild members may log in to our vent server while working in a group with guild members but only when there is at least one guild member logged in to vent.
  9. Keep it PG. This is a guild for players of all ages and we have members of all ages. Keep innapropriate language off vent and guild chat. Have fun chatting to other guild members but try to be mature about it.


Promotions within the guild generally depend on a few things. Firstly - helping others. The players who get promoted are the ones who are unselfish and don't mind helping out other players. That includes experienced WOW players who share their experience as well as new WOW players who try hard to help out however they can and have a willingness to learn. Selfish players and players who badmouth others (especially those who badmouth new players) don't get promoted. If you think someone in the guild is a good team player or if you think someone's not so good, tell a guild officer since the officers aren't always on to see who's playing well. And remember, building trust can take time. Even if you are a great team player, don't expect to rocket through the ranks too quickly. If you deserve a promotion, it will happen in good time.
Note: Not every good member will be promoted since we only need so many officers. Good members can be rewarded in other ways as well.

Currently the guild ranks are:

  1. Recruit - Everyone starts here. Recruits don't get to do much because, well, we don't trust them yet. Once you've shown you're willing to stick around you'll get promoted pretty quick. Nothing personal but in the past we had freeloaders join the guild, take what they could and leave. This rank is your chance to prove you're not one of them. New members will generally remain at this rank for at least a week.
  2. Private - If you're a nice person it won't take you long to get promoted to a private. This is a chance to prove yourself. Privates who show that they're good team players can be promoted to...
  3. Sergeant - Players at this rank start getting some responsibility and have a chance to demonstrate leadership. A sergeant is expected to help out lower ranks wherever possible. Players of this rank can start making a limited amount of withdrawals from the guild bank and can also invite new members to the guild.
  4. Captain - Can make larger withdrawals from the guild bank but are also expected to contribute more to the guild bank. Captains can promote lower ranked members and can use the officer channel in chat since this is the first of the officer ranks. This rank is reserved for players who have shown a good deal of dedication to the members of the guild and have played in the guild regularly for a while. Promotions to this rank or higher require the approval of at least 3 higher ranked members.
  5. Officer Alt - Like a lot of players, the GM and many of the generals in the guild have several characters (some of them horde even but we don't normally speak of such things). This rank allows them to continue to help keep things running smoothly in the guild while they're not playing their main character.
  6. General - This rank is mainly reserved for founding members and a couple of the guild's longest serving members, though players who have shown great leadership and are well respected by other guild members can also be promoted to this rank.
  7. Guild Master - The guild master is currently Ilya, who is played by Steve.
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