Nefash's Pilot Training School

Mission Rewards - Social Gear

Like most social gear in the game, the outfits available from fleet commendations accomodate item modifications so you can use them as your regular gear if you want to. It is also adaptive gear so it will suit whatever armour type your class uses (light, medium or heavy).

Information about each of the sets is found below. Note: $ = fleet commendations cost. Links go to Torhead.

Civilian Pilot Gear

Item $ Preview
Civilian Pilot Belt 60 Civilian Pilot FemaleCivilian Pilot Male
Civilian Pilot Boots 60
Civilian Pilot Gloves 60
Civilian Pilot Helmet 70
Civilian Pilot Jacket 80
Civilian Pilot Pants 70

Pilot Gear

Item $ Preview
Pilot's Boots 60 Pilot FemalePilot Male
Pilot's Gloves 60
Pilot's Helmet 70
Pilot's Pants 70
Pilot's Tunic 80

Imperial Pilot Gear

Item $ Preview
Imperial Pilot Belt 200 Imperial Pilot FemaleImperial Pilot Male
Imperial Pilot Boots 200
Imperial Pilot Gloves 200
Imperial Pilot Helmet 225
Imperial Pilot Jacket 250
Imperial Pilot Pants 225

Republic Pilot Gear

Item $ Preview
Republic Pilot Belt 200 Republic Pilot FemaleRepublic Pilot Male
Republic Pilot Boots 200
Republic Pilot Gloves 200
Republic Pilot Helmet 225
Republic Pilot Jacket 250
Republic Pilot Pants 225

Republic Hyperspace Armada / Imperial Hyperspace Armada Reputation Gear

Introduced in Patch 1.7, the following gear sets are available from a new vendor on the fleet station near the other vendors. The items require a high enough reputation but otherwise cost credits instead of commendations. Note that reputation is legacy wide, so this gear can be purchased for any character in your legacy that is a high enough level.

Hyperspace Outfit - Requires Hero Standing

Hyperspace Hotshot Belt
575 Credits
Nefash in Hyperspace Outfit
Hyperspace Hotshot Boots
775 Credits
Hyperspace Hotshot Bracer
575 Credits
Hyperspace Hotshot Gloves
775 Credits
Hyperspace Hotshot Pants
940 Credits
Hyperspace Hotshot Vestplate
940 Credits
Hyperspace Hotshot Visor
940 Credits

Worn to the right by Nefash

Deep Space Helmet - Requires Champion Standing

Deep Space Starfighter Helmet
1,555 credits

Worn to the right by Vermeesa, along with the Gree White Scalene outfit
Vermeesa in Deep Space Helmet