Nefash's Pilot Training School
  1. Jabiim Escort
  2. Cartel Listening Station
  3. Saleucami Fleet Action
  4. Nez Peron Sweep
  5. Sarapin Assault
  6. Taspan Ambush
  7. Ezran Outpost
  8. Skaross Fortification
  9. Mugaar Ice Field
  10. Polith Minefield
  11. Sullust Interception
  12. Aeten Defense
  13. Clouds of Vondoru
  14. Ascendancy Barrier
    Heroic Missions


TerrillImperial Mission Guides

No I'm not Nefash. I'm his younger brother. He may want you to think he's a noble hero but he works for the Republic for the same reason I work for the Empire. Credits! Like Nefash, I'm also a certified Hot Shot Pilot, and leader of Lyceum Narcissus, one of the Imperial's finest guilds.

Each of the links to the left will take you to a guide for a particular Emperial space mission. Each guide contains information about difficulty level, objectives, Bonus objectives as well as a video demonstration presented by me or one of my kin from the Kolaen legacy.

Note: Guides for the Heroic space missions on the imperial side aren't complete yet but are in progress. If you're looking for heroic guides then check in the republic space missions section and you will find guides for every heroic space mission (they are the same as the imperial ones, only with different names)

Daily Quests

Each space mission will have quests associated with it. Generally you will get a quest the first time a mission becomes available. After that you will get a repeatable quest for that space mission that can be repeated each day. Some quests will require completion of 2 specific missions rather than one. You can still do space missions when you don't have the quests for them but you will miss out on commendations.

Heroic Space Missions

6 heroic space missions have been introduced in patch 1.6. The grade 7 ship upgrades also intruduced in the same patch are recommended for these missions. They can be completed without a full set of grade 7 upgrades as some of the videos on this site demonstrate, but having a full set of grade 7 upgrades but that is pretty challenging. When you complete each one for the first time you are awarded 20 fleet commendations and credits. You will then have a weekly mission available for any that you have completed. The weekly missions are available on certain days of the week as shown below.

Day Mission Reward
Monday Far Cradle Strike 2 Black Hole, 5 Daily, and 40 Fleet
Tuesday Kabal Station Defense 2 Black Hole, 5 Daily, and 40 Fleet
Wednesday Kanz Minefield 2 Black Hole, 5 Daily, and 40 Fleet
Friday Lorta Escort 2 Black Hole, 5 Daily, and 40 Fleet
Saturday Cha Raaba Assault 2 Black Hole, 5 Daily, and 40 Fleet
Sunday Cha Raaba Assault & Duma Strike 4 Black Hole, 10 Daily, 80 Fleet

Codex Entries

The heroic space missions added in patch 1.6 have codex entries associated with them. The codex entries are unlocked by completing bonus objectives in those missions. There are currently a total of 14 codex entries.
Codex entries


Patch 1.7 introduced a system of reputation in to the game. This includes Imperial Hyperspace Armada. Completing high level space missions will reward you with reputation in addition to the usual commendations. Reputation levels begin at none and continue through to Legend. Higher reputation levels unlock certain items as well as titles. Reputation can be viewed from your in game legacy interface, while a new reputation vendor has been added next to the other space mission vendors on the fleet station. More details about the outfits on the Social Gear page. The reputation vendor sells the following.

Hyperspace Suit
This suit includes custom belt, boots, bracers, gloves, pants, chest and visor. All items together add up to 55300 credits and require hero standing.

Deep Space Starfighter Helmet
Costs 250,000 credits and requires champion standing

Hyperspace Suit Deep Space Starfighter Helmet