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Welcome to Steve's collection of computer tutorials and exercises. Here you will find a collection of computer Tutorials and Lessons for a variety of popular computing applications and related topics. They were designed to be used either in a school classroom environment or by individuals wishing to learn at their own pace. All have seen a lot of use in both situations.

The tutorials all begin with basics and require no prior expertise, though it is recommended that users be proficient at using Microsoft Windows first. Some, such as the exercises for Microsoft Access and Adobe Photoshop, are recommended more for experienced pc / computer users as the programs themselves are more complex. All material on this site can be freely used for personal or academic use providing none of the material is altered. They can be used for other purposes or altered if you ask my permision.

Get Adobe ReaderMost of the exercises are in Adobe's portable document (PDF) format and can be opened using Adobe's free Acrobat reader. Some of them have file sizes as large as 2Mb so patience may be needed for those on slower connections. Feel free to share my server load by mirroring material from this site as long as a working link to this page is included (I update the exercises from time to time as I find mistakes or room for improvement).

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