Steil Remixes

In adition to DJing live, Steil has also remixed some well known tracks that are used in live sets both by him and many other DJs. You can download them to listen or use in your own DJ sets following the links below. They are listed in order of creation but you can click the column headings to sort in different orders. Click the song title to go to the download page for the remix.
Check further down the page for some DJ Steil megamixes / medleys.


Remixed Artist Song title Original song release Genre BPM
2020 Pink Most Girls (Steil Remix) 2000 R&b/Pop 98
2020 Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys Get Low (Steil Clapping Mix) 2003 Crunk / Hip-hop 101
2020 Kenny "Dope" Pres. The Bucketheads The Bomb! (Steil Street Player Mix) 1995 House 126
2020 A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd Total Confusion 1990 Rave 123
2019 Crystal Waters Gypsy Woman (la da di la da da) 1991 House 120
2019 Ray Parker Jr Ghostbusters 1984 Pop 115
2019 Tones and I Dance Monkey 2019 Pop 98
2019 Madonna Holiday 1983 Pop 116
2018 The Prodigy Timebomb Zone (Steil Extended Edit) 2018 Breakbeat 130
2018 Adele vs Snap Rolling In The Power (DJ Steil Mashup) 2011 Pop 109
2018 Justin Timberlake vs Bruno Mars Rock Your 24k Finesse (Steil Mashup) 2018 R&b 103
2018 Ciara feat. Missy Elliott 1, 2 Step 2005 Hip-hop 113
2018 Will Smith Men In Black 1997 Hip-hop 108
2005 Prince & The Revolution Kiss 1986 R&b 111
2002 TLC No Scrubs 1999 R&b 93
2000 Bee Gees vs N-Trance Staying Alive 1995 Pop 107


Megamixes & Medleys

Michael Jackon Megamix

The Prodigy - The Day Is My Experience Megamix

Madonna - The Immaculate Mix

Duran Duran Megamix Part 1 - The 80s Hits