Nefash's Pilot Training School
  1. Jabiim Escort
  2. Cartel Listening Station
  3. Saleucami Fleet Action
  4. Nez Peron Sweep
  5. Sarapin Assault
  6. Taspan Ambush
  7. Ezran Outpost
  8. Skaross Fortification
  9. Mugaar Ice Field
  10. Polith Minefield
  11. Sullust Interception
  12. Aeten Defense
  13. Clouds of Vondoru
  14. Ascendancy Barrier
  15. Heroic Missions


VermeesaImperial Mission Guides

Imperial Mission #1 - Jabiim Escort

Difficulty Level

Minimum level - 1 - though you would probably be about level 15 before getting a ship
Minimum recommended ship upgrade level - no upgrades required

Similar To:

Fondor Escort (Republic)

Primary Objective

Bonus Objectives

Additional notes

Completing your first space mission earns you the Flyboy or Flygirl title. E.g. Flygirl Vermeesa

In this mission enemies won't target you much. They will mostly attack the shuttle you are escorting. The shuttle you need to escort stays a medium distance in front of you throughout the mission. It will have a small green bar on it. This is like a health bar and when it is all gone, the shuttle is destroyed and you will fail the mission
The key is to destroy enemy fighters as soon as you can before they can do much damage to the shuttle. Doing this will easily complete the first mission objective.
The final bonus objective is to destroy the bridge on the capital ship. This can only be done using a proton torpedo launcher which you can't get until high level. You will need to come back later if you want to try that objective.

Video Demonstration (By Vermeesa)

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