Nefash's Pilot Training School
  1. Jabiim Escort
  2. Cartel Listening Station
  3. Saleucami Fleet Action
  4. Nez Peron Sweep
  5. Sarapin Assault
  6. Taspan Ambush
  7. Ezran Outpost
  8. Skaross Fortification
  9. Mugaar Ice Field
  10. Polith Minefield
  11. Sullust Interception
  12. Aeten Defense
  13. Clouds of Vondoru
  14. Ascendancy Barrier
  15. Heroic Missions


RendingImperial Mission Guides

Imperial Mission #8 - Skaross Fortification

Difficulty Level

Minimum level - 34
Minimum recommended ship upgrade level - 1
By now you should have enough fleet commendations to get a Power Conversion Module for your ship which is recommended

Similar To:

Aeten Defense (Imperial), Pakuuni Defense (Republic), Kalee Fortification (Republic)

Primary Objective

Bonus Objectives

Additional notes

One important thing to note in this mission is that the bombers have rear guns. You spend a lot of the mission following a big pack of bombers trying to take them down but keep moving because they will also be shooting behind at you. Use missiles to get them down quick so you take less damage.

Video Demonstration (By Darth Rending)

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