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  1. Fondor Escort
  2. Javaal Fleet Action
  3. Balosar Outpost
  4. Archenar Interception
  5. Makem Te Assault
  6. Syvris Evacuation
  7. Llanic Station Strike
  8. Pakuuni Defense
  9. Kovor Ice Field
  10. Hydian Way Blockade
  11. Drexel Sweep
  12. Kalee Fortification
  13. Zosha Advance
  14. Impossible Sector
    Heroic Missions


NefashRepublic Mission Guides

Republic Mission #13 - Zosha Advance

Difficulty Level

Minimum level - 48
Minimum recommended ship upgrade level - 5

Similar To:

Makem Te Assault (Republic), Clouds of Vondoru (Imperial), Sarapin Assault (Imperial)

Primary Objective

Bonus Objectives

Additional Notes

Each of the shield generators can be destroyed with a single torpedo or several missile hits. The torpedo works with a single shot but takes a lot longer to aim and fire. The video below shows the shield generators destroyed using torpedoes while the video for Clouds of Vondoru (Imperial) shows the main objectives being completed with missiles.
The bonus objective Disable the Command Ship is completed by destroying the main ship's bridge. This is very difficult to do unless you use a torpedo

Video Demonstration (By Nefash)

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