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  2. Javaal Fleet Action
  3. Balosar Outpost
  4. Archenar Interception
  5. Makem Te Assault
  6. Syvris Evacuation
  7. Llanic Station Strike
  8. Pakuuni Defense
  9. Kovor Ice Field
  10. Hydian Way Blockade
  11. Drexel Sweep
  12. Kalee Fortification
  13. Zosha Advance
  14. Impossible Sector
    Heroic Missions


NefashRepublic Mission Guides

Republic Mission #14 - Impossible Sector

Difficulty Level

Minimum level - 48
Minimum recommended ship upgrade level - 5

Similar To:

Hydian Way Blockade (Republic), Ascendancy Barrier (Imperial), Polith Minefield (Imperial)

Primary Objective

Bonus Objectives

Additional Notes

Tip: Using your EMP in the middle of a mine field will take out a lot of mines at once.

Completing this mission awards you the "Hot Shot Pilot" title. E.g. Nefash, Hot Shot Pilot.

This was the final Republic space mission prior to patch 1.6

Video Demonstration (By Nefash)

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