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KindralRepublic Mission Guides

Republic Mission #2 - Javaal Fleet Action

Difficulty Level

Minimum level - 1 - though you would probably be about level 15 before getting a ship
Minimum recommended ship upgrade level - no upgrades required

Similar To:

Kovor Ice Field (Republic), Saleucami Fleet Action (Imperial), Mugaar Ice Field (Imperial)

Primary Objective

Bonus Objectives

Additional notes

This is the first mission where collision damage becomes an issue. Colliding with ice asteroids does far more damage to your ship than any enemies and should be avoided. The Mark VII Interceptors appear in pairs at 3 points in the mission. Since there are 6 of them in total you can only afford to miss one of them. Save your missiles for them to take them out quicker. The X-70B Phantom looks like the sort of ship imperial agent characters have. It can be destroyed with a few missiles or a lot of blaster fire (preferably a bit of both for best effect). It does, however, appear leading a large group of regular fighters which makes it more difficult.
For the first bonus objective, regular fighters and turrets on the regular cruisers both count. You will need to take out a lot of both simply to survive the mission so you will probably complete this objective without trying.
The second mission objective is best done using missles. The shield generators on the cruisers can be identified by the pulsing animation that appears around them when you have them targeted. If you haven't upgraded your ship then you might not have missiles to spare as they are best saved for the primpary objectives.
The final bonus objective is to destroy the bridge on the capital ship which appears right at the end. This can only be done using a proton torpedo launcher which you can't get until high level. You will need to come back later if you want to try that objective.

Video Demonstration (By Kindral)

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